zondag 25 september 2016

Vintiguing in Antwerp

This post is long overdue. Sorry you had to wait such a long time for it to appear. I have been on a short holiday with my parents, and on a long weekend to Antwerp, one of my favourite towns in the Benelux.  It's only an hours drive from Rotterdam, and such a different world. It's hip, it's classy, the food is better, the clothes are finer and the people much more relaxed. My late husband and I used to visit regularly, to see an exhibition, do some shopping or just walk around town and enjoy the good life.

It was four years ago since I visited last. I thought it would be difficult being there, but somehow the town got me in it's grip. I enjoyed it just as much as I did before. It helped that I was in the company of two sweet friends who live in Antwerp during the weekend and showed me around town.

As they are just as keen on vintage clothing as I am, and now the best shops in town, I came home with two new winter outfits: an amazing turquoise jacket, two sweet hats, a copper sunburst necklace and an antique priests stole, which I use as a belt. I customized the jacket and belt a little, but furthermore the outfits are ok and look fab. 

For those of you who are interested  in the names of the shops I discovered my treasures: Think twice, the Kringwinkel and the Oxfam store

My photo's were taken around Antwerp, near the MAS/het Eilandje, in the city centre and my favourite B&B Bed, bad & brood.

Are you a vintage shopper and did you find any treasures recently?

Have a good week ahead!


Madelief x 

Thank you Marianne and Henny for a fabulous weekend! X

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  1. It looks like a really interesting place to visit. Glad you enjoyed it, I hope you had some happy memories and not too many sad ones. xx

  2. Wat een heerlijke reportage uit Antwerpen. Gezellige stad, hoewel we er wel eens komen herken ik niet zo veel op je foto's:) Wat een leuke spullen heb je gekocht! Dat jasje is geweldig. En die tekst: "your husband called...."zo bijzonder. lieve groetjes

  3. Two cute hats and they suit you perfectly - so pleased that you have been having fun with family and friends.

  4. You make the prettiest pictures from wherever you go dearest Madelief!

  5. hihihi! Ik ga binnenkort voor de allereerste keer een weekendje naar Rotterdam. Ik wilde er een workshop volgen en heb er dan maar ineens een heel weekend van gemaakt. Ik woon in Antwerpen en na je beschrijving van het verschil tussen Antwerpen en Rotterdam ben ik wel erg nieuwsgierig geworden ! Tips voor Rotterdam zijn altijd welkom trouwens ;)

  6. Madelief, you've now made me much more curious to see Antwerp for myself. I've seen pictures of the place and read about before, but somehow your "on the ground" reporting has connected with me. Thank you so much for the B&B link too. It looks like a charming place to stay, and have a fine breakfast before doing some exploring of the other surrounding joys of Antwerp.

    I will made a note of this post in my travel dreaming book!

    You are the expert vintage shopper. I have to admit that as I grow older, I am beginning to treasure, more and more, some my favorite possessions that now are about to take on vintage status. I did visit the local neighborhood Sunday flea market held on a school yard, near the Sunday farmers market held just behind the Museum of Natural History.

    As I walked around both markets, I reflected that I am lucky to live in a place that many folks would love to visit. I bought apples and green beans and tomatoes, but also admired a pretty little vintage English china pitcher at the flea market, before wondering where I might find a place for it in the tiny apartment. However, if it is there next Sunday, I might buy it.


  7. Your photos are treasures and I like your finds, the gold necklace, the stole to become a belt, the jacket, and those sweet shy photos of you with the camera hiding your face. I am a hat person too.

  8. So many great things... The photos are wonderful!

  9. What wonderful items you found in the vintage shops. The teal jacket is beautiful and you wear it well. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Antwerp - it looks like a lovely city.

  10. Geweldige foto,s van het mooie Antwerpen. Kortgeleden ook Antwerpen bezocht, voor de tentoonstelling van Luc Tuymans in het MAS. De volgende keer dus maar een weekendje ervan maken zie ik wel. Ook dapper en moedig om weer Antwerpen te bezoeken zonder je maatje, zal niet altijd makkelijk zijn, herinneringen en heimwee. Fijn dat er dan vrienden zijn. Groetjes en een fijne week, Pauline

  11. What a fabulous looking city, glad you enjoyed yourself and I hope you found happy memories!
    V x

  12. Wonderful pictures of such an interesting city. Your vintiquing looks very successful Madelief...you found some lovely things and I love your cute hats, they suit you so well!
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox

  13. Beautiful photographs of a bittersweet trip for you, I'm sure.
    .... and, I LOVE your hat .... we are going to a wedding in a couple of weeks and I shall be wearing a black bowler hat !!! You always look so lovely Madelief XXXX

  14. Antwerpen is zeker leuk! Voor mij helaas wat verder vanuit Groningen maar ik kom er graag. Heerlijke foto's! XX Esther

  15. Just beautiful, as always. Your photos are so clean and clear - I wonder which camera you use? I do shop vintage, but mostly things for the home. This weekend I was in Long Melford and bought a really pretty old french plate to hang in my newly decorated bedroom from one of my favourite shops, Rosehip. It cost very little as it's not perfect, but will give me much pleasure. I love your outfits!

