zondag 15 juni 2014

On foot to Hidcote

On a wet Friday morning, my friends and I set off on foot for Hidcote manor garden. It wasn't that far from our cottage, but the drizzle and soaked fields, made it feel longer than it actually was. The fact that I made photo's every few meters, did not help either!

We arrived at Hidcote early in the afternoon, covered in mud. It was my second visit to the garden, but it looked completely different from last time. We visited in August, now two years ago. It felt strange being there. The garden was filled with memories of Happy times with my husband and the girls. At the same time, new memories, new images and views where added to the existing ones.

Walking through the garden is like walking through a dream. The colours......! The garden is wild, it's formal, it has meadows with wild flowers, far reaching views of the surrounding countryside, a vegetable garden, an enchanting cottage and a stately manor..........To me Hidcote has everything a garden needs. There is so much to take in...!

Let me show you around! If you would like to see photo's of my former visit. Please have a look at this blogpost and see how different it looks.

Wishing you a Happy week ahead!


Madelief x 

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  1. Evening, with all the rain we have had recently the gardens in the UK are looking very green and colourful. You will see from my blog my husband and I visited RHS Wisley for the first time this year and we weren't disappointed. Hope you are enjoying your break in England, so many places to see and also to revisit. We have already been to the Isle of Wight, soon we are going to Wiltshire, Stonehenge and other places in the district and later in the year we are visiting Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, where we might see Robin Hood!!

    We were in Eastbourne for the day recently and are going to Rye in August for a family celebration.
    Have never been to Hidcote Manor Gardens so think that is a place we should visit soon!! We are going to take Harry our grandson to Exbury Gardens in a few weeks for the day, he will love the steam train.

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday, weather is a bit mixed but they forecast it will get hotter!! ;-))

  2. Hoi Madelief,
    Oh wat een prachtige foto's laat je ons weer zien. Wat is het toch mooi daar... dit is genieten met een hoofdletter. Al zou een zonnetje erbij nog veel leuker zijn geweest voor jullie natuurlijk... Echt prachtig allemaal, die kleuren en die vormen... en wat zal het lekker geroken hebben...?
    Ik wens je een heerlijke avond en een heel mooie nieuwe week,
    Lieve groet,

  3. Dear Madelief,

    I can only imagine how wistful you must have felt, especially when covered in mud, on arriving at Hidcote two years later. So many things have changed since then. But just look at the beauty, different from the last time, yes; but just as magical. Thank you for sharing your vision of this stunning garden with us.


  4. Dit is echt smullen, lieve Madelief...wat is dit een mooie tuin! De paarse kleur valt mij op, ik vind dat een geweldige kleur in de tuin en heb zelf ook veel bloemen in het paars. Dat is al een groot verschil met het eerdere bezoek. Begrijpelijk dat je gedachten terug gingen naar de vakantie waarin je nog samen met Jan was en herinneringen boven kwamen. Dat kan pijn maar ook goed doen...dat je met een glimlach terug kunt denken aan mooie momenten die je een paar jaar geleden daar samen hebt gehad.

    Je post overtuigt mij alleen nog maar meer dat ik er écht heel graag een keer naar toe wil!

    Ik wens je een fijne week!! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  5. Madelief, your pictures are amazingly awesome. Such beauty! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to live around such loveliness. It must make your heart sing...
    You have made me want to put your area into my *bucket list* (or places I would like to see). But please continue to share as I truly appreciate it.

  6. Wat een heerlijk uitje is dat geweest zeg.......wat een mooie foto's.....prachtig fijne zondag liefs Ria...x !

  7. Het is ook een van mijn favoriete tuinen! Wij waren er in juli. Toen zag het er weer anders uit.

  8. Love Madelief,
    what is that only for a beautiful landscape.
    To be allowed to live there, would be a great gift. The fields and meadows, the cottages and their gardens ... just beautiful. Hour after hour, you can walk there. And enough memory cards must be in the luggage, 0). Did you get the camera at all aside?
    There, the time could stand still, so natural and balanced it schuat from there.
    I could see much much more.
    Have thanks dear for the show.
    Greetings, Moni

  9. You have a very beautiful and bright pictures! They are so much color, light, cheerfulness!
    I also love flowers. Very pleased to meet you!
    Please install the translator in his blog, I want to read your topic.

  10. Oh my, what a fantastic place. I just love the old houses. And the flowers, wow. Wish it was blooming a bit earlyer here.

