zondag 14 juni 2015

Dreaming spires


Thank you for stopping by. I am sorry I haven't been over to your blogs that much lately, but it's difficult to find the time. The summer months are always busy, with work, lots of social events and the garden to maintain. I am lucky to have the girls to help me out in the garden now and then, because otherwise I don't know if I could manage.

The garden is looking beautiful! A bit like a fairy tale garden. There are lots of foxgloves and lupines in pretty pinks, white, blues and purples. The first roses have started to bloom. The purple flowers of the Rhapsody in blue, which you can see in the photo above, look particularly lovely. In my next post roses will play the leading role.

If you find it difficult to wait and would already love to catch a glimpse of my little garden house, the dreaming spires and my roses, please pop over to Instagram :-). I have just uploaded a short video. It's a bit shaky, but will give you an impression. My Instagram account is called madeliefblog

Next week is a special week. I will hold my first dinner-and tea party in the garden. Looking forward to both of them very much. Please cross your fingers that the weather will be fine.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!


Madelief x

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  1. Lieve Madelief,

    Wat staat de lupine bij jou in de tuin te pronken, zeg...het is een prachtig gezicht zoals de fraaie bloemen overal bovenuit steken. Je hele tuin is trouwens een plaatje. Lief dat de meiden je zo nu en dan helpen, er zit inderdaad heel veel werk in een tuin zoals deze.

    Leuk dat je aankomende week een tea en dinnerparty op de tuin organiseert. De gasten boffen maar...heerlijk genieten op zo'n plekje, dat is toch geweldig. Ik ga duimen voor veel zonneschijn.

    Succes met alle voorbereidingen en een fijne week! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. Je tuin is helemaal klaar voor je zomerfeestjes! Geniet er van, rozen, lupines en vingerhoedskruid, wat wil een mens nog meer? Groetjes, Hetty

  3. Dear Madelief, your garden is looking BEAUTIFUL! It's quite extraordinary what a few weeks difference can make! Always love visiting your blog and seeing your lovely flowers! Have a lovely week! Sharon x

  4. Wat een prachtige foto's van een heerlijke tuin.
    Ook je vorige post is genieten.
    Fijne week, ;)
    Liefs, Annette

  5. Your garden is a delight! And it's comfortable too.. I do hope you show us your tea and dinner parties! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I love looking at Your garden. Thank you for the lovely photos!)))

  7. Madelief,
    Wat een prachtig kleurrijk tuin,fantastisch!!!
    Zo mooi,zo gezellig,prachtig:)))

  8. Beautiful spires of wonderful colour indeed!!! Hope you enjoy your time in the garden! xx

  9. Hello Madelief, I am new to blogging and have discovered your beautiful blog. Your garden looks wonderful! I hope you might visit my blog sometime, Lucy's Cottage. Bestvwishes, Fiona

  10. It is a wonderful fairy tale garden! Great that your girls enjoy working with you sometimes.
    Our lupins are just starting to bloom here
    I love foxgloves but can't get them to spread as much as I would like.
    Look forward to seeing your roses so I will check out your video now.
    Thanks for taking the time to share and I hope you have lovely weather for your garden parties.

  11. Your foxgloves and lupins are very summery, and beautiful, Madelief. I wish we could grow them at our place! Have now subscribed to you on Instagram - I am a blue wren over there :) xx

  12. I do love the spires in the garden right now. So beautiful!

  13. Your garden is beautiful Madelief and I loved your little video over on IG !
    I hope the sun shines on your dinner party!
    V x

  14. Aw, your photos are beautiful. I especially love your bouquets with the wee daisy peeking through. You always look so happy in your gardens. Hugs, Deb

  15. There is always so much going on in your garden and so much color. The lupines here are nearly done blooming. I want to add more for next year. Foxglove are a favorite, too, but I only dream of them. The garden centers tease us with fully grown and bloomed ones in pots, but once planted they don't last because of heat and dry climate. I have learned my lesson. I will enjoy yours.

  16. Your garden is delightful. The tall spires of lupins, foxglove and delphinium (I think I've identified those) are full of beauty that draws the eye. We've been away and I came home to a garden that has exploded with color (and weeds). I hope to get some photos taken this week. Enjoy your first dinner/tea party in the garden.

  17. The foxgloves are wonderful this year, and in such a lovely variety of pinks and creams - they are such a special free gift to us from nature - fingers crossed for your garden party.

  18. votre jardin est de toute beauté et tant de splendeurs, je vous envie ...
    je viens quelque fois me promener et m'inspirer des couleurs qui illuminent vos massifs
    jolis mariages et de bien belles images

  19. Superbe jardin composé avec beaucoup de savoir-faire et de goût.


  20. I do love your gorgeous spires of colour, Madelief! Your garden is looking so beautiful, like stepping into a magical place. Wishing you a happy new week!
    Helen xox

  21. It is all so lovely. It must be pure joy to walk around your gardens.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  22. on ne se lasse jamais de venir faire un petit tour dans le jardin
    j'aime beaucoup les digitales et les lupins
    les couleurs sont splendide
    j'ai mis une photo sur mon blog qui devrait vous faire plaisir

  23. Those floral spires are magnificent, Madelief! Your garden is truly putting on quite a show. No wonder that you have been so busy keeping up with all that is going on at the allotment, and everything else besides. Wow!