  16. Het is jaren terug dat ik voor het laatst in Antwerpen ben geweest en ik kan mij er weinig meer van herinneren. Maar aangezien ik graag steden bezoek, zou ik het zeker op mijn wensenlijstje moeten zetten. Wat heb je weer mooie kleding gevonden, deze stijl staat jou zo goed! Fijn dat je ondanks je herinneringen aan jullie keren samen toch volop van Antwerpen hebt kunnen genieten!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  17. Those were wonderful finds. I love the colour of your new jacket. I'm glad that Antwerp still gripped you despite it being such a special place for you and your husband. I love looking in second hand shops, although I never find anything quite as elegant as your purchases. Sarah x

  18. Antwerp is one of my favorites for antiquing and shopping. It's hip, stylish and full of energy. Cheers!
    PS - I love your outfits :)

  19. Leuk Antwerpen....wij waren er ook....binnenkort komt er een post.....heerlijk is het daar ....wat een mooie kleding heb je gekocht zo'n mooi jasje....staat je vast goed ....zo jou...fijne week verder liefs Ria x ❤️

  20. What a lot of pretty places you showed us! Your new jacket is so elegant.. you'll enjoy it this winter. You're really a classy dresser.. I enjoy seeing the things you found. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  21. Beautiful photos!!! Antwerp is a really nice place! :)

  22. Hello Madelief, I always enjoy your fashion posts! I love the jacket and the little pill box hat, really stylish and love the way you have used the priest's stole as a belt! Beautiful! Enjoy your week. Sharon x

  23. What wonderful finds in the vintage shops. You have such a nice shape for showing them most beautifully. How fun to explore with friends and re-connect with this lovely city.

  24. So nice to see this beautiful place, dear Madelief and your wonderful vintage finds. You have a lovely talent for finding vintage fashions and you look very stylish! I just found a vintage London Fog raincoat that fits me perfectly. The thrill of the hunt.......xx Karen

  25. Love your vintage finds Madelief - you are such a great shopper - that jacket is especially beautiful and a little bit of fur near a women's face is always very flattering. . . . . .and cozy on a cold day/evening. Can't wait for cooler weather here so I can get my Autumn/Winter clothes out!

    Glad your trip was enjoyable. Just back last evening from Africa - it was a marvelous time!
    Will catch up more later.
    Hugs - Mary

  26. Dearest Madelief,
    Your photos and descriptions make me fancy to go to Antwerp! It is beautiful there! And your vintage "swag" is also great!

    I am glad that you could re-experience the city with good friends.

    Have a fine autumn-time, my dear!

    Lots of hugs,



  27. Wat een mooie kleding......Je bent echt altijd goed in speuren naar de mooiste spullen. Vintage kleding is prachtig en het leuke is....je ziet niet snel iemand in hetzelfde.
    Zo heb je helemaal je eigen stijl. Vind die hoedjes ook geweldig.

    Fijne avond


  28. Dearest Madelief,
    What a bliss for going back to the city that you shared so many fond memories with your late husband! It is completely different indeed and I can see your point very clearly.
    Happy for you that you found some vintage pieces and you also were very lucky with the weather, seen in the photos.
    Hugs to you,

  29. Dear Madelief,
    Happy to hear you are enjoying life. Your purchases are fabulous and I will look forward to seeing you wear your treasures. Antwerp looks like a city I would love. It goes on the list.
    Have a great week Madelief

    Helen x

  30. Ja wat hebben de Belgen toch een enorme rijkdom aan geschiedenis, prachtige gebouwen, heerlijke restaurantjes en Thank god voor de kringwinkels ;)
    Ik ben met collega's een weekend op inkoop geweest in Brugge, óók zo fantastisch!
    En wat je zegt, de mensen zijn beleefd, relaxed en zó vriendelijk!
    Leuke vondsten heb je gedaan!

    Fijne week en warme herfstgroet, MJ


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