zondag 3 augustus 2014

A feast for the senses

We had glorious weather in Rotterdam this weekend. They said it was going to rain, but it stayed dry all day. I managed to do a lot of work in the garden. In between I did some vintage shopping.

The garden is a riot of colour. Lots of pinks, purples, oranges and reds. The Dahlia's and Sweet peas are in flower and there is an abundance of fruit and vegetables, that are ripe for the picking. The smell is heavenly. The fallen plums give the back garden a sweet scent, whereas the sweet peas at the front almost intoxicate me while  sitting in my chair on the veranda. Several of the roses bloom for a second time, like the Rhapsody in blue, Tom Tom and Coral Dawn. I pick bunch after bunch, to take home with me or give to loved ones.

In between today's flowers and fruit, some vintage finds from English and Dutch thrift and Junk stores and the Rotterdam flea market.

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments on last weeks post. Glad you liked it! Hope you all had a pleasant weekend too?

Wishing you a happy week ahead!


Madelief x

* Do you have a Parakeet problem in your garden as well? These cheeky birds eat the ripe fruit on my trees and throw it on the ground when they have only taken one bite. Such a shame.... No home made plum chutney this year....

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  1. You have so much beauty and magic growing in your garden Madelief. Your wonderfully happy photos are lighting up my screen.
    We too have those pesky parakeets. Luckily, they seem to leave us alone but my neighbours have many fruit trees which they vandalise throughout the summer making an incredible mess and an awful noise in the process.
    Hope you had lots of fun this weekend. Paul.:)

  2. Wat een bloemenpracht... Al die kleuren, wauw!
    Geniet ervan!

  3. Ah! Such beautiful and colorful offerings today, Dear Madelief! The flowers are just glorious and your vintage 'finds' are wonderful! I can imagine being there with you in your lovely garden, tasting the plums and gathering blooms. Too bad about the parakeets - maybe you could try 'bird tape', although it looks strange, it does work! Wishing you many lovely hours in your pretty garden. Hugs xo Karen

  4. Gorgeous flowers. If I had a garden, I would definitely have Sweet Peas!

  5. Wat een leuke kleurtjes toch elke keer weer...zo leuk.....geniet maar lekker van deze mooie zomer lieve Madelief....liefs van mij....x!

  6. wow erg mooie die kleuren van de bloemen super lekker vrolijk !

  7. Such beautiful colour! In my next garden I vow to plant sweet peas - there is nothing quite like them!

  8. Heerlijk dat je elke keer weer een bos bloemen uit eigen tuin kunt plukken! Ik heb er helemaal beelden bij hoe de tuin er bij staat...dat is dus echt genieten.

    Dat laatste doen wij ook maar dan van onze vakantie. Het is warm maar het is te doen...al lopen we regelmatig wat oververhit door de straten, we vinden het een heerlijke stad.

    El amor de nuestra parte de Barcelona!!!

    xxx Ingrid

  9. Heerlijk genieten van de zomer Madelief! Groetjes,

  10. De kleuren van de bloemen em het servies, zo mooooi!!! Liefs, Claire

  11. Hasn't sweet pea the most amazing scent!
    So much beautiful colour in your garden Madelief. :)
    V x

  12. Dearest Madelief,
    Your garden blooms are really colorful; your selection by choice of course but so lovely!
    Those parekeets must have been turned loose by their owners is it not? They never have been native birds as far as I know... What a waste of fruits and it sure hurts to see your entire yield end up like that without any harvest for personal use.
    Glad the weather was lovely. We have had some very dark and dreary days with rain too; hoping for sunshine so we can lounge on the balcony!

  13. Your garden looks so lovely. Here in southern California it's difficult to keep the garden flowers blooming, because it get so hot.

  14. The roses looks so lovely Madelief. The flowers look colourful. You must be enjoying your garden so much.

  15. No parakeets here. I remember how prevalent they were when we visited Amsterdam a few years ago.
    We have squirrels and just regular birds that are eying our figs and plums. I am watching closely.
    Love, love sweet peas, but none in my garden. I can almost imagine the scent. What a gorgeous gold trimmed teacup.

  16. The only parakeets here are pets in cages. Your garden rages in color and you photograph it so beautifully. Love the feet shots. I must plant sweet peas next year. Forgot them this year.

  17. Oh, I adore sweet peas so much, and these are heavenly. We can't grow them here, the climate is too hot and harsh. Beautiful photos, and how well the flowers blend with your pretty china. Thank you!

  18. Hello again!
    Wat n bloemenpracht Madelief!
    En wat fijn dat je zo'n leuk weekend
    hebt gehad in Rotterdam!
    Fijne week!

  19. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat een heerlijke foto's toch weer van allemaal fantastische bloemen... Dit is genieten zeg! Dat lijkt me zo fijn om zulke mooie bossen te knippen in je eigen tuin... En wat doet jouw lathyrus het mooi! Hier bloeit die ook goed, maar dit jaar alleen maar heel bleke pastelkleurtjes... Van zaad van de bloemen van vorig jaar...die wel veel meer kleur hadden. Maar toch zijn deze ook heel leuk hoor... Elke dag een klein boske plukken..
    En je serviesgoed is ook super mooi zeg, je hebt er wel een neus voor om zulke mooie stukken te vinden.
    Ik wens je een heerlijke nieuwe week,
    Lieve groet,

  20. The colours are simply amazing, dear Madelief!..

  21. Sweet pea flowers are such a joy to have in the garden - not only for their zingy colours but also their scent which is so fresh and intoxicating on a warm summer evening. Naughty Parakeets spoiling your fruit, you will have to be quick and get in there before them - no Parakeets in our area.

  22. Ja, die parkieten is wat, ze vliegen hier ook rond en het worden er steeds meer. Als ik je foto's zie moet ik gewoon zuchten, wat een kleur en een fleur, ik ben nog niemand tegengekomen die dit zo mooi kan laten zien.

  23. My absolute favourites. Beautiful bouquets.

    Nina x

  24. O, wat een schitterende bloemenweelde, Madelief! En wat hebben we een prachtige zomer te pakken hé, des te meer is het genieten van alle kleuren en geuren in je tuin! Dat je oogst stuk is gemaakt is minder! Wat ontzettend jammer...parkieten schijnen ook steeds meer in stadsparken te leven. Alhoewel de vogel niet zal misttaan tussen het bonte geheel, zie jij ze natuurlijk liever gaan. Wel geweldig als je zulke bossen bloemen uit je tuin kan knippen, wat zal dat er allemaal gezellig bij staan!

    Het mooie weer is nog steeds niet op...dus geniet er nog lekker van!

    Ik heb genoten van je mooie post en ik wens je een mooie zonnige week!

    Liefs Helena

  25. Good morning beautiful Madelief! Again, a most glorious mix of colors that command attention! And though we don't have parakeets in our gardens, we do have other little creatures that eat their share of our property, but not in summer. In the winter, the rabbits eat the wood off of our trees and shrubs! It was so bad this past winter that they caused abundant damage and weakened the growth of some of my prized boxwood.

    YOU ARE SPLENDID! Love to you, Anita

  26. What a splash of COLOUR,Madelief!!!

    Hoeveel mooi en zo bijzonder gezellige foto´s van jou en jou tuin vandaan...................:)*
    Het is echt glorious weer in Nederland en de natuur is in een hoogste en stralendste wijze hier!!!
    Fantatsische foto's,liefe Madelief!

    Bedankt voor deze prachtige post:)))*
    Liefs en groetjes,

  27. A wonderful feast for the senses indeed! Thank you! No problem with parakeets here, just pigeons and squirrels!! xx

  28. Beautiful images as always Madelief. I can never get sick of flowers, surrounded by them makes me so very happy. You are right about those parakeets, boy they wasted a lot of those juicy plums. Nast little things. Can't wait to see more of your market finds. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  29. Ik zie dat mijn reakties steeds ergens verdwijnen......
    krijg je ze wel ergens anders binnen dan op je blog???????
    Ik hoor het graag even, anders is er hier iets mis in de communicatie.
    weer....liefs van mij

  30. Deze dus wel????????????????????????????????
    ik snap niet :)
    weer..........liefs van mij

  31. Nu ga ik proberen mijn eerste nogmaals te vertellen aan jou....
    Even weer een kleine pauze hier, tussen de bouwvak-aktiviteiten door!
    Lieve Madelief, wat word ik toch blij van jou blogposten!
    Al die kleuren, bloemen en kopjes en bordjes......
    Het is als een kleine vakantie met mooi weer en niet te warm.....
    PERFEKT dus!
    Dankje <3
    liefs van mij

  32. Oh Madelief your garden must look exquisite with all that colour! Such a pity about the plums, the naughty birds...fortunately or perhaps unfortunately I do not have that problem! Lovely photos as usual! Have a lovely week! Sharon x

  33. wat een prachtige foto's maak je toch.
    Ik wil nog steeds een keertje langs fietsen daar! ziet er geweldig uit!

  34. So much gorgeous floral colour in this post.

    I didn't comment there but I did enjoy your last post about Hastings. Glad to hear that you had a good holiday :)

  35. All so glorious in your garden! Your flowers are just heavenly! Looking forward to reading the Hastings post next whilst catching up with you Madelief!
    Gill xx

  36. Madelief,


    Mijn handen werden bloemen
    toen ik je vond 
    Ze sierden je bleke haar
    de bloedrode papavers...

    In gedachten wandel ik door je tovertuin
    waar vogels geuren als albasten rozen
    rozen zweven als argeloze vogels...

    Ik wens je mooie dagen in je zomerland...


    1. Prachtig! Dank je wel voor je bloemrijke woorden Troebadoer.

  37. Madelief, your garden's flowers have such dazzling colors, and clearly are the sorts of flowers that inspired china tea cup painters. The rosy, pink, orange, ruby, magenta combination of colors is one of my favorites...its very saturated and high energy...yet so wonderfully pleasing to the eye. Maybe its the accompanying greenery that makes the mