zondag 29 juni 2014

The enduring happiness of a garden

Last weekend I visited the International specialist nursery days at Bingerden in Angerlo. For a garden lover it's one of the highlights of the gardening season. Nurseries from all over Europe are present, having their finest plants on display. 

My friends and I were early, so that we would have plenty of time to take it all in. As we are all keen on roses and we already saw ladies walking past us with some very fine examples, we hurried to the rose stalls. I chose a Henri Matisse, a fragrant French Delbard rose, with swirling colours of raspberry, pink and white. I am really pleased with it. (It's not that I don't have enough roses already :-). If you would like to see, how the rose looks like, you can see it in my previous blogpost on the sixth photo.

We talked a lot, had tea and scones, enjoyed the beautiful plants on display and we even met a kind lady who recognised me from the photo's on my blog. That's how it must feel when you are a celebrity, ha, ha ;-) I bought far too much! When there are so many beautiful plants around you, it's difficult to resist them. Nevertheless, I managed to find an empty spot in my garden for all of them. Which is quite a miracle!

Before wishing you a happy Sunday, I would like to thank you for your kind comments on my last few blogpost. It's always a joy to read them!


Madelief x

I came upon these words by Gertrude Jekyll, an influential British horticulturalist and garden designer, at one of the stalls.

The lesson I have thoroughly learnt,
and wish to pass on to others,
is to know the enduring happiness
that the love of a garden gives.


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  1. A wonderful quotation: gardens bring me enduring happiness too, Madelief. What glorious pictures, the colours are just fantastic. What a great time you must have had, and I know the attraction of buying new flowering plants for the garden. Wonderful. The strawberries and cream tea must have added to the experience of a great day out. Lovely post, thank you.

  2. Wat ziet het daar geweldig uit Madelief. Een waar lustoord en wat kan ik me voorstellen dat je daar een beetje hebberig word en alle moois wel zou willen kopen. hihi. Maar je hebt overal toch nog plaats voor in je prachtige tuin. En wat boffen we toch steeds met het weer hè.Je kan genieten.
    Ik wens je een fijne Zondag,
    Lieve groet van Riet

  3. What a lovely day out, it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Your beautiful photos have captured it perfectly too.
    Marianne x

  4. Een interessant verslag van een heerlijke dag tussen alles voor de tuin met mooie foto's
    Nog een fijne zondag.

  5. Hello Madelief

    Your selection of a rose in honour of Henri Matisse sounds wise and the colours marvelous. Your images always delight and uplift
    Helen xx

  6. Gosh what a spectacular display! One of these fine days I will there myself........and buy one or two plants...
    Thank you for sharing the deliciousness
    Have a lovely Sunday
    Best wishes

  7. erg mooi kleurrijke fotos ziet er erg leuk en gezellig uit mooi momentaal pand ook
    groetjes en een fijne zondag leon10

  8. Oh Madelief, how beautiful! I love plant shows....I love to get my plants from those who know their plants, love and care for them....and such glorious surroundings too! :) x

  9. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat een prachtige planten allemaal! De kleuren spatten van mijn scherm af. Vooral de kleuren in de eerste twee foto's, daar kan ik naar blijven kijken. Zulke krachtige kleuren... Wat zullen jullie het heerlijk gehad hebben daar en nog goed ingekocht ook. De scones zien er verrukkelijk uit...
    Ik wens je een heerlijke zondag, lekker in de tuin?

  10. Oh Madelief, what beautiful images of abundant perfection! I wish I was there to walk and talk flowers with all you expert gardeners. I think a garden is an extension of someone's soul, an expression of the beauty they have and cultivate within! Just beautiful! Tania xxx

  11. Wat leuk dat je naar Bingerden ben geweest, het is voor mij al weer een paar jaartjes geleden dat ik daar was maar vind het nog steeds het allerleukste tuinevenement, het is vooral de locatie die het hem doet.
    Liefs, Janneke

  12. I want to be there! Great place!!
    Have a great sunday

  13. Dit ziet er prachtig uit, Madelief! Wat een mooie lokatie. Met zoveel planten om uit te kiezen kun je ook echt niet met lege handen thuis komen. Het is zoals je zegt...geluk vind je in je tuin. Dat ervaar ik zelf ook wanneer ik hier een rondje maak tussen de planten. Het verveelt nooit want elk jaar zijn er wel plannen om voor te gaan. Straks ga ik nog even naar het tuincentrum, kijken wat ik daar vandaan mee kan nemen ;-).

    Ik wens je een fijne zondag, de zon schijnt dus ik ga snel naar buiten!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  14. What a joyous kaleidoscope of colour Madelief which sums up all the things we love so much about our gardens and the summertime.

