zondag 22 juni 2014

My rose garden

Although Sunday is a day of rest, perhaps read a book, or go for a walk, I try to spent it in the garden as often as possible. It was bright and sunny today, with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. The sort of sky you often see in 17th century landscape paintings by Dutch masters, like Van Ruysdael.

How I love my garden, despite the amount of work it takes to keep the weeds under control. I cut back the hedges on the left and right side of the garden (24 metres in total), a job my husband always used to do. I felt incredibly proud afterwards. The hedge wasn't as straight as I hoped it would be, but practice makes perfect. Next time it will look much better.

Have to tell you though that I cut the electrical cord as well........ Ha, ha, glad I enjoyed being proud for more than an hour! :-) 

Oh and the roses.....the roses :-) They are all so very pretty! I made some bouquets and cut some flowers, to show you a few of the roses I have.

Hope we will be able to spend lots of time in the garden this week. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Wishing you a good time!


Madelief x

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  1. Lieve Madelief,

    Het snoeiwerk kan inderdaad een flinke klus zijn, maar ik lees dat jij nergens voor terug deinst, in de goede zin van het woord. Stoer van je dat je dat allemaal zelf hebt gedaan. O, als ik toch bij je in de buurt woonde...dan had ik je allang mijn hulp aangeboden, in ruil voor een lekker kopje thee ;-). Wat heb je veel soorten rozen in de tuin, je weet de namen er ook zo goed van. Je hebt er mooie boeketten van gemaakt.

    Toevallig kwam ik vandaag langs Bingerden, ik vroeg mij af of je er nog was geweest. Er wordt hier zo weinig ruchtbaarheid aan gegeven dat ik er meestal pas achter kom als het al voorbij is.

    Ik wens je een hele fijne week. Ik hoop dat de zon regelmatig schijnt, zodat we lekker in de tuin kunnen genieten.

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. Ik ben verliefd op je prachtige rozen, wat een plaatje!


  3. Hi hi je bent niet de enige hoor die snoeren snoeit. Tijdens de vorige snoeibeurt ging ik dwars door het verlengsnoer. Dus toen ik vandaag aan de slag ging was ik extra alert. Ik heb alles nog niet klaar maar het snoer is nog heel hi hi. Dus ik ben ook al trots op mezelf.
    Je rozen zijn echt schitterend! Al die kleuren zijn zo prachtig!
    Fijne week. Groetjes van Aleta

  4. Although the weather forecasts were not so nice, we sometimes had sunny moments today. I quickly ran into the garden to plant some flowers I just had bought, cleaning the beds from weeds, and it was such a pleasure I felt really good afterwards. I can imagine that you were very proud having cut the hedge, this is really heavy work! I like the photo with your choice of roses tagged with their names. I also have many roses but I am not sure whether I get the names together.
    Have a good week and enjoy your pretty garden,

  5. Wat heb je toch een prachtige tuin . Het lijkt wel of hij steeds mooier wordt. En je rozen, geweldig. Ze doen het allemaal zo goed en zoveel verschillende.Fijn dat je er zoveel vazen mij kan vullen.
    Zo goed van je dat je zelf de hekken gesnoeid hebt. Goed hoor. En dat electradraad. Een kniesoor die daar op let.:)))))))
    IK wens je een fijne zonnige week.
    Liefs van Riet

  6. Your roses look stunning Madelief! :)
    Well done on cutting the hedge....not an easy job at all!
    V x

  7. PRACHTIGE ROZEN!! Ik kan ze bijna ruiken! Het is vast een hele klus om de tuin nu alleen te moeten onderhouden...Misschien kan je soms een tuinklusjesdag organiseren met wat familie en vrienden.
    Voor een kopje thee en een muffin komen ze vast wel helpen!
    Morgen ga ik ergens een oud terrazzoaanrechtblad ophalen voor buiten in de tuin als spoelbak. Zo een als we in schipluiden zagen! groetjes Fleur
    Groetjes Fleur