    Hugs from here

  11. So beautiful.... please, I want to see more!!!

  12. Hi Madeleif, I looked at your old blog pictures of the Manor gardens and I love them as much, and you are right it is different, but yes still beautiful, a perfect example of how life changes, yet remains beautiful in its own special way.
    How fabulous, continue to have a lovely holiday xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  13. Wauw, prachtig! Krijg meteen zin in een tripje richting Engeland! Leuk ook, die zelf geplukte bloemetjes, je hebt daar natuurlijk ook weer andere soorten dan hier.

  14. Jou fotos Madelief makes me So happy:)
    Wat een fantastic plaats....
    Het lijkt alsof je in het Paradijs een staapje neemt!!!
    Dankzij jou fotos ik heb het gevoel dat ik daar aan het wandelen bent....
    Veel plezier!

  15. Hidcote really is a wonderful garden to visit isn't it! Glad that you enjoyed your time there. xx

  16. Piękny ogród, piękne zdjęcia, pozdrawiam :)

  17. Walking through a dream is right. These photos are spectacular. So enjoyed them. Deb

  18. Truly beautiful images Madelief, I'm sure your visit was an emotional one, good that you have happy memories though!
    V x

  19. Wat een prachtige plaatjes! Ik wil nu naar Engeland! 😄☀️🌷🌺

  20. Wat een prachtig geheel, de tuin met mooie bloemen en de huizen. Het kan me goed voorstellen dat je gedachten ook even terug gingen naar de keer dat je er met je man genoot. Gelukkig zijn het mooie herinneringen die je altijd blijft houden. Pascale X

  21. Heeerlijk al die mooie tuinfoto's! Ik was er ook in augustus; maar t voorjaar is vast weer heel anders!
    Al die paarse uienbollen; ga ik ook weer planten in de herfst....kan je ze eigenlijk over houden?
    Ben benieuwd naar de volgende post! liefs Fleur

  22. Oh, wat heerlijk om weer even met je mee te wandelen. Ik vond het daar ook zo mooi, en toen zat daar op het blauwe bankje een engels echtpaar in typisch engelse kleding. Zie ze zo weer voor me, net als de tuin...., en de thee met scones en clotted cream.
    Je hebt er weer prachtige foto's van gemaakt.

    liefs Lia

  23. What an absolute dream!! Thank you so much for stopping every few metres to take these fabulous pictures!

    I'm not sure the name of them, but there are some pink flowers that I have in my garden which I see in one of these pictures.. just below my front steps, along a short path in from the sidewalk...I went to pick them on Monday to include them in a bouquet I was picking for a friend's birthday (to leave at her door for a surprise). Well, I was the one who was surprised...ALL of the flowers had been eaten by a deer...even in this city (Victoria, BC Canada) there are SO many deer in the city- gardeners really hate them-- and now I understand first hand why that is!

    Thanks again,

  24. Very impressive photos, Madelief, I would like to walk around there and enjoy fauna and flora and the architecture of this nice garden.Unfortunately, I have not yet been there so far, but England and its fantastic gardens is on my bucket list :).
    I wish you a good start into the week, Barbara

  25. This is a garden I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing the photos, it does indeed look beautiful, as does the surrounding countryside.
    Hope you had a good holiday Madelief!
    Gill xx

  26. Wat geweldig zo'n tuin, Madelief! Daar kun je uren doorheen dwalen.
    Ik heb die van twee jaar geleden ook even bekeken, dan is er inderdaad wel wat veranderd. Maar ja, tuinen staan eigenlijk nooit stil.
    Kan me wel voorstellen dat je gedachten even teruggingen.
    Toch heel dapper dat je de confrontatie aanging en weer kon genieten van de veranderde tuin!
    Wat is het daar mooi!
    Ik hoop dat je nog even lekker nageniet!

    Liefs, Gerry

  27. HOE Engels kan het zijn?
    Wat een prachtige tuinen en bloemen!
    Wat zullen jullie genoten hebben, ondanks de regen.
    En wat fijn dat je de herinneringen hebt!
    tot woensdag

  28. I visited Hidcote two years ago - it was a very wet summer and the garden was ruined - so I didn't get a very good impression of it. Your photos show me just how beautiful it can be - I would love to visit it again and see it in all its glory.

  29. Your previous memories of Hidcote are very precious Madelief but it is good that the garden was able to give you some new memories of a visit happily shared with your friends. The magical garden photos are full of the colours I associate with you, it is as if the garden knew you were coming.

