zondag 30 augustus 2015

A late summer's day in the garden

It was a fine late summer day in the garden yesterday. Although there is not that much in bloom beside dahlia's, sweet peas, Japanese anemones and hydrangeas, I still managed to pick two bunches to take home with me.

Several roses are having their second flush and I hope that I will have some Zinnia's, Sedum and Asters shortly. There are other Dahlia bulbs that I planted of which I haven't seen the flowers yet, so perhaps I am in for a surprise later in the month.

Things are happening in my greenhouse as well. The first tomatoes are ripening on it's branches and there is the curious case of the round cucumber, which I will share with you some other time!

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments on last weeks post! Several of you asked me about the colourful tea cosies. My friend Ilse made them. If you are interested in one, or would like to know more. Please drop me a line and I will send you her email address.

I am off to town. The weather is still glorious and I am going to enjoy every minute of it.

Sending you some sunshine and wishing you a beautiful day!


Madelief x

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  1. I will never ever stop sighing and swooning when I see your photos. Late summer or not, you always bring a freshness to the page with you selections, Madelief! And I am very interested in that TEA COZY! Please let your friend know I'd love one!

    Hugs to you and enjoy the cooler days.

  2. Dear Madelief, your pictures and flowers are very beautiful!!!

  3. You are my only source of sweet-pea gorgeousness, Madelief :) I love them so much, but we never see them in gardens here. Your pictures made my Sunday, Thank you, and have a great week. xo

  4. Such beautiful ' end of Summer ' photographs of your flowers Madelief. I have similar in my garden …. hydrangeas, second flushes of roses and a few sweet peas. Your sweet peas look lovely …. they don't grow very well in our garden but I managed a few purple ones !!
    Enjoy the last days of Summer Madelief. XXXX

  5. As always, gorgeous flowers. I have grown dahlias before; I just keep forgetting to buy the tubers in the spring.Our garden has faded. It has been hot and dry and the flowers have had enough. The tomatoes are starting to come on. I am hoping to have enough to make salsa. I should plant sweet peas, too. Yours inspire me. Have a really good week.

  6. If it was only ONE WEEK AGO!
    Was het nog maar een weekje geleden, dan kwam ik er zo aan voor een heerlijke middag bij jou met jullie in de tuin!
    Fijne week lieve Madelief!
    Ik ga zo naar een andere tuin voor weer een feestje!

  7. Oh such gorgeous blooms Madelief, and lovely toenails too!! Hope you enjoyed your trip to town. Can't wait to hear about the 'round' cucumber. Much love to you, Linda xx

  8. Lieve Madelief,

    Het was gisteren inderdaad een heerlijke dag, we zijn amper binnen geweest. Hebben van de tuin genoten, maar ook een paar uur gefietst en een terrasje gepakt. Ik hoop dat september ook nog veel zon gaat brengen.

    Wat heb je nog mooie boeketten weten te plukken! De nazomer bouwt zo wel mooi af ;-). Ik hoop dat je ook vandaag genoten hebt van het mooie weer.

    Je hoort binnenkort van mij hoor, naar aanleiding van je whatsappje. Dat vind ik veel te leuk en ben ik zeker niet vergeten.

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  9. Wat heerlijk om naar huis te fietsen met je eigen plukboeket van je tuin, wat brengt de zomer/ nazomer toch veel mooie dingen mee. Ook al wordt het misschien wisselvallig, er valt nog genoeg te zien en te beleven in de natuur.

    Lieve groet, Eefie

  10. Wat heb je nog veel Lathyrussen! Bij mij is het jammer genoeg bijna over.
    (Kom ik lekker bij jou genieten. ;-)) XX Esther

  11. You still have masses of beautiful flowers and colour in your garden it seems to me! Hope that you enjoy the flowers that you took home! xx

  12. Oh my, you still have so many beautiful flowers in your garden. Love all the colors.
    Hugs from here

  13. Your garden is like a DREAM Madelief...a sweet and lovely dream!
    Have a happy week now and here comes a warm hug from Sweden and me,

  14. Wat heb ik weer heel erg genoten. Madelief!
    Dank je wel!

    Liefs, Gerry

  15. Marvelous and colorful in you garden, as always. I can almost feel the scent of the beautiful pea flowers.


  16. So, so beautiful Madeleif - I wish so much I could grow fragrant sweet peas here! We need to get moving on some serious garden changes here - take out a lot of overgrown shrubs and plants and get more sunshine to others. As we'll be away 'til mid-Oct. we are earmarking the late Oct. and then Nov. days to do these big garden chores. . . . .plus I hope to plant Spring blooming bulbs also. Hopefully our old backs will cooperate LOL!