  8. Hoi Madelief!:)*

    Wat een groot plezier in jou prachttuin te zijn................
    Ik kan me voorstellen hoeveel werk het is om alles ZO mooi onderhouden.
    En ziet erg mooi uit!
    Oh,ik vind alle foto's bijzonder sfeervol,Madelief!:)*
    En die eene foto waar je de namen van jou roses genoemd hebt is ZO goed!!! ''Leonardo di Caprio'' en ''Falstaff'' hebben mijn hart gestolen,echt waar!
    Nogmaals,heel erg bedankt voor deze prachtige post:)*

    Liefs en groetjes,

  9. Such great images Madelief one can almost smell those roses... may I pin the image with the rose names please?
    Well done for surviving cutting through the cord too! Cass x

  10. Mijn vriendin, My Saturday was exactly as you are describing your Sunday! Puffy clouds trodding across a perfect blue sky; you would have thought we were at the beach! Everyone was out enjoying themselves, and I spent a few hours outside in my garden practicing my photography! I had so much fun, and I hope to gather enough decent photos to share on my blog - a rarity!

    Your flowers are magnificent, and every thing you share is perfectly placed and wrapped up in love, like a gift. Thank you for sharing your joy with us, for we LOVE IT! Many hugs, Anita

  11. Hi Madelief,
    Your roses are amazing and so beautiful …… my favourite is the dusty lilac one { if I had to have a favourite that is !! } You are doing so well with all of the heavy manual gardening jobs and, I don't think that there's a person that I know who hasn't cut the cord at one time or another !! I can relate a little bit as, in March, my husband had a brain hemorrhage and, although it was small, it takes a long time to get over so, all of the jobs that he did in the garden are now my jobs !!!! Still, it keeps us fit !! I told my friend that you had been in Ebrington and had a photo of her cottage on your blog ….. she was most flattered. If you ever go to Ebrington again,she said that you must knock at her cottage and that you must have a meal in the pub. It has won awards for it's Sunday lunch !
    Have a lovely week Madelief ….. I shall be glued to Wimbledon for the next two weeks !!!!! XXXX

  12. Je kunt trots op jezelf zijn Madelief! Wat een hoop werk heb je verricht. Prachtig je foto's met de rozen, op sommige liggen de druppeltjes nog zo mooi. Wat veel soorten heb je ook en dan ook nog alle namen weten. Fijne en goede week, liefs Pascale

  13. Wat heb je toch een pracht van een tuin Madelief! Daar komt uiteraard ook heel wat werk bij kijken. Je mag er terecht trots op zijn dat je de haag zelf de meester hebt gekund.
    Lieve groet en deze week nog veel genieten na het zware werk in de tuin.
    Wat heb je mooie rozen.De paarse vind ik prachtig. Een parse roos staat bovenop mijn verlanglijstje. Vooral Rhapsody in Blue of Minerva spreken helemaal tot mijn verbeelding ;) Het zal iets voor volgend jaar/seizoen zijn want momenteel is overalallesuitverkocht lijkt het.
    Lieve groet,

  14. So beautiful!! Your flowers are magnificent:) Hugs, Manuela

  15. I'm glad you were using a circuit breaker on the hedge trimmer.. as you appear to have escaped unscathed! The roses are absolutely gorgeous. Like Jackie I love the dusky lilac in the jug. Is that also Paul's Himalayan Musk?

    1. Hi, The rusty lilac rose in the jug is called 'Indigoletta'! It's really pretty!

      Have a lovely evening!

      Madelief x

  16. Stunning pictures as always Madelief, your roses are beautiful - I have Rhapsody in Blue and New Dawn too. I can't imagine having a garden without roses. Have a lovely week.
    Jane x

  17. Amazing beauty of roses ! Bravo Madelief, your garden is a paradise ! It's a heavy work to cut hedge... And claning weeds, also... I have only one rose tree in my garden, a pale pink, english roses style. Thank you for your marvellous photos, I wish you many time in the garden this summer.
    Nath xxx

  18. These are spectacular roses Madelief. My favourites are the pink roses. Your yellow with orange roses are so lovely too.