  30. Oh, I love it.
    I have to go there again, too.
    You must have had wonderful hours there.
    Lovely hugs

  31. Thanks for the wonderful trek to the garden. It is sooo beautiful, green and colorful! Here in California we are having a severe drought so not much is green in nature right now. My little garden is doing well so I can keep my Dutch green thumb going! Your photos are beautiful!

  32. Oh my goodness Madelief ……. the cottage in the 10th photograph is my friends cottage in Ebrington. I can't believe it !!! She lives in a gorgeous Victorian house in the suburbs of London and bought the cottage to see if they like living there as they want to retire there. It's a wonderful part of the country isn't it? We've stayed there a few times and have wonderful food in the pub, The Ebrington Arms ' next door to them. You probably had a meal there.
    Back to your post….. your photographs are beautiful ….. I can imagine that you are filled with joy when you visit Hidcote and the wonderful countryside of The Cotswolds. I still can't believe that you have a photo of my friends cottage !! XXXX

  33. Hidcote is a wonderful garden, I can remember it from your photos although it is several years since I visited. I love the wisteria (?) framing the white seat and the intense colours in the borders. Glorious.

  34. So beautiful and magical Madelief. The rain made it more green and the colours so vibrant. I am enjoying your vacation in the Cotswold so much.

  35. Beautiful pictures of Hidcote gardens and the house. I have also been there and it's in the area I come from in England. How wonderful for you to visit again to make new memories to add to the old ones.
    On my balcony, I have two Hidcote blue lavender plants.

  36. Such very beautiful photos of Hidcote gardens, dear Madelief! It is one of my favourite gardens, and as you say it has everything we love! You have captured it so wonderfully here, I felt as if I was back there wandering around it again. I have a few plants we brought back from there last year, including my beloved Hidcote lavender.
    Thank you for such a lovely post! Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  37. Hi Madelief! I LOVE your photos always. I think perhaps my favourite photo is of the white bench and wisteria, although it is difficult to pick just one. Wishing you a beautiful summer,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  38. Darling Madelief,

    As you know, Hidcote is an absolute favourite of ours. Such a glorious combination of the formal and informal. The high, clipped hedges and wonderful topiary all contrasted so wonderfully well with exuberant planting and delicious colour combinations. This looks to have been a moment when you captured the garden at its absolute best.

    Your previous memories we know you hold very dear to your heart and how very special to now have added to them with new images and inspirations. We can easily see some of these fabulous planting schemes transferred to your own garden. The colours are so YOU.

    The cottage in which you stayed looks to have been delightful. And, how wonderful to have been able to walk to Hidcote. That must have felt like visiting a friend for Afternoon Tea!

    Wishing you, M, M, A and B a happy week ahead! J and L xxxx

  39. hoi madelief prachtig het ziet er nu weer heel anders uit is was vorig jaar bij hidecote manor das het mooie van tuinen leuke cottages kan mij heel goed voorstellen dat je blijft knippen met je fotocamera alles is ook heel mooi in die omgeving krijg nu al zin in july dan ga ik ook weer weekje na the cotswolds en midden engeland mooi ook die schapen groetjes leon10

  40. Hi Madelief,
    We walked that same path last year from Chipping Camden but on a sunny day. I loved seeing it again through your eyes and smiled about the journey taking longer because of stopping every few meters(me too)!
    Beautiful shots!

  41. What a gorgeous garden; every single picture is exquisite Madelief. If I ever get to Hidcote, I know I'll be taking a photo every step of the way. Thank you for a beautiful post. Patricia

  42. The garden is beautiful and well worth getting muddy and wet for. I love the thatched roof cottage. Through your lens, I am able to be an arm chair traveler. And I enjoy it. Thank you.

  43. Mijn lieve vriendin,

    I was out all day in our gorgeous city and I missed all the new posts that come up yesterday! I would have been here in a heartbeat if I was home with my computer.

    The glory and the charm here is outstanding! You have been on my mind lately, and I wake up to see that you visited me! THANK YOU! And the love and outpouring of support for my true passion: writing, has been such a gift to me. But let me comment on YOU here.

    These gardens are fairyland. I personally think that these areas are gifts for us to cherish, and you do that well with your photo journalism. You capture the tenderness and fragility of life, but the will and determination to live that life with GRACE. The colors you capture, they speak to me, and I am now trying to capture the local color of this beautiful city where I live.

