woensdag 20 mei 2015

Vin'tea'guing in Ely


Just came back from four wonderful days in Ely, a small historic town in the south of Cambridgeshire (UK). Ely is well known for it's connection with Oliver Cromwell, who once lived here and for it's famous cathedral with octagonal tower, which you can spot from miles around.

We had a lovely cottage called The coach house, which I can recommend to you. It's full of period features and vintage treasures. It has a lovely garden, where you can sit in, have a cream tea or read a book on a sunny day, like we did.

Our stay in Ely would not have been complete without a visit to Peacock's tearoom, which was recommended by several of you. We liked it so much that we visited twice and ate far too much cake :-).

We spent a long time in the antique centre near the river. Over sixty dealers are housed in an old eighteenth century building, which was used as a malt house once and even as a morgue in the second world war. The variety of antiques on offer is large: military memorabilia, household ware, porcelain, furniture etc.. I found an antique embroidered tablecloth for in my garden and an old Pears print and dressing table set for in my new bathroom. Oh...and a sweet floral teacup. I could not resist that one either :-)

Thank you once again for your kind suggestions of places to visit. Hurray to social media!  Wish we had more time. Four days is much too short to visit this beautiful county.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Madelief x

* When you have a size 8 or 10 and love vintage dresses and live near Ely, do go to the antique centre to buy the amazing green floral dress on my photo ;-). Unfortunately I did not fit into it, but it's so sweet!

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  1. Oh it looks right up your street Madelief! Love your purchases...shame about the dress! So glad you enjoyed yourself. I really enjoyed your wonderful pictures, including the sneaky peak into someone's kitchen. Lots of love to you, Linda xx

  2. What a lovely and typical place! I know why you enjoyed this place, all is lovely.

  3. What beautiful photos today. How fun to discover a lovely tea-room while you visited. The little cottage kitchen is so quaint and pretty. Deb

  4. Well, Madelief, I am ready to book a flight to Ely and want to move into that cottage. To have wisteria in the garden seems to put the icing on this lovely destination. Having time to investigate the antiques market would also appeal to me, but just walking along those roads would be fine as well. Perfect settings for camera and sketchpad, i think.

    Thank you for sharing these inviting photographs! xo

  5. Lieve Madelief,

    Wat een heerlijke foto's, ik zit er echt van te genieten! Dit moet een hele mooie periode zijn om daar te verblijven, het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit. De volgende keer misschien toch een paar dagen extra boeken of voor nu een goede reden om nog een keer terug te gaan. Ontzettend fijn dat je zo genoten hebt!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  6. Beste Madelief,

    Dank je wel dat je ons laat meegenieten. Wat een heerlijke foto's en wat is Engeland toch een een geweldig land.
    En al die bloemen, prachtig!

    Fijne dag!

  7. Wat een heerlijke post, ik kom helemaal in vakantiestemming. Fijn dat jullie zo hebben genoten! Lieve groetjes

  8. Je hebt er heerlijk van genoten. Fijn. Engeland is net een andere wereld. Groetjes, Hetty

  9. Aah such beautiful photographs Madelief! My sister stayed in Ely for several months and she told me how beautiful it is and suggested I go for a visit, which I have yet to do...so lovely for you to spend a few days there.

  10. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Enjoy your new treasures and memories of your time away.


  11. What a gorgeous post Madelief!!! I lingered over every photo of Ely and that wonderful shop you went to. I loved the styling in the dress shop, it was so unique and darling.
    I know you must have had the best time on this trip.
    Thank you dear, for another beautiful post!
    sending hugs....

  12. es sind wunderschöne Bilder die du gemacht hast. Der Blauregen ist einfach phantastisch.......Liebe Grüße und hab ein schönes Pfingstfest, Ina

  13. Beautiful photos, Madelief. I think Ely would be a place I'd love to visit, too. The cottage sounds so charming. Your purchases fit your style so well - the embroidered cloth and teacup are so pretty. Have a wonderful day.

  14. Oh what a wonderful place to visit! I love the treasures you found.. thanks for sharing the images with us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. I not only want to visit there, I want to live there! Then I saw the narrow boats and thought it keeps getting better and better. That Cathedral is a beauty. Hello from California.

  16. Jeetje Madelief, wat prachtig allemaal. Ik snap helemaal dat je het er vreselijk naar je zin hebt gehad. Wat een prachtig stadje is dat. En zit je dan op dat terras, met die kathedraal als je uitzicht...? Geweldig.
    Je hebt ook weer heel leuke spullen weten te bemachtigen. Dat jurkje ja... wat een schatje. Maar ook dat geborduurde tafelkleedje... ik ben daar helemaal weg van...
    Fijne avond,

  17. erg mooie fotos en lekker knus and cosy allemaal the peacock tea room ziet er erg leuk uit erg mooi die wisteria langs de cottage hoop dat jullie het leuk hebben gehad ja 4 dagen is beetje kort maar het is wel 4 dagen engeland en dat is altijd leuk groetjes lleon10

  18. Wat moet ik doen om volgende keer mee te mogen??????????????? :)
    Wat ziet het er weer geweldig uit, wat hebben jullie weer genoten van alles!
    Heerlijk voor je om zoveel moois te hebben gezien.

  19. Delighted that you had a lovely few days over here Madelief - Ely is a pretty little place and the cathedral spectacular.
    I do love the way you have shown our country using all those special little Madelief touches.

  20. Oh my goodness you were in the uk! how lovely, your pics are stunning as usual...
    bestest daisy XX

  21. Nächstes Mal nimmst Du mich bitte mit :-) Ich komme aus dem Staunen nicht mehr raus. Was eine imposante Kathedrale, was eine traumhafte Unterkunft und was ein süßes Örtchen!!!

