zondag 10 augustus 2014

The queen of watering places

When in England, we went on a day trip to the Queen of watering places, as the English poet and novelist Horace Smith, once used to call Brighton.  It wasn't our first visit.

We never actually walked to the end of the pier, which now we did (very photogenic) and took a stroll through The Lanes and the North Laines area. What a colourful and lively part of Brighton the area aournd the North Laines is. We all liked it.

As the temperatures were high, really more suitable for splashing around in the water, we headed straight for Snoopers paradise in Kensington gardens, after our walk on the pier. This place is vintage heaven. If it had not been so warm, I could easily have spent here all day. There is so much to see!

I found some lovely porcelain, which you can see on my last photo, and regret not having taken a closer look at the blue dress with the white embroidery, which you can see on the 5th photo.

Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer, at least on this part of the hemisphere :-)

A warm hello, from a humid and rainy Rotterdam,


Madelief x

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  1. Oh Brighton is so lovely... we visited there in 1998 but really need to make another visit. The items you chose to photograph are lovely and yes you should have purchased the blue dress... ; )
    Have a great week ahead.


  2. Wat neem je me toch mee naar leuke plekken. Echt genieten om met je mee te gaan naar Brighton! Lieve groetjes

  3. Brighton rocks! Fabulous photography, thank you for the tour. I hope to get there one fine day!

  4. Madelief, your photos from Brighton are wonderful - looks like the weather cooperated too! Nothing better than a English seaside day in summertime.

    I've just purchased the beautiful book by Zoe Ellison & Alex Legendre, "A Life Less Ordinary". they are the owners of the amazingly lovely Brighton shop 'i gigi general store'. By chance did you go there - they have a cafe too. If I ever get to Brighton on a trip home to the UK that's the place I'll be heading to shop!

    Thanks for sharing a bit of Britain's classic beach life - did you bump into the fabulous Hattats on the pier by chance? Happy August days now - Summer seems so short this year, children return to school in another couple of weeks over here - then Autumn will be on its way.

    Hugs - Mary

  5. Very nice place. It looks so fun and refreshing to visit.

  6. Hi Madelief,
    Great photos of a real English seaside town.
    Looks like you had a sunny day too.
    There's nowhere finer on a warm summers day - but then I am biased!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  7. A queen indeed, my dear Madelief! How I desire to go to England as well as the Netherlands for you capture the colors so beautifully. I too have had the best strolls and small vacations here in my area, finding color and sunshine at lakeside or riverside. I LOVE the colorful banners overhead in these small lanes where it's not the merchandise but the people that are the most interesting, but the VINTAGE SHOPS, now that's what I'd love to see the most!

    Happy Sunday dear Madelief! Anita

  8. Your pictures show a lively colourful seaside town which looks like it has a very vintage vibe. Love those antique shops and can only imagine how delightful this holiday must have been....your photos are like a picture postcard beckoning us to visit!

  9. Als ik je kleurige foto's van Brighton zie, wil ik er weer naar toe, het is inmiddels zo lang geleden dat ik daar was.
    Is die pier nog steeds zo vervallen en spelen de oude dames nog steeds bingo? Het zal wel.
    Lieve groet,

  10. Brighton is an absolutly beautiful town. Colourful and cosy. Your pictures are stunning.
    Lovely hugs

  11. It sounds wonderful. Your pictures capture so much. I think I'd feel I'd died and gone to heaven at Snooper's Paradise!

  12. Wat een prachtige kleurrijk gebied Madelief, dat moet enorm genieten zijn geweest want de beelden zijn fantastisch! Jammer dat de hitte parten speelde want ik kan me voorstellen dat je er nog uren door had willen brengen. Jullie hadden een in ieder geval een zonovergoten vakantie en dat neemt niemand jullie meer af.

    Wens je nog een fijne dag!

    Liefs Helena

  13. Als eerlijk bent had ik het niet verwacht dat Engeland zo kleurrijk kan zijn!
    Fantastische foto's Madelief!:)

  14. Wat is Brighton een sfeervolle plaats Madelief, sowieso ben ik graag aan de kust. De stoeltjes zo twee aan twee op het strand vind ik ook zo leuk. Jammer dat het er te warm was, maar je komt er vast nog wel een keer ;-).