  19. Dearest Madelief,
    Wow, trimming the hedge yourself that was quite a task!
    Your roses do all very well and they seem to be all lush and full size.
    Enjoy your garden and its colors.
    Sending you hugs and wishing for a happy summer!

  20. Oh my friend...I am waiting for my roses to burst open! Yours are amazing...I love the colours that you have! Happy Summer to you...hope you are very very well. xox

  21. Madelief...Such beauty! Kudos to you for tackling those hedges. Yes, we have experience repairing the cord! Very easy to just give that cord a whack, too! The love is showing in your garden...enjoy! Happy week! Susan

  22. I cannot imagine a garden without roses; can you? You have taken lovely photos of some very pretty roses. Ours are at the height of their glory for the first blooming. I will be deadheading a day or so; sadly we had some hail late today that was bad enough to beat them up a bit, but they will recover. Trimming a hedge must be a hefty chore. You will, as you say, get better with practice. Have a great week.

  23. I could look at your garden all day long and never ever tire of it's beauty Madelief! It is stunning and so are your bouquets and photos of it all!
    So glad you got to be proud of yourself for awhile before having to go purchase a new cord :))))
    sending hugs...

  24. The roses are gorgeous! Just love seeing them.
    Good for you for cutting the hedge. I had to smile
    as I would probably do the same thing and cut a cord.
    You can definitely be proud of yourself and the reward
    is a beautiful bouquet of roses.

  25. super mooie rozen en wat een prachtig kleurrijk boeket erg mooi

  26. Piękne zdjęcia. Jesteś bardzo dzielna :) Ja też kocham swój ogród i w tym roku zakładam u siebie rosarium. Twoje róże są cudowne:) Pozdrawiam

  27. Prachtig hoor Madelief, jouw rozen!
    En zoveel verschillende, en je weet
    ook nog alle namen! Geweldig hoor!
    Heb n fijne dag vandaag!

  28. Dearest Madelief:

    Your photographs are an absolute joy. And all of those soft, pastel colours placed together in your informal arrangements are so very alluring. We can so readily imagine how lovely the garden must be looking now, particularly with all of the roses in bloom - a just reward for all of your hard work.

    The cutting of hedges, as we know from experience, is always a very tiring task and one which you will be pleased to have completed. We were somewhat alarmed to read of your having cut through the cable and do trust that you had a circuit breaker and so did not receive any kind of electrical shock.

    The warm weather continues here and so we are making the most of summer as we know that you will be too. Love as always to you all. xxx

  29. Dear Madelief - wonderful photographs. Your garden is complete perfection. Sorry to hear about the accident with the cable - it sounds like the power was cut instantly as you must have been using a circuit breaker. I was chopping my box hedge this weekend - far less onerous as very low down and not very long. I stand in awe of your achievement with your extremely long hedge. Once again, you have started my week with an inspiring selection of pictures! Joyful. Imogen xx

  30. Dear Madelief,
    what a delight! Wonderful buds with very pretty colours!
    And I love your magnificent porch!
    Sunny greetings, Siret

  31. nous sommes transporter par les couleurs
    nous avons les yeux qui pétilles
    magnifique roses et splendides bouquets
    la semaine commence sous un arc en ciel de couleurs

  32. What a joyful and fragrant collection of blooms, Madelief. Your combinations of colour and blooms are a feast for the eye! Thank you so much. x

  33. Your roses are beautiful! Well done you for tackling the hedge, that is a big job to do and a lot of work, try and stay safe though next time!! A circuit breaker is a good idea and a cordless hedgetrimmer is great, safer and possibly lighter weight and easier to use as well!! xx

  34. Wat goed van je Madelief !!..het ziet er weer allemaal heel netjes uit je tuin...wat een heerlijke kleurtjes weer......geniet van een heerlijke week liefs Ria...x !

  35. You're a woman of many talents! Growing, hoeing and now trimming hedges.

    I know from experience how hard it is to be the last gardener standing.

