zondag 18 januari 2015

Almond Pistachio Biscuits


Thank you all for your kind words and well wishes on last weeks post. I am feeling much better, so they have definitely helped!

While great part of our country is covered in a layer of fresh snow, we had grey skies and rain all day.  Sometimes I wonder why I always choose days like this to take photo's for my blog. We had sun and blue skies yesterday :-)

However, the weather was perfect to do some baking. I decided on Almond Pistachio Biscuits, from the cookbook The Kinflolk table. Do you know the book? The photography is superb and I enjoy reading it. Today was the first time I tried one of the recipes.

Have to admit that the recipe was not fool proof. I had to add a an egg, because the dough was too dry (hope that's allowed with biscuits) and a pinch of salt, but the taste was delicious! You can find the recipe here as well.

I found a lovely pink teacup by Bavaria at the Saturday flea market. What I like about Bavaria teacups is that the outside is often very simple, whereas the inside often looks like a work of art. I have to admit that the girls and I love a bit of 'bling' too :-)

The dark green floral fabric is a vintage find as well. I think it must be from the seventies or early eighties. Did you find a find a vintage treasure recently?

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!


Madelief x

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  1. Yum to those biscuits, and another yum for that China! :) xxx

  2. Dat ziet er heerlijk uit, Madelief. Het weer was bijzonder geschikt voor een paar uurtjes in je (nieuwe) keuken. Ik hoop dat de keuken je prima bevalt en dat je er heel blij mee bent. Maar daar hoor ik binnenkort vast wel meer over.

    Ik wens je een hele fijne week!! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  3. GOod afternoon dear friend,

    It's so good to see a new post from you, and to hear that you are doing so much better. This is the time of colds and flu, but for rest and relaxation, so I hope you get more of that!

    Your photos, so inviting always, to go and take out my tea pot and make a proper tea ceremony! The cookies sound wonderful!

    I want to wish you health and MUCH LOVE, Madelief! Anita

  4. Your biscuits sound delicious. I'm glad to know you're feeling a lot better.

  5. Hallo Madelief, zo te zien zijn de koekjes goed gelukt, ze zien er heerlijk uit. En door juist op deze grijze te bakken en te fotograferen, heb je zelf een zonnige dag gecreëerd ;-) Want je foto’s stralen zoveel kleur en vrolijkheid uit! En anders had je dat mooie Bavaria kopje natuurlijk ook niet op de foto gehad! Een mooie vondst en aanvulling in je verzameling.

    Ik wens je een hele fijne week!
    Liefs Helena

  6. Hello dear Madelief. Your photos look lovely and bright and clear, not at all like it's grey skies outside. I love your cups they are beautiful and I agree on loving a bit of bling! Sometimes recipes are a bit hit and miss aren't they. Glad you could add an egg and make it work! They look delicious! So glad to hear you are feeling much better. We have no snow down south but a lot of rain this last week. Wishing you a lovely week. Sharon

  7. The biscuits sound delicious (and even better with your additions too)....and how pretty they look with your gorgeous china! I love the bright colours of your vases of flowers....such a cheery sight for a grey day (we have had the same weather here as you today). So glad you are feeling better again, and wishing you a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  8. Die koekjes zien er heerlijk uit, Madelief!
    En bij staan er ook mooie voorjaarsbloemen!
    Je hebt weer leuke kopjes gescoord. ook daar word je vrolijk van en een beetje bling bling kan op zijn tijd geen kwaad hoor.

    Liefs, Gerry

  9. Je kopjes zijn prachtig, zowel van de buiten- als binnenkant en dan lekker een kopje thee met zo'n heerlijk koekje mmmmm! Pascale x

  10. Every single post you do is just so beautiful! Now I want a huge bouquet of daffodils on my table! And a pretty teacup! And they cookies look superb! Have a great week ahead! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Thank you for this aesthetic pleasure!) Flowers, caps, cookies and fabrics are just wonderful!!!
    I love your blog)))

  12. Your biscuits look delicious Madelief and how lovely to see the daffodils and muscari!
    V x

  13. Delighted that you are feeling so much better Madelief - the pretty pink teacup by Bavaria is lovely, it has an Art Deco look to its shape and design. The biscuits look delicious but I dare not make any as I am trying to loose a few pounds gained over Christmas. I shall just have to imagine the taste.

  14. Pretty and delicious!!! You bring summer even in winter xxx

  15. Hello Madelief,
    I love seeing all the wonderful items you find at the flea market. I found some vintage white linen recently and just love it. Those cookies look delicious and it takes a good baker to know that a recipe needs adjusting.
    Have a great week

    Helen xx

  16. Glad that you are feeling better! Your teacups are all beautiful, so are your vases of flowers! xx

  17. You always find the prettiest things.
    Have a great week Madelief!

  18. So sorry to hear that you've been pooly Madelief but happy to hear that you are feeling much better now.
    You always take the most beautiful photographs ….. so full of colour { unlike mine that are very grey !!!! haha }
    ….. and, the daffodils and grape hyacinths are lovely …… a certain sign that Spring is just around the corner. XXXX

  19. Madelief, those teacups, saucers and biscuits look marvelous. I would love to try that recipe, and hope that laziness will not prevent me.