    Ik wens je een fijne week. Liefs, Ingrid

  15. Ohohoh!
    Derest Madelief - I've never been to Brighton - and I think this is a failure!
    So well, one one place I HAVE TO visit in my life...
    (It may be that I havn't only to become 143 years old, but 180 ... ;o))
    Warm (and hot) Küschelbüschels,

  16. It looks as though you had a great time and the weather was good as well! xx

  17. Ha, wat leuk Madelief! Ik herken heel wat, alleen die North Laines hebben we volgens
    mij gemist, tenminste heel wat winkeltjes herken ik niet, jammer, moeten we toch nog
    eens gaan, hi hi...wat fijn dat jullie ook zulk mooi weer hadden!
    Fijne avond! wenst je Nicole

  18. Lieve Madelief. Wat heb je een geweldige reis gehad als ik zo naar je schitterende foto's kijk. Wat een kleur straalt er helemaal af. Ik ga nog eens even kijken want ik heb nog niet alles goed gezien. Ik wens je een fijne week.
    Liefs van Riet

  19. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat zullen jullie het heerlijk gehad hebben. Het ziet er allemaal even vrolijk en feestelijk uit. Prachtige foto's en dat serviesgoed... ik zie in die winkel op de plank ook een blauw met witte theepot staan, met een blauwe roos... o die vind ik super mooi... En die bloemenset, naast het Cinderella boekje heb je dus gekocht... ook prachtig. Heel fijn om te lezen en te zien dat je het zo leuk hebt gehad... Ik ben er blij om...
    Ik wens je een heel fijne avond,

  20. Echt helemaal jou ding dat vintage winkeltje ...wat een mooiefoto's weer....fijne week liefs Ria...x....!

  21. Really many many years ago I spent my summer vacation in Brighton together with my girlfriend in a language school. It was a very nice time there. Watching your photos reminded me of this time - I would really love to go there again. You bought very pretty china and what a pity about the blue dress :).
    Have a wonderful week, Madelief!

  22. Gorgeous pictures of Brighton, Madelief! You have captured the atmosphere so well, and I love all the colourful vibrant subjects you chose to photograph. Love the pretty china....and I see what you mean about the blue dress and sweet embroidery.......it would have suited you! I hope you have a happy week ahead.
    Helen xox

  23. Madelief, thank you for these grand photographs that brought me lots of fine memories of my own trip to Brighton ages ago. I love the style of the painting on the carnival signs. The lettering is part of the festive atmosphere.

    Yes, the Lanes have lots of treasures. I also remember being astonished that I could actually have my afternoon tea inside the Royal Pavillion.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what porcelain you brought home with you. I can see why that pretty dress appealed to you, too. xo

  24. Brigthon had ik niet op mijn lijstje gezet van te bezoeken plaatsen, maar misschien toch alsnog toevoegen. Jij hebt het prachtig weten te fotograferen. En die leuke winkeltjes, ik begin alvast te sparen. Lieve groet,

  25. Thank you for the tour around Brighten It looks like am amazing place. so glad you enjoyed it.....xx

  26. oh what a lovely place! it sounds like you had a brilliant time madelief, are those your girls with you? and did you buy the teacups? :) beautiful photos, thank you for sharing! xox

  27. So fun! Bright and colorful, with lovely blue water and pretty shops and gardens. I especially love the bunting over the alleys and the turrets at the gardens. This looks like a wonderful place to visit. How pretty are those balconies? Hope your stay was fun and relaxing. I can see why you regret not buying the blue dress. It would have been perfect on you. I always have something I regret not buying, but that is part of the fun, too. Hugs xo Karen

  28. These just scream summer. Fantastic, no much more charming and less honkey tonk then I imagined.

    You take the best pictures.

    xo J

  29. So many lovely pictures you give us, Madelief. Isn't Brighton fun and gorgeous? You really do it justice with your photos and bring back memories of our visit in 2004. The Lanes, the Pier, and the fantastical Pavilion: great fun.

  30. Dearest Madelief,
    Oh, Brighton sure looks lovely! Husband Pieter used to visit there rather frequently when he visited mushroom growers in the UK in the time he ran the practical training college for mushroom growing in The Netherlands.
    So glad you enjoyed it and yes, strolling through such vintage shops is fun.