    Kudos to you. All looks heavenly.

    xo J

  36. Gorgeous. Your pictures here and on Instagram, are such a treat. I especially love the yellow roses. xo, Jen

  37. Thank you for a new wonderful post to read! And your lovely photo's are
    beautiful! It's "rose times" here as well, and I think the work in your garden
    is good therapy for you. But of course, the first year after, it's a spesial time.
    I always said when my husband died, that I had to live all the four seasons
    before I went on the rest of my life. Big hug to you, Madelief.

  38. Oh my, what beautiful roses. Love the colors.

    Hugs from here

  39. Als dit in je tuin staat dan ben je een bevoorrecht mens hoor....prachtig.
    Al die kleuren, wat zal het heerlijk ruiken....zomers hoor.

    Fijne week Madelief.

    Lieve groet, Eefie

  40. Your roses look lovely and I can almost smell the perfume.

    Be careful with electric appliances in the garden!!

    We have been to visit a few gardens recently and the roses are beautiful, I think it is all the rain we had earlier in the year.
    Love Jackie in Surrey.x

  41. Beautiful roses, so dewy and vibrant. Love your china, too. Have a good week. Fiona x

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  43. Wat een bloemenpracht heb je toch! Ongelooflijk hoe mooi. En je lupines zo mooi, bij mij zijn ze wederom opgegeten door de slakke, grrrr. Ik koop ze niet meer! Lieve groet

  44. Wat is het genieten bij jou in de tuin! Heggen knippen.....een snertklus, maar oefening baart kunst, hoe meer je het doet hoe mooier ze worden. En al die snoeren die ik inmiddels ook al doorgeknipt heb..... Ja lekker met een boek in de tuin heeft zeker mijn voorkeur, haha.

  45. You have lots of reasons to feel proud!!! Your garden and bouquets are so beautiful and so is your photography!
    Our garden is finally starting to catch up now as the lupins are in full bloom and the early roses are just starting to bloom along with the lady's mantle etc.
    Wishing you lots of sunny days in your garden!

  46. Prachtige rozen Madelief, mooie kleurtjes.



  47. Wat een prachtige rozen! Nu mag ik zeggen, ben stiekem wel een beetje jaloers :-)
    Geweldig te zien hoe mooi ze bij jou in bloei staat! Wat is jouw geheim??
    De roos in oude roze kleur, die heb ik hier ook in mijn tuin, zó mooi en nog niet te beginnen over de heerlijke geur. Als ik er langs loop, ruik ik even aan de roos om te genieten van de overweldigende geur..

    Dit is echt genieten!!

    Ik stuur je een zonnige groet,

  48. Your roses are Heavenly! And your photography is so perfect, these could be cards. I love that little scalloped table too - so much prettiness! Take care and beware of those cables! x

  49. Phantastic! Your pictures make me happy! So very beautiful and full of summer spirit!
    Have a wonderful time

  50. Great photos, as always.
    And your garden is such a delight - it looks so fresh and the vintage note give it extra charm.

    I would have a couple of comments about the photo of the roses with names put on them:
    1. Are you sure Leonardo di Caprio is not in fact Meilland's Leonardo da Vinci? It looks extremely similar to mine.
    2. Surele Falstaff cannot be yellow, so maybe the name moved somehow on the photo from the crimson rose below.

    Have a great sunny week!

    1. Hi Loana,

      You had me LOL! Your so right the rose is called Leonardo da Vinci in stead of Leonardo di Caprio. My daughters and I had a good laugh about it! The funny thing is I bought the yellow/orange rose as a Falstaff, but when searching for a photo on the internet, I found the crimson one as well. Do you perhaps know what it's name may be?

      Happy & sunny week to you too!

    2. Dear Madelief,

      I'm glad I gave you and your girls a laugh :)
      Unfortunately, the yellow rose does not look familiar to me. It's surely not a David Austin, as the rose on your label (Falstaff).
      I'm on a fabook group called The Magnificent Rose, where several knowledgeable people contribute. You could join it and post a few pictures of the unknown rose and ask for their advice.