    I just adore you. Thank you dear friend for being there for us. Anita

  44. Dear Madelief, What a wonderful post. Delightful photographs of what was obviously a happy day despite the wet and muddy walk. I don't think i have ever wanted to visit a garden more! It looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you for bringing a slice of your joie de vivre to me once again. Every time I see your posts, I am thrilled to see them. Imogen x

  45. Nogmals genoten van jou fotos,Madelief!
    Like mij zo veel plezier je kan daar te beleven:)))
    Liefs en gr.,

  46. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos Madelief, Hidcote is a garden I would really love to visit but I'm in Kent and it's not local to me so there's nothing for it but to have a weekend away! Have a lovely week, hope you enjoyed your holiday.
    Jane x

  47. Aaah! Wat had ik graag een eindje met jullie meegelopen. Het prachtige Engelse landschap en die mooie tuin. En wat maakt een beetje regen dan nog uit, niets dat niet door een kop thee en scones met jam en clotted cream kan worden opgelost. Geniet van je vakantie!!
    Lieve groet, Kyra

  48. How fun that you got to go see Fluer.....and I thought of you often at the flea market in Spokane it was amazing, at least for me! your pictures are just beautiful! Heidi

  49. Hi Madelief - Love your photos. You make a rainy day look stunning.
    Glad your return visit was a success.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  50. Wow, I am speechless! Love every single photo!

  51. Sfeervolle plaatjes om bij weg te dromen, heerlijk om te wandelen en te genieten van
    kleuren, geuren en prachtige huizen.
    Fijne week!

    xxx Eefie

  52. Wat een heerlijke foto's van Hidcote, ik was daar 5 jaar geleden. En het wandelen daar........ Ik zou wel in Engeland kunnen wonen.
    Fijne week verder,

  53. Wat mooi Madelief, niet alleen de tuin maar ook de wandeling ernaartoe, zou er zo aan willen beginnen, in dit prachtige landschap, nat of niet, dat zijn we toch al gewoon ;) trekken we gewoon goede stapschoenen aan. Wat ben ik blij dat je veel foto's genomen hebt, echt genieten is dit!
    Lieve groet,

  54. Hi Madelief -i Love your photos. You make a rainy day look ..Have a lovely week, hope you enjoyed your holiday.

  55. I am in awe! Hidcote manor's gardens are so beautiful! Oh how I wish I was there too.
    sending hugs...

  56. Dearest Madelief,
    No wonder with all that drizzle a garden looks awesome!
    Loved your story about the muddy shoes from the long walk through soggy meadows and quite fittingly those shoe cleaner brushes at the entrance!
    A magical place with footsteps from the past...

  57. Hidcote gardens seem to have a very special and unique character and you know how to reveal it even on a rainy day. A significant place for you and a new place to discover for me thanks to your post.

  58. Thanks very much for these lovely photos, Madelief! Hidcote is a lovely place, I´ve been there once years ago in September and I liked it very much then. It´s so interesting to see how the garden looks like now! I had to scroll several time through the beautiful pictures...wonderful, it all looks so lush and green!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  59. How lucky for us that you did stop and take so many beautiful photos to share with us, thank you. Returning for you obviously held many memories, but your recent visit won't fade them, it will add more lovely memories to them, take care xx

  60. I adore Hidcote! It is a fabulous garden and rewards many visits, even if your memories this time were sadly bittersweet.

    I do hope the sun has been shining on you down there in the Cotswolds x

  61. How beautiful, Madelief and also so very dear to your heart, having just visited with your sweetheart not too long ago. I am sure he was right there beside you the whole time. xo
    I especially love the path through the mustard field, the yellow roses over the blue door, and all the lavender colored flowers. Enjoy your time spent in this beautiful place on earth and thank you for sharing it with us. Hugs xo Karen

  62. Beautiful and poignant memories for you
    Hidcote is indeed a place to treasure: there is something very special about an English garden at this time of year

    Take care
    Best wishes

  63. Madelief, I am a little bit late seeing this beautiful post, as I have been having some adventures with Blogger.

    I do love the Cotswalds, and wonder how it is that I have yet to see Hidcote. Well worth getting muddy feet!