  15. That looks like a super place to visit Madelief... Do pop over and see the place I visited in Dorset... maybe a place for you to visit next time you are over here? smiles Cass x

  16. Wat een ontzettend mooi evenement, ik ga het op mijn lijstje zetten voor een komend jaar! Je foto's zijn weer fleurig en kleurig! Fijne zondag en lieve groet

  17. Beautiful plants and such a gorgeous setting. Sounds like a wonderful day out. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  18. What a beautiful house and garden, you must have enjoyed a wonderful day. I can see why you were tempted into buying a rose, they are stunning aren't they. Although a surprise, I hope that you enjoyed being recognised, it is a sign of how much your blog is enjoyed by others! xx

  19. Lovely post Madelief, so glad you had a lovely day out. I like the sound of the rose you bought.Wishing you a restful Sunday. With much love, Linda xx

  20. Geweldig al die planten zo bij elkaar.....en ja natuurlijk kun je je dan niet inhouden......geniet van een heerlijke zondag lieverd...liefs van mij...x !

  21. Hello Madelief,

    Plant fairs are best to be avoided if one wishes to stay solvent! There are always so many temptations as clearly you found here. It all looks to have been wonderfully lively with such a vast array of plants and other garden related goodies. How can one not succumb?

    And, Roses do so wonderfully well for you in your garden so it is a great idea to add more. Indeed, can one ever have too many? Your selection sounds lovely. You have such a painterly eye that we are certain that the new plant additions will have been placed perfectly. What a joy to continue to look forward to year on year.

    And, as always, you manage to find such delicious looking teas. One always needs refreshment and the scones and jam look totally mouthwatering. Such a very attractive setting for it all, too. Just wandering around the estate would have been a pleasure we are sure.

    Enduring happiness.......how lovely a thought to have as you enjoy the delights of your garden. Perfect!

  22. Oh, enduring indeed my friend, because though the seasons come to make dormant these joys, there is HOPE underground that eventually comes back. The balance between winter sleep and spring and summer wakefulness gives us this joy. And the joy tips in the balances. Madelief, again, your photos make me SO HAPPY! I have been thinking of you as I am challenging myself to take better photos of COLOR. And you are on my mind, for if you have any time, come over to see what I am proposing. I think you would be a wonderful addition to a link party I am having, and if you could participate, that would be lovely.


  23. Wat een mooie dag op zo'n mooie kwekerij. Een prachtige omgeving.
    Enthousiaste, kleurige en fleurige foto's!
    Het doet me goed en ik geniet ervan!

    Liefs, Gerry

  24. Dear Madelief, what a lovely post! Have a nice day! Hugs, Manuela

  25. Oh what beautiful pictures and wonderful blog!
    Have a nice sunday
    Greetings, Helga

  26. absolutely breathtaking!!!!! thanks for sharing!!

  27. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat een bijzonder mooi garden dag!!!
    Het eerst je heeft je heart aan de Tuin em latet,krijg zoveel terug.....
    Fantadtisch is het!!!
    En jou fotos zo mooi,zo intens mooi:)))
    Liefs en groetjes,

  28. Wat een ontzettend leuk uitje. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je meerdere plantjes mee maar huis hebt genomen. Als ik de foto's zo zie dan zou ik me daar ook niet kunnen beheersen :)!
    Groetjes van Aleta

  29. Dat moet een heerlijk dagje zijn geweest1 En die Henry Matisse! Die kleurtjes, ik viel er ook voor. Moet zeggen, bij mij gaat het niet zo super goed met deze roos. Ik hoop dat jij er meer geluk mee hebt.



  30. Hi dear Madelief,
    oh, you were at Bingerden - lovely - we visited two years ago and it was a great festival. The day before it had rained and the grass was very wet but it despite was very worth.
    Hope you can find lovely spots for your plants...

  31. Was für ein herrlicher Ort, liebe Madelief! Ich liebe Gartenfestivals, noch dazu wenn das Ambiente so traumhaft schön ist! Einen wundervollen Sonntag und allerliebste Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  32. Looks like a lovely place to visit and so many flowers and plants to see....I can only agree with Gertrude Jekyll's words because since I started planting my little seeds last year I've had such joy in seeing it all grow! Happy week for you Madelief! Sharon x

  33. No problem my friend, if you can't participate in the link party! This will be my fourth year doing it, and I almost did NOT do it, but I thought I'd take a chance. It started out as a Paris party, then evolved into a France party last year and this year it's Europe. Knowing me, next year will be a WORLD party then after that, a SOLAR SYSTEM party, Universe party, and so on...hahahahahhhha.....that is how my strange brain works!

    Much love to you and enjoy your glorious trip to England! HUGS, Anita

  34. Zo'n dag steelt je hart toch, zoveel moois bij elkaar daar gaat je hart sneller van kloppen.
    Wat een heerlijke dag moet dit geweest zijn.