    I'm glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better. May this trend continue as our now familiar friend January greets out new pal February quite soon.

    And...on the topic of time, I am laughing at the notion that items from the 1970s might be now considered vintage. The 1970s and 80s were amongst my own very favorite decades of life. Perhaps I shall now embrace the idea of vintage glory. xo

  20. Dearest Madelief,
    Good to hear you are doing a lot better and your baking was still a success, according to your great photos!
    Thanks for your kind comment the other day, I needed that.

  21. Dear Madelief, I'm glad you are feeling better, and love your new cups with the special insides. Your daffodils are beautiful, the biscuits look delicious, the more so on that last plate. I have the exact same one myself! xo

  22. I'm so glad you are feeling better Madelief! Hurrah! Your new cup is exquisite and most certainly hides the greyness of your January Sunday. Do you wish you had a little snow, just to mark the occasion of winter? I know my children and I certainly do.

    Happy week to you dear Madelief,


  23. Oh, ich habe das Buch hier schon länger zu liegen und betrachte mir so gern die tollen Fotos, so dass ich noch auf gar kein Rezept geachtet habe :-)) Das sollte ich scheinbar mal!

  24. Wordt weer helemaal blij van jouw foto's op deze "Blue Monday". Fijne week!

    Groetjes van Ellebel

  25. Darling Madelief,

    What a perfect union! Almonds and Pistachios, two of our favourite things combined together in these absolutely delicious looking biscuits. Just as well that we were not there for tea.....your hard work would have been consumed in an instant.

    As you know, we rarely venture into the kitchen but we do like looking at beautifully illustrated cookery books. A gift of an Ottolenghi book provided us with hours of drooling over the most delicious looking food, all of which we knew that we would not be bothered to make! We love the way that he seems to use Pomegranate seeds as little jewels which are sprinkled liberally about!

    And, yet more pretty vintage treasures. Yes, the insides of your cups are every bit as beautiful as the outsides. The Limoges cups you gave to us remind us every day of our happy times together........although we never drink tea from them!

    Wishing you a happy week with blue skies and bling!

  26. Aaaahhhh....Madelief!
    Je hebt mijn hart gestolen,werkelijk waar:)))
    Ik kan mij voorstellen hoe lekker zijn ze!!!
    En, oh my GOODNESS,
    Jou kleurrijke foto's zijn fantastisch, echt waar!
    Oh,ik hou zoveel van kleuren!!!

  27. hello
    je suis en admiration devant les jonquilles
    quel bonheur de revoir cette petites fleurs qui annonce le printemps

    William WORDSWORTH


    J’errais solitaire comme un nuage
    Qui flotte au-dessus des vallées et des monts,
    Quand tout-à-coup je vis une nuée,
    Une foule de jonquilles dorées ;
    À côté du lac, sous les branches,
    Battant des ailes et dansant dans la brise.

    Drues comme les étoiles qui brillent
    Et scintillent sur la Voie lactée,
    Elles s’étendaient en une ligne sans fin
    Le long du rivage d’une baie :
    J’en vis dix mille d’un coup d’œil,
    Agitant la tête en une danse enjouée.

    bonne fin de journée
    edith (iris) France

  28. The biscuits look yummy, Madelief, as do the teacups!
    Joining you for a virtual tea to start the week off right.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  29. Van deze post word ik helemaal vrolijk, de kleuren de koekjes, nou gewoon alles.


  30. Hoi Madelief,
    De fotografie in dit prachtige boek mag dan 'superb' zijn, jouw foto's doen er vast niet voor onder. Ik ben altijd onder de indruk van jouw foto-kunsten... Je koekjes zien er heerlijk uit en ik zou ze graag ook een keer maken... wie weet...
    Ik wens je een heel fijne avond,

  31. Hi Madelief,
    Glad you are feeling better now.The biscuits look really good and would be perfect with a cup of tea. in one of your pretty teacups.
    Your pretty pics always brighten a dull day. Love your daffies!
    Thank you for the nice card and kind thoughts for my mama too.

    Take care,

  32. Lekkerrrr leuk hoor..!....is je keuken al klaar...?...oja is het gastverkoper zijn voor een dag bij ons niks voor jou..?

    Liefs Ria...x!