  22. Dear Madelief,
    How wonderful that you were able to 'get away' to this beautiful place! Your photos are so lovely - the yellow roses over the blue door stole my heart <3 I love this place - it sounds wonderful - and of course, if there is antiquing involved, it is a perfect trip in my eyes! You found some very sweet little treasures. Precious photo of your dear daughter. <3
    Hugs xo Karen

  23. Wat een mooie post heb je van je trip gemaakt...heerlijke stad zeg...leuke winkels ook....fijn dat je zo hebt genoten...liefs van mij...x!

  24. Hallo Madelief,

    wat mooi. Erg leuk je fotos.

    groetjes Conny

  25. So nice that you found another beautiful place to explore. The cathedral is amazing and I love the blue door and yellow roses.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  26. Oh fijn, Madelief, dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad!
    Wat een prachtige beelden geef je ons te zien!
    Jammer dat die leuke jurkjes je niet pasten.
    Nog even lekker nagenieten!

    Lieve groet,

  27. So glad that you had such a great time!!!!! It looks as though you found some wonderful places to visit on your trip. The tablecloth is gorgeous and so are your other photos!!! xx

  28. Hello Madelief,

    Happy to read you had an enjoyable and relaxing trip to Ely. Your purchases will fit beautifully in your home.
    The wistaria image is perfect. Wishing you a delightful weekend\

    Helen xx

  29. Ely looks like a pretty place; the cathedral is spectacular and the tearoom is very appealing. Glad you had a great time - I love visiting antique centres too, and your purchases are perfect for your place. The Pears print is one I have never seen, and so attractive. xx

  30. Dear Madelief,

    Ely looks like a beautiful little place and the icing on the cake would be all the Antique shops and lovely places to visit. Love all the pretty treasures you came home with - always great to have something to remind you of your trip.
    Enjoy the week

  31. Dearest Madelief,
    Yay thanks to social media indeed. I too can claim that very much as it helped me numerous times.
    What a lovely little place Ely is and that cathedral is incredible! Your B & B no doubt was lovely, considering your photos.
    As for the size 8 or 10 you mention, that is a British size I guess. You can check here: Clothing Size Charts for Women
    Very confusing world wide...
    Sending you hugs,

  32. A strange little place, Ely, dominated by a disproportionately large cathedral. I wonder why the site was so important, stuck out there on those fens as it is.

  33. WHAT A DELIGHT MY FRIEND! I am very late.....school and grading, finals and meetings.....it is high time for my vacation, but in only a matter of two weeks will I be on my way to the seaside. BUT YOUR PHOTOS here are taking me away to blue heaven....blue doors, blue flowers, blue striped pottery....an enchanting holiday sweet friend!

    I am so enjoying seeing you on Instagram, and you are teaching me something very valuable. I can keep my blog and do Instagram too. Sounds silly, but it's taken me a while to embrace new modes of expression and having to let things go. One thing is for sure, it is fun to share and inspire.


  34. Wat heb je het toch weer allemaal ontzettend mooi op de foto gezet. Ik geniet enorm van deze sfeer impressie en de leuke herinneringen van het afgelopen weekend. Ondanks alle thee en scones niet aangekomen 😉.

  35. Ely noted and added to my list of Places to Go. (My prefered Bucket List). Lovely photos. Ely seems to have all of the antiquitey and quaintness that my next (hopefully) trip to the UK requires. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos, keeping my dreams alive.

  36. Wat ziet het er gemoedelijk uit, net of je even terug in de tijd gaat! Het ziet er ook zo netjes uit op de straten, nergens afval te bekennen. Fijn dat je het er naar je zin gehad hebt. Pascale X

  37. Oh Madelief that looks so wonderful you must have had a wonderful time! I have never been to Ely but it has always seemed a magical place to me. It was featured in one of the my favourite childhood books. "Tom's Midnight Garden". I'm sorry for you that the dress was just too small! Sarah x

  38. Wat een prachtige cottage met die mooie blauwe regen. Aan de foto's te zien hebben jullie een heerlijke tijd daar gehad.

  39. Ely is very magic ! England is magic, I love this country, it enchants me by his beauty. Thank you for sharing your photos, Madelief !
    Nice evening !

  40. How lovely. I am so glad you enjoyed your stay. Ely is local to me, and yet you've made me see it through new eyes!

  41. Ely is lovely and seeing your photos makes me want to spend more time there - we only had a few hours when we visited. So glad you enjoyed your time in Cambridgeshire and hope you come back to the East of England again soon x

  42. Weer eens door je prachtige blog gebladerd. Wat maak je toch mooie fotos! x

  43. Ooohhh wat een prachtige (!!!!!!!) post Madelief!
    Kwijl kwijl...this one gets on my bucket list ;-)
    Ik snap echt dat je erg genoten hebt!
    Bedankt dat je ons zo laat meegenieten.

    Fijn pinksterweekend en lieve groet, MJ

  44. your lovely images reminded me of how picturesque Ely is and that I should revisit soon. Have a great weekend!

  45. Such delightful and interesting pictures of your trip to Ely! I really enjoyed them all....what a good eye you have for choosing wonderful shots.
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  46. What a lovely get-away for a few days. Your cathedral photos look like postcards, beautiful!
    The tea room and the cottage you stayed in are just marvelous. I could imagine how wonderful
    to stroll through the antique shop and find special treats. Just lovely!

  47. Hello Madelief I love your pretty blog and beautiful photos. I live near Ely and we visit often. It is a lovely place. Love the pretty dress too. It would fit either of my daughters but not me now!

  48. It's a pretty town Madelief. The flowers are gorgeous. I like the architecture. The cathedral must so huge inside.


Thank you for your lovely words.