    Lieve groet en een fijne week,

  35. How true are those words Madelief!! I know how tempting these places can be but as your gardening gives you so much pleasure.....well why not! :)
    It looked amazing!
    V x

  36. What a beautiful place, and your pictures, as always, are amazing. I really love the phrase "the enduring happiness of a garden". That would be a good title for a book. xo, Jen

  37. I wholeheartedly agree with the title of your post dear Madelief! How I would have loved to been to this flower show to pick up a few new roses too. I can't think of anything that would be more fun than to attend a lovely show like this. It is my favorite kind of fun.
    sending big hugs...

  38. Your world is always full of beauty and colour. Thanks for sharing with us.

  39. Like a fairytale! Beautiful photos!

  40. hello
    il n'y a qu'un blog pour nous donner du bonheur dés le matin c'est " Madelief"
    une exposition haite en couleurs
    tout me plait ,j'aurais eu du mal à choisir
    tant de variétées et de couleurs
    merci du petit mot
    edith (iris) France

  41. Such gorgeous garden pictures, I loved this post! You are right, a garden does bring enduring happiness and flowers are a perpetual joy to me!
    Happy week, dear Madelief!
    Helen xox

  42. Hi Madelief, your photos always bring the flowers to life. So vivid, bright and every detail is captivating. What a magical sight. You can never have too many roses. I'm planning to add more roses in my garden too. I seem to find a place for them around the garden. Thank you for your visit and I love your Instagram too. Isn't it addictive?
    Hope you have a happy week.

  43. Enjoyed viewing the garden sheds. They really add a lot of charm to the garden area. I have been visiting TS site and looking at more things. I especially like the bird bookends and the recipe holders. Can’t believe it is the first day of June!!
    Garden Ponds Design

  44. Madelief, as I scrolled through your excellent photographs, I was imagining the scent of all those gorgeous roses, and the taste of those yummy scones, too. Your choice of the Matisse rose will be a lovely addition to your own garden. I can see how the rose got its name!

    I do love the GJ quote. Years ago, some English friends of mine took me to an open garden day at Munstead Hall, one the great gardener's own home. It was a great pleasure to walk through the gardens, and to help my gardening friend select some plants to take home to his own garden. Enduring indeed.


  45. thank you for sharing these amazing shots and for your heartfelt love and appreciation of gardens. I share it with you and had a lovely time touring around your post. I almost felt I was there (and only wish I was). Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  46. Looks like you enjoyed a beautiful day - that is my idea of a good time - good friends, flowers and delicious food. Lovely photos, as always, sweet Madelief! Hugs xo Karen

  47. Dearest Madelief,
    Isn't that the truth...? We always seem to load up on garden plants a lot easier than buying personal things.
    But it is rewarding and growing things means LIFE.
    Enjoy your new plants and for sure it was a great time with friends over coffee/tea and scones.

  48. So true Madelief. Gardens are full of life, colour and fragrance. I love gardens. The gardens here are so beautiful. I would like to try the scones with the cream and strawberry jam. Looks so yummy.

  49. Some magic pictures Madelief! What a beautiful garden...and tea and scones, so nice!
    Have a lovely summer evening...
    Love Titti

  50. What a magical place and spectacular photos, Madelief! Enjoy your summer garden!

  51. Dear Madelief,
    Scrolling through your beautiful pictures is like browsing through a garden magazine! I had to scroll several times through the photos to absorb all this beauty. I love events like this and meanwhile I can walk along plant stalls quite relaxed because I just cannot buy any plants anymore because my garden is full. ;-) But sometimes it is still quite tempting...
    The colourful dahlias on the first pictures are lovley, I´m looking forward to the flowering of my dahlias.
    The words of Gertrude Jekyll are very, very true!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  52. Oh Madelief - this is gorgeous. Summer is definitely here...with all my favourites.

    Nina x

  53. Happy to find your Blog today. So wonderful your pictures!

  54. A vision of loveliness Madelief! So glad you bought too much ... that's what it's all about!

    Have a great day, lovely lady

    Love Claire xxx

  55. Altijd prachtig zo'n tuinfair!
    Zoveel mooie planten en bloemen!
    Ik zou ook iets mee naar huis nemen hoor!
    Fijn weekend!

  56. Hi Madelief,
    I have been catching up on your posts and this one gave me a chuckle! Yes there is always a way to squeeze more into the garden, I know the feeling!!!
    What a beautiful garden, such pretty plants, who could resist:-)

  57. Beautiful gardens, and a lovely post! Just catching up with you!
    Have a lovely evening
    Gill xx

  58. What a beautiful location for that lovely plant nursery day. How I would love to have visited there too! Those words of Gertrude Jekyll are so true. Sarah x


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