zondag 24 februari 2013

The fashion world of Gaultier

The French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier was in town, and there is no getting around it! Trees are covered with blue and white stripes, the rabbits in the Museumpark have striped ear warmers and even Rotterdam's pride 'The Euromast' is wearing the signature Gaultier look.

The master himself was in Rotterdam two weeks ago, to open an exhibition of his work in 'de Kunsthal' called:

 'The fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier, from the Sidewalk to the Catwalk'.

135 of his ensembles from the past 35 years are featured. In the first weekend only, almost 2000 visitors came to see his designs. My youngest daughter and I visited this morning, when it was still quiet and we could study the amazing dresses, corsets and other outfits at length.

The creations on display are diverse. From punk-chique to Avant Garde and Haute Couture. Gaultier's eye for detail is amazing. We were impressed by the beadwork on several of the dresses.

The exhibition is very much alive. 3D holographic faces are projected onto the mannequins. It really feels a bit weird, because they look you in the eye now and then. Some even talk or sing. Overall it is very cleverly done! 

Madonna, Kylie Minoque and Catherine Deneuve are longtime fans of Mr Gaultiers work. Mr Gaultier, you can add two new devotees to your list :-)

If you want to see the exhibit, please have a look at the website of De Kunsthal for more details. The exhibition is on until the 12th of May.

Wishing you all a lovely new week!


Madelief x


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  1. JPG is great fun! Brings a smile to your face! And most things are wearable, too. Do you like Victor and Rolf as well? They had an exhibition here in London a few years ago which I loved!

  2. Hi Madelief,
    I have always liked JPG ....... he seems a really nice person and doesn't seem to court publicity and, his work is much like art ....... very beautiful pieces.
    I also love the way that Rotterdam has embraced this exhibition with all of the blue and white stripes everywhere. XXXX

  3. Hahahaha...wat grappig geen planten post.....leuk hoor !!...fijne zondag !!!...liefs van mij...xxx...

  4. Wat fijn dat je deze foto's laat zien,heel bijzonder.
    De moeite waard om er heen te gaan en het met eigen ogen te zien.

    Lieve groet

  5. Ahhh, herinnert me aan de YSL-expositie in Le Petit Palais een paar jaar geleden, ook zo'n prachtige collectie... Tóch blijft mij van JPG met name zijn anti-semitisme bij... Maar daar heeft Dior en volgens mij het hele Franse volk hem wel genoeg voor gestraft he...

    Fijne zondag Madelief!
    Liefs uit het witte zuiden :)

  6. Hello Madelief:
    As in all creative fields, there are one or two masters of their art and, surely Jean Paul Gaultier must be considered to be one in the fashion field. Endlessly innovative, a zealous eye for detail and an imagination which knows no bounds, his works are art forms rather than merely clothes to cover the body.

    We have been so interested to look at your pictures which show the enormous range which he is capable of excelling in. One almost thinks that even a tea towel designed by him would definitely be different from and superior to all others and, whatever, far too good to simply dry the dishes with!!

    What fun you both must have had and, how wise to avoid the madding crowds.

    Wishing you a lovely week.J and L xx

  7. I LOVE Jean Paul Gaultier, Madelief! I used to take a small detour on my way to work to pass his shop in the 2nd arrondissement in Paris, adjacent to the Bibliothèque nationale. Happy memories. He's a cheeky designer who manages, in my humble opinion, to capture somehow the essence of British and French culture in his designs.


  8. I always admire Jean Paul Gaultier. He is one of the few great French designers left and has an infectious personality. I would enjoy visiting this Exhibition. Here in Canada, this Exhibition was presented in Montreal only. I would also love those striped shirts that Gaultier designed. So chic. It was also nice that the City decorated its landmarks with the Gaultier stripes. Lovely post Madelief.

  9. Really impressive, dear Madelief!
    White with blue stripes - that's my favorite style for summer.
    Wishing you a wonderful sunday and a perfect start in new week!