  33. Heel mooie kopjes! Prachtig die vorm lekker fifties. Koekjes zien er heerlijk uit, maar ik probeer me te beheersen. Groetjes, Hetty

  34. I have that book Kinfolk too. It's a lovely book. Your cookies must taste so delicious. Perfect to eat your cookies with tea on your lovely tea cups.

  35. Oh yes, William Wordsworth I Wondered Lonely as A Cloud. Love the poem. Love Wordsworth, but that was a comment posted, but don't daffodils always seem to excit that poem? Your cups show of the biscuts perfectly. I am glad that you are better. A lovely post full of color and inspiration.

  36. Delicious colours, your blog always reminds me of spring. I love the daffodils next to the grape hyacinths. Fiona x

  37. Zon of geen zon, met jouw fleurige foto's breekt het zonnetje door.
    Wat lijken die koekjes me heerlijk, in je nieuwe keuken zal het een plezier zijn om te bakken.

    Fijne week!


  38. Your biscuits look delicious, yum! I love your buys too they look so good together. Sarahx

  39. Yum!!! Those look sooooo good, Madelief!!! Such a delight to enjoy home baked biscuits. Cheers from DC, L

  40. Hi Madelief! I know Kinfolk book´s and I just love them, just that book I dont have...the biscuits looks delicious!
    Have a nice cup of tea and just have a lovely wednesday!

  41. Hallo Madelief,

    ik houw van je super leuk service. Sooooo sooooo mooi!

    groetjes Conny

  42. Ohhh Madelief - these looks gorgeous and I bet are truly melt in the mouth. Warm wishes for a wonder 2015. x

  43. ooh wat heerlijk vrolijk bij jou! Ik krijg helemaal een lente gevoel!
    fijne dag

  44. Hello dear Madelief! Your photos look beautiful no matter the light that you take them in. So rich in color and beautiful styling!!! I do love that green fabric you have recently found. How pretty it would look in a quilt. I haven't really found any new 'old' things lately as it has been too cold to make the drive to the nearest shops, but I am looking forward to an outing soon, I hope :))) I think I'm getting cabin fever. Maybe these biscuits would be a good cure.
    I loved seeing into your beautiful workroom in your last post. It is so pretty and the bulbs you have in there~~sigh~~~
    sending hugs...

  45. Beste Madelief, Wat een heerlijke foto's weer. Het groene vintage stofje is prachtig, met die fijne zachtroze bloemetjes erin... Heb ik onlangs nog iets vintage gekocht? Mmm, ik wilde net antwoorden dat ik me al een poos heb weten in te houden, toen ik me realiseerde dat ik nog niet zo lang geleden een geweldige gehaakte tas uit de jaren zestig heb aangeschaft... Niet zo goed in het kader van mijn declutter-voornemens, maar ik ben er desondanks mee in mijn sas. ;-)
    Hartelijke groeten,

  46. yummm!!! Looks fantastic. Have a wonderful day!

  47. Dearest Madelief,
    I had to swallow a few times while looking at your photos - the biscuits look so appetizing, and also how you've done it with your beautiful cups and plates, colorful fabrics and flowers! You have such a great feeling for color compositions!
    Many thanks for your sweet comments and lots of smiling hugs (full of laughing wrinkles ;o))

  48. Hi dear Madelief,
    I am happy to hear that you are feeling much better now! Yummy cookies and the colorful China brighten the day.
    A lovely weekend for you!

  49. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  50. Hi Madelief,
    It always looks like spring and summertime in your blog posts, with vibrant sunny colours in your photos. So lovely to visit you with spring flowers in bloom, almond cookies and your gorgeous china on show. Your post has cheered me up on a very dull day, here in the UK!
    Warmest Wishes,
    Jo. xx

  51. Mooie post weer Madelief....prachtige kleuren....en gelukkig weer beter hé...


  52. Never seen more beautiful tea cups than yours Madelief!
    Happy, restful weekend!

  53. I like pistachio cookies, I like almonds also. In France, we have a cookie named "Financier" on extremely tender and soft dough, it is delicious with tea. You always find very pretty cups.
    I hope you feel better by the day, I wish you good health.
    Nice weekend Madelief
    Nath x

  54. I've had your blog page open all morning - ready to read away and catch aaaaallll the way up on this snowy morning! First, though, I had to clean out the wood stove and start the fire and make pancakes and.... I've heard through the grapevine that you've gotten a little bit of snow, too!! :D (Saskia and Ria, don't you know! ;) :) )

    and that's all! :) We're across the ocean but we're having the same morning!! :D (although, okay, it's even afternoon, here, by now - 12:21 - and it must be evening and even dark, there, by now.... but.... still... I'm with you! :) <3 )


  55. A sure sign you are better - the baking - your blog makes me hungry - and that is a good thing ! Jack

  56. Dear Madelief,
    everithing is beautiful in your blog!! Hugs, Manuela


Thank you for your lovely words.