    Enjoy your late Summer days my dear.
    Mary -

  17. Wat een prachtige boeketjes! Heerlijk hè, dat het nog steeds fijn tuinweer is. Wij genieten er ook zo van!
    Lfsx, Nathaly

  18. Beautiful, colorful flowers.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  19. Dahlias are so showy with their many colorways...perhaps those hues have inspired your rosy toes, Madelief?

    It's so much fun to see what is going on in your garden, and great to know that there are still some colorful flowers waiting to take the stage.

    The photograph of the flowers in your bicycle's basket is very charming!

    This post truly does celebrate late summer...with no hint of all the work done by the talented gardener. xo

  20. Heerlijke boeketjes. Het is onvoorstelbaar wat je allemaal uit een tuin kan plukken. Ik zag gisteren van die leuke rozenbottels kleuren in de tuin. Staat ook super met dahlia. Geniet ervan, groetjes, Hetty

  21. The flowers, although beautiful, cannot compare to your splendid toes, Madelief! Lol Love the polish!
    Wishing you a beautiful day,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  22. Hello dear Madelief!Your garden is still a riot of beautiful flowers and lots to pick for the home! How wonderful! My sweet peas are nearly finished I keep picking them and putting into small bottles. My roses are also still blooming too. Not quite sure how I missed your previous instagram tea which looked exquisite with all the prettiness on the table. Thank you too for your lovely comment on my recent blog post! Have a lovely week Sharon x

  23. These are such beautiful photos! wonderful! Xo

  24. Het was heerlijk gisteren....konden tot laat buiten zitten...vandaag vond ik het echt vies broeierig warm plakwerk bah...!...mooie fotos van je bloemetjes echt genieten...liefs van mij x

  25. Lovely flowers wonderful colours.

  26. These flowers are breathtakingly pretty ... you have the greenest fingers it always seems to me :o)

  27. Can I come and play in your garden Madelief? Please-please-please??? Ok, I guess I'll just play in your photos awhile instead! Beautiful my dear!
    sending hugs....

  28. Can I come and play in your garden Madelief? Please-please-please??? Ok, I guess I'll just play in your photos awhile instead! Beautiful my dear!
    sending hugs....

  29. I always love visiting your blog ... the flowers are such a joy to see.

    Happy September Wishes

    All the best Jan

  30. Hi,a lovely post,I do like your teaparty as I adore vintage china.Your toes are such a pretty colour to blend with the flowers!I live very close to Chatsworth and agree it is very beautiful! Kind regards Pam.

  31. Lovely colours. Your flowers are always so vibrant. Enjoy the last days of summer.

  32. Just beautiful! So bright and happy! I can practically smell the sweet peas. Thank you for making me smile. Again. Hugs xo Karen

  33. You are lucky to still have some sweet peas to pick. Your bunch of flowers is fantastic they are all my favourite colours! Sarah x

  34. Dearest Madelief,
    Oh my for those sweet pea I do envy you!
    What a lovely color you show us here and it is a late summer joy indeed. The 'yesterday' you mentioned here in your post was August 29, that was 32 years ago since we immigrated and this time we celebrated that in New York City...
    Sending you sunny greetings from Georgia and big hugs.

  35. Such stunning pictures, and lovely colours! As often happens, I notice our gardens have some similar flowers, but I need some bright dahlias like yours, Madelief!!
    Helen xox

  36. I'm amazed by all these beautiful flowers! In France the summer was very dry so it's not always pretty.

  37. What a joy to see your comment on my blog this morning Madelief! Now that I'm back to school teaching, I have to rise by 3:30am just so I can get to my emails, blog and visit blogs....I haven't even been able to play on Instagram! But it's a joy to connect with my blogging buddies. One day maybe, I will see your eyes. BISOUS! Anita

  38. Hi Madelief! I'm always in awe of the marvelous beauty of your flowers and photos! There is nothing in bloom here. Hope September will not be so ugly for the garden.

  39. Que maravilla de flores. Se ve que las ciudas y ellas te lo agradecen dando su color y perfume.
    Un abrazo.

  40. Hoi, dearest Madelief,
    it's wonderful that you have so many flowers in similar colors in your garden! The sweet peas, dahlias and other flowers harmonize fantastically together and with your nostalgic dishes.Thereby yo create photos full of romance!
    Many sweet Küschelbüschels
    from Traude
    (⁀‵⁀,) ✿

  41. Hello Madelief ...
    beautiful are your flowers ... I also love these colors .... mainly

    Here in Germany one says Wicken, what are their names with you?

    Regards Erwin


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