  51. Prachtig je tuin en je rozen!
    Heb helemaal genoten van je prachtige foto's!
    Complimenten voor het scheren van de heggen. Ik ben zo scheef dat er bij mij niet vel over zou blijven!
    Wat ik heel grappig vind, is dat ik hetzelfde blik Blessing this House heb, alleen bij mij is het geel rood. Ik vind het een mooi blik!
    Wens je een fijne week, Madelief!

    Liefs, Gerry

  52. Lovely photos of your garden and such beautiful flowers and roses! Your garden must smell like a perfumery with all that intoxicating scent! What a beautiful space! Have a lovely week! Sharon xx

  53. Dearest Madelief,
    you may definitely be proud of you - do not give a damn about the cable :o) I can also deal with the hedge trimmer, so I know this is hard work! And your roses are gorgeous - in the most beautiful colors and I'm sure even in the finest scents!
    Lots of Küschelbüschels, Traude

  54. Such a beautiful collevtion of scents and colours, really gorgeous old fashioned full blown blooms.

  55. What a BEAUTIFUL rosegarden Madelief...lovely colours!
    Have a great week...
    Love Titti

  56. Your roses are so lovely - soft and romantic. Lots of work to tend a garden, but your loving dedication shows in the beauty of your roses. You are brave, Madelief, to tackle the hedge trimmers. Your husband would be proud of you and I'm sure he gives you secret courage. Hugs xo Karen

  57. Dear Madelief,

    I can see how much you would love to go and tend to your pretty garden, the roses are so gorgeous.
    Love that you have shared the names of them all, thank you.
    So lovely to come over and visit you today with the rain lashing against the window panes.
    Happy week

  58. I meant to say with the rain lashing against the window panes here.





  60. Your roses are amazing Madelief. love,love,love the bless this house tin, I love tins so much.
    Happy week lovely xxx

  61. Was für ein herrliches Farbenspiel, liebe Madelief - die Rosen sind ein Traum! Es ist eine große Freude, wenn die harte Gartenarbeit mit so einer Blütenpracht belohnt wird! Ich wünsche dir genussvolle Sommertage (hoffentlich auch mit vielen Pausen ;) und schicke allerliebste Grüße,

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  62. Hi Madelief,
    It's always a pleasure to visit your blog with all your beautiful images, your wonderful garden and flowers, as well as your gorgeous china.
    Have a great continued week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  63. Die Rosen sind mal wieder atemberaubend!!Was mir aber auch ganz besonders gefällt ist dein neues Profil Bild....oder ist es garnicht so neu? Es ist auf alle Fälle super schön! GLG Anja

  64. Beautiful roses Madelief.
    Having worked out in our garden a lot recently, I can appreciate just how much time everything takes. Well done on your hedge.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  65. Your garden and how you capture it with your lens really does take my breath away Madelief, just stunning! :) x

  66. Beautiful Madelief, I do love roses, and how kind of you to label them all. Very well done with the hedge, shame about the cable, but we've all done it, just hope you didn't get a shock! Wishing you a happy weekend in your oh so lovely garden. Love Linda x

  67. Your roses are glorious! I'm sorry to hear about the cord. Never mind. I hope you get lots of time in the garden this week ( and for the rest of the summer)

  68. I adore Pauls Himalayan musk. It always reminds me of our first big garden in Barnes where it clambered over a beautiful folly at the end of the garden. Your roses are so romantic and lovely Madelief. Enjoy your weekend. Paul x

  69. Ik zie dat ik hier al eens heb gereageerd, Madelief.
    Jij moet eens naar Brabant komen. 'Het Roozehuys', volgens mij is dat echt iets voor jou. Ik ben daar zaterdag geweest, wat prachtig mooi daar!! Helaas met veel regen, net als vandaag (dinsdag..) Ik ben de foto's net even aan het doorkijken of het iets is om op mijn blog te plaatsten. Dus kom straks even naar 'n blog. En ga zeer zekers eens kijken in Haps bij Het Roozenhuys!

  70. What beautiful photos. I love spending time in my little garden. All your roses are so gorgeous, I bet they smell delicious xx


Thank you for your lovely words.