  64. I remember you visiting here with Jan and the girls. It must have been such a precious moment for you to recall those happy times. You have still made it look beautiful despite the rain and mud!
    Sarah x

  65. Dear Madelief,

    Hidcote Garden looks wonderful and can see that it must have felt like walking in a dream with all the beauty.
    I too remember the last time you visited there, with your family and lovely that you could think of the memories to put with your new ones.
    Sending hugs and hope you are having a lovely week

  66. So enchanting! Reminds me fondly of our 50th wedding anniversary vacation to the Cotswolds!

  67. So charming and beautiful garden! It´s like a dream...
    Have a lovely summer day Madelief!

  68. I definitely need to go and visit Hidcote, such a lovely garden and surrounding countryside ..so glad you enjoyed your trip to the UK. Have a lovely week Madelief! Sharon x

  69. Oh yes, my dearest Madelief,
    I have now also seen your report of 2012 - Hidcote Garden in Summer, really very different than in the spring - both beautiful in its own way. Since I am a great friend of Allium, ​​these photos made me especially enthusiastic. It must indeed be a strange feeling to visit a place again where you have been with Jan the last time - and I think it's good, that the place is filled with visual memories of the past and now also filled with new images / impressions... This new and "wet" pictures are particularly colorful and bright because of the rain, they own a very special charm.
    Lots of hugs my dear and thank you for your TWO comments (I think at the moment there are new problems with Blogger... some of my friends told me they had complications with posting a comment... grrrm...)
    XOX Traude

  70. Prachtige♥ kleurige♥ tuin Madelief..ik geniet♥ er steeds weer van door even heerlijk erin weg te dromen..♥
    Geniet van het weekend Liefs♥ Gaby..♥..;)

  71. Hello Madelief,
    I have just joined your blog.
    Having a few blogging friends in common and after reading Patricia's blog.. Red Cardinal.
    I remember the lovely cup that you gave to Jane and Lance when they visited.
    Hidcote looks stunning.
    The old English country homes are so beautifully kept.
    It must have been a pleasure to walk through them..
    wishing you a happy weekend.
    hope to see you over at my blog.

  72. I'm coming over through my friend, Patricia's blog. This garden is so pretty, just like a fairytale garden. I love the purple flowers. Everything is so green and groomed. I wonder if fairies live here? hehehe. I love gardening and flowers, so this post really made me smile, thank you.


  73. Glad you had a lovely time! I can't believe I have never been to Hidcote, looks beautiful x

  74. Such wonderful pictures as always!
    I am sure this was bitter sweet for you, time is such an odd and bitter sweet thing. Experiences like this just bring it home. I salute your courage in facing it.
    For myself, I must say that I appreciate so much the way colors look in the rain. I used to live in the Seattle area of the USA, where is rains much of the time. That was about ten years ago, and since that time I have lived a number of other places, all with more sun and less rain, and I not infrequently think about how much I miss the lovely depth and intensity of natural color when seen against the infinity of grey on a rainy day, and the way that water increases the depth and tone and subtle contrast of the natural world. I don't know if I'm expressing myself very well, but I hope you see what I mean. I like rainy days.

  75. Such a beautiful garden. We visited there once upon a time in the fall,
    so it looks quite different from my visit too. The flowers are beautiful.

  76. Such beauty! Awesome photos! Madelief, you are too kind to share your visit with us! Happy Summer! Susan

  77. stunning!!! Such a lovely place! Happy Summer!

  78. Hello Madelief, I hope you are having a wonderful holiday. I know it will be a little bitter/sweet for you at this time. I just picked some 'Hidcote' lavender from my garden this morning. Your photos are wonderful as always, although I do feel so sorry for those rain-laden peonies. I hope the sun has come out now. Much love to you, Linda xx

  79. Wonderful garden ! I love England and his country, landscapes, gardens... Magical !
    Thank you Madelief for these photos.
    Nice new week !

  80. Wat een gave post Madelief, super om Hidcote door jouw lens te zien, wij zijn er vorig jaar geweest. zo super mooi.Dat je daar naar toe gelopen bent, helemaal leuk.


  81. Such fabulous pictures! England is indeed atbher best right now, and I am very proud to live here! I have never been to Hidcote, but seen it on television and read the book so many times ....... I am now inspired to make a visit!!!!

  82. Gorgeous Madelief. I adore Hidcote. You were blessed with perfect light for photographing your visit. The clipped yew and borders sing right out of my screen. Any excuse to get on a pair of wellies or boots and stomp through fields sounds like my idea of fun. :)


Thank you for your lovely words.