  10. Liebe Madelief,

    oh, diese Ausstellung würde mich auch interessieren !!!
    Toll, wen man in einer großen Stadt wohnt und die Kultur direkt hat. Wir müssen immer weit fahren...also, die mode von Gaultier mag ich leider nicht, ist nicht mein Geschmack, aber : mein allerliebstes Parfüm, für mich ist " homme " von Gaultier, ich liebe diesen Duft !!und habe immer einen Flasche auf Vorrat...
    Hier schneit es wieder aber für die kommende Woche ist es wärmer gemeldet...meinen Stimmung wird besser :-))))

    Wünsche dir noch einen schönen Sonntag,


  11. Bonjour Madelief !
    Quelle magnifique message sur la mode !! J`aime bien Jean Paul Gaultier! Et j`adore beaucoup le blanc avec des très bleu ! Quand j`était petite j`avait une robe blanche avec des traits !! C`était ma robe préfère!! :0) et vous avait de la chance de visiter cette exposition! :0)

    Bonne semaine!!

    xxx Maria xxx

  12. Hello Madelief. I thought you were joking about the trees and the park rabbits! Looks like a great exhibition, and it must be lovely to see these outfits up close. The beadwork looks amazing! All hail JPG! Much love, Linda x

  13. Nou ja zeg, 'k heb het geeneens gezien! Is haast knap als ik 't zo lees en zie bij jou :-). Gave foto's zeg!

  14. Wow!!! Lucky to see such exhibition! I'm a little jealous ;) Thank you for sharing these photos because I love the work of Jean-Paul Gaultier, and fragrances too! It must be nice to see every detail. Embroidery and lace are beautiful, what a great work!

  15. I love that lace and stripe dress......and I'm so jealous of your signs of spring Miss Adorable ...your my fashion guru!
    love Heidi

  16. Onopgemerkt zal dit in elk geval niet voorbijgaan ;-) met de stad helemaal à la Gaultier. Lijkt me heel interessant om er eens langs te gaan maar vrees dat 't wat te ver is voor ons.
    Lieve groet en fijne week,

  17. Heerlijk, gewoon in onze eigen stad!!!!!
    Fijn dat ik zo ook een stukje kon meegenieten.

  18. Wat leuk, het staat ook op mijn lijstje deze week en ik was van plan om s morgens te gaan zodat ik foto's kan maken. Ze zijn goed gelukt bij je, ik heb nog meer zin om er heen te gaan. Lieve groetjes

  19. Lieve Madelief,

    Ik heb zo het vermoeden dat jullie hier jullie hart flink op hebben kunnen halen...het lijkt mij in ieder geval een hele bijzondere expositie. Eerlijk gezegd weet ik helemaal niet zoveel van hem af en heb ik mij ook nooit zo in zijn stijl verdiept.

    Een fijne week, Madelief! Lieve groet, Ingrid

  20. Oh wow that looks like an amazing exhibition, I love Gaultier. :)
    Love those cute little rabbits too. :)
    V xxx

  21. Stunning pictures, Madelief and JP as well! Love these dresses, my favourites will be the lace one and the beaded one in bright colours as well :0) I've also read your older posts and found your "new" guest room looks absolutely gorgeous :0) So spring-like and fresh. Love your February garden in bloom as well, so beautiful flowers :0) Here in Moscow we have a lot of snow and no Spring yet, hope after a month will see the first grass :0)
    Wish you have a lovely sunny week, dear friend

  22. Hoi Madelief,
    Dit moet voor de liefhebbers een heerlijke week geweest zijn. Leuk om buiten ook al die strepen te zien. Die gestreepte kleding is wel mijn favoriet hoor, de rest is me te extreem... haha...
    Ik wens je een heerlijke nieuwe week,
    Lieve groet,

  23. Madelief,

    Het is SUPER fantatstisch post....woow,Je bent gelukkige vogel-je hebt het gezien!!!
    Ik wou zo graag deze tentoonstelling zien....

    Wens je een hele goede week,


  24. What a fascinating post, a true insight into fashion..
    I love the rabbits ears..
    I wear JP Gaultier Perfume it my favourite
    Thank you for sharing Madelief
    Kind regards
    Thea x

  25. Oh my God what a great salute to Gaultier! Love the trees in stripes. What a fantastic exhibit! This is one of the firsts perfumes I bought for my when I lived in France. It had just come out when I was living there. The first pink body bottle :) She loved it. He must be from Brittany with the stripes!! It's the Bretons that wear those. Both my children were born there and are "Bretons" :)

  26. This must be a very exciting show, dearest Madelief!
    And the way of advertising is very funny - everywhere this striped pattern :o)
    Personally, I particularly like the style of your seventh photo, these delicate lace - original as ALL of Moniseur Gaultier, very feminine and not "too" colorful: o))
    Many hugs from Austria, my dear - have a happy new week!
    PS: This weekend we had about 30 centimeters new snow...