  31. Super mooie post Madelief, mooie kleurig geheel. Wauw. Knap dat je dat er altijd uit weet te halen, jouw sfeertje. Erg mooi.



  32. These photos conjure up so well the idea of a typical English seaside holiday place - window gazing in The Lanes is always fascinating.

  33. Wat een prachtige zonnige foto`s, heerlijk kleurgebruik. Ik word er vrolijk van, en had eigenlijk niet verwacht dat het zo kleurrijk was.

  34. Beautiful photographs (as always) full of life and colour. A joy to behold. Thanks for the loveliness. Imogen x

  35. What a wonderful holiday you must have had. Look at all of the color. I as so glad that you shared with us.

  36. Wij hebben ooit fish and chips gegeten op het strand van Brighton en een bliksembezoek gebracht aan de pier, als tussenstop onderweg naar de boot na een heerlijke vakantie in zuid Engeland. Nu zie ik pas hoe mooi en kleurrijk het er is, prachtig gedaan!!!

  37. Oh fun! I was in Brighton two weeks ago :) it was the fist time I came here. I will post pictures about it soon!

  38. What gorgeous bright and colourful photos! I have never been to Brighton but I really want to go now.
    Marianne x

  39. I was admiring the dress next to the blue dress.
    Your photos are so wonderful, now I want to visit there.

  40. Dear Madelief,

    Loved seeing your wonderful photos of the Brighton pier and the seaside.
    Also must have been great strolling around the vintage shops - love the porcelain and the lovely clothes and goodies.
    Enjoy the week

  41. Dear Madelief,

    I am so happy that you enjoyed your holiday in our little corner of the Kent countryside! Hastings old town is wonderful isn't it? Did you have time to explore St. Leonards which is further along the seafront? If not, do go there next time you are over here…..it too, is a treasure trove of interior and antique shops and fun, quirky cafes and restaurants. 'The Lanes' in Brighton are fabulous too and very tempting! So pleased you and your girls had a good time…..and that you found room in the car to bring back some treasures! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

    Sophia xx

  42. Dear Madelief, your photos are always so bright and enticing I just want to get on a train to visit Brighton again! They seem to have so many vintage shops which I have yet to explore...very pleased you managed to bring some treasures back home with you. Wishing you a lovely week...here it is much cooler and dare I say it...a nip in the air in the mornings! Sharon x

  43. Hi Madelief,
    Well, I love Brighton. My sister lives in Horsham which is not far from Brighton so, I know it quite well. Whenever we go, I can never get over how amazing the Brighton Pavilion is.
    ….. and, your photographs are wonderful ….. they really sum up a traditional British seaside town.
    …. and The Lanes have such individual shops and, all of the best high street shops are there as well. Also, wonderful restaurants too.
    Hope that your week is going well Madelief and the sun has been shining for you. XXXX

  44. I thought that looked like Brighton. I haven't been for years, but I remember it being lovely...and all that vintage gorgeousness.

  45. Dear Madelief,
    oh, it really looks like a vintage heaven. The pavilion is so lovely and the weather was perfect, looks like you had great a holidays with your family. Bine XXX

  46. Was für ein wundervoller Ort, liebe Madelief, so schön, das alles mit deinen Augen zu sehen! Du hast eine ganz besondere Art diesen Zauber und die Farbenpracht sichtbar zu machen. Ich liebe diese Reisen, auf die wir dich begleiten dürfen. Und ganz lieben Dank, für deine lieben Zeilen, sie sind so eine große Freude für mich! Ein wunderschönes Wochenende und ganz liebe Sommergrüße (heute schien hier wenigstens ab und zu die Sonne),

    bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  47. I love Brighton. I spent some days there a few years ago... Thanks for taking us with you!

  48. Brighton looks like a place I would LOVE to visit! Many beautiful shops too...
    Thank´s for taking us with you on your lovely trips Madelief!
    Take care,

  49. Ooh it looks so fabulous! I have a friend who lives in Brighton Madelief ... I really need to visit! xxx

  50. Brighton on a sunny day, what could be better? Fabulous photos, Madelief. Full of sunshine and all the colors of the rainbow, that's what summer is all about. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers from DC, Loi

  51. As always, such stunning photos. There is something quite magical about funfairs and seaside's isn't there :) Glad you had a lovely time x x x


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