  24. Oh Madelief,
    Your garden looks so pretty ….. very ' English Garden ' !!!
    Keeping the garden looking nice is very hard work isn't it ? …. and, it gets harder, the older we get !!! haha
    I have just been putting some plants in and have spent a couple of ours out here ….. the weather is lovely so I'll keep my fingers crossed that yours stays warm and dry for your garden party. Lots of love from the UK. XXXX

  25. Always just so beautiful Madelief. I always feel so inspired when I visit here. It's so full of beautiful vibrant colour to lift the spirits and I leave with both an invigorated, yet restful feel!

    Have a super week!

    Vanessa xxx

  26. Good morning dearest Madelief! I am enjoying you doubly now, both here and on your Instagram! And your little garden IS BRIMMING with such color and magic. You should see where I am vacationing; I thank you so much for visiting my Instagram page, but if you could see this place in person. It IS like a fairytale! The fog comes rolling in every day, the cottages are picture perfect, and the gardens are loaded with blue lupine, climbing roses, geraniums and other exotic plants.

    Enjoy your gardening and your dinner and tea party will be WONDERFUL! Love, Anita

  27. Dear Madelief,
    I can understand that you are enjoying your wonderful garden, I am also busy there and thus Instagram is much quicker and easier to post photos with! But nevertheless, I am also back to blogger as from time to time I am wondering what the blogging friends are posting and I am missing them all.
    Enjoy your week, I press my fingers crossed that you are lucky with the weather for your garden parties!

  28. Wat is er veel te zien bij je in de tuin Madelief. Prachtig allemaal en ja, dat kan niet anders dan een heleboel werk zijn. Ik heb hier maar een fractie van jouw tuin en zelfs daar heb ik genoeg aan te doen...
    Ik duim met je mee voor mooi weer komend weekend,

  29. How adorable!!! really love love your garden.
    many hugs

  30. Just truly beautiful blooms - so lovely to see.

    All the best Jan

  31. Purple and blue are my favourite colours. These flowers in purple and blue are all so lovely. They look so lush.

  32. Magical! It sounds like you are having a good summer. I'm so glad! xo

  33. Dearest Madelief,
    Your garden is indeed in its hay days as one says! Lovely setting indeed and with the social events coming up you will have a great time once more.
    Sending you hugs,

  34. wishing you lovely weather for your garden party - how I love to eat al fresco in the summer months. Your guests will be delighted by your super garden!

  35. Hej Madelief, aan je prachtige tuin zal het niet liggen, een waar paradijsje. Ik duim mee voor mooi weer. Veel plezier alvast tijdens de tuinfeestjes. Lieve groet,

  36. Right, you have inspired me to go picking some of the flowers in my garden and to attempt a bouquet ......
    Helen, Darcy, Bingley and Fred x

  37. The spires of Foxgloves and Lupins are my absolute favourite at this time of year and yours are truly beautiful. So looking forward to seeing photos of your dinner and tea party! M x

  38. Al die uren die jij besteed aan je tuin moeten toch zeker wel beloond worden met een prachtig weekend.
    Geniet in ieder geval, want het is de moeite waard om in je tuin te zijn.

    Lieve groet, Eefie

  39. Wat een prachtige foto's van je schitterende tuin Madelief!
    Echt een heerlijke plek en oh oh wat jammer dat ik er niet bij kan zijn zondag...
    Dan heb ik straks alleen de foto's nog, snif...;-)
    Ik hou mezelf aanbevolen voor een volgende keer, ik vind het alleen al zo'n geweldig leuk idee dat je dit doet!
    Ik wens je heel veel succes en natuurlijk duim ik mee voor mooi weer.

    Succes en lieve groet, MJ

  40. Marvelous blooming as always! A pleasure to watch. Good luck with your garden tea-party. It will be lovely I assume.


  41. Wat ziet je tuin er fantastisch uit, heerlijk om naar al die foto's te kijken!

  42. I'm sitting here with my mouth open as I scroll through these photos Madelief.You have captured pure magic! Aren't gardens just amazing creations? I love it when the lupines bloom and tower over all the other foliage and blooms. I have trouble growing foxglove here because they have trouble growing in this climate, but I buy them faithfully every year and treat them as an annual.
    Thank you dear, for making my whole day!!!
    sending hugs...

  43. My favourite flowers...all of them!
    Foxgloves are fantastic and I hope I have my new "old" garden full of them in a couple of years...
    Have a lovely weekend!

  44. Your garden look beautiful, I Love foxgloves!

  45. Love everything in your garden Madelief. All that hardwork is paying off, the reward seem endless.


  46. Mooie blogje ! ik zag u via andere blogster, ik volg meestal
    blogjes dat dezelfde hobbys als ik delen, bedankt voor het delen
    Fijne dag☀️

  47. Mooie blogje ! ik zag u via andere blogster, ik volg meestal
    blogjes dat dezelfde hobbys als ik delen, bedankt voor het delen
    Fijne dag☀️


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