  27. What a welcome for Jean Paul Gaultier! It must have been wonderful to look at his work especially without the crowds!
    Thinking of you.
    Sarah x

  28. Hoi Madelief,

    Bedankt dat je bij mij ff geweest was...en voor jou lieve komentaar!:-)*
    Wanneer je de tijd hebt kijk mij post....:



  29. Lieve Madelief. Wat een leuke expositie, da is de moeite waard om naar toe te gaan. Ik vind hem zo'n heerlijke kleurrijke ontwerper. Die Schotse ruit jas vind ik helemaal geweldig.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  30. Dat ziet er allemaal prachtig uit en wat leuk dat ook buiten alles in stijl is gehouden!

    Lieve groet, Miranda

  31. How wonderful to see such a beautiful exhibit! Such a nice welcome for it, too with the stripes decorating the trees and statues. I do love the striped tee's and those beautiful gowns. What a fun thing to take your daughter to see! xx

  32. I am not a great fan of Gautier, but that long black and white dress is gorgeous! To die for!

    He's certainly an interesting character and a very original designer!




  33. Hello, dear Madelief!

    May I simply say that this just looks super fun?! A few times we've had the opportunity to see fashion exhibits at the Met and they were wonderful - just a wonderful experience! and I'll bet that the curators had fun bringing the exhibit to life - it gives such a 'feel' to it all, doesn't it?! What else is fun is seeing these kind of creations up close! =] Can you imagine wearing one?! (Gasp and swoon!)

    Glad that you had such a fun outing.... and it's hysterical how the whole city has gone stripes! =D


  34. what fantastic pictures and clothes, i would love to visit, but will have to settle for looking at the website!

  35. Beste Madelief,
    Een leuke afwisseling en reuze interessant om er samen naar toe te gaan met dochterlief. Verbazend dat je er zo vrij foto's mocht nemen ook! Zoiets boeit altijd wel weer en jij bent toch ook zo'n kleding kenner.

  36. Hi Madelief,
    Jean Paul Gaultier, the Enfant Terrible of fashion! I haven´t heard of him for a long time, he used to be very popular in the 80th. I loved his punkish style when I was younger (and desperately wanted to be different...;-)). It´s funny that they decorated Rotterdam in blue and white stripes for him, great! I love the rabbits with the striped ear warmers!!!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  37. Fascinating pictures of this amazing exhibition, Madelief! Thank you for sharing them. I have loved blue and white stripes for so long....and how wonderful to see those stripy rabbit ears!!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  38. Hello Darling

    I must start by saying your blog looks magnificent. I have now spent almost an hour reading your posts and drooling over your photos. Gorgeous, well done.

    Take care darling, ‘til we talk again.



  39. The exhibition looks like great fun Madelief. I began wearing Gaultier at the age of 17. I took my very first hard earned paycheck to his shop and purchased the most beautiful coat which I virtually lived in. I had no idea that years later I would be lucky enough to work on some of his couture pieces. I wonder if the exhibition will come to London?

  40. Madelief, thank you so much for your kind remarks. I know what you mean about people looking different to what you expect. I hope all is well with you, and you are able to spend a little time in the garden. Much love, Linda xx

  41. Hi Madelief,

    How lucky you got to go and see the Gaultier Exhibition - I thought of you when we saw a little piece about the Exhibition, on the EuroMaxx show.
    I love his designs, they always look so much fun and love the blue and white striped tees.
    Hope you are having a lovely week

  42. What fun...I would of so loved to see this. Hope you are well..I continue to count the days. xoxoxo

  43. how lucky you are to see this exhibition...it looks fantastic..a master of detail indeed..x

  44. You are the Lucky One:-)...would Love to go there too! Hug Anja

  45. Fantastic ! I like the dress on the photo number 6. JP Gautier is very talentuous ! I like the 1st photo, portrait of JPG by Pierre et Gilles. The rabbits are nice also ! Rotterdam was in JPG colors !
    Thank you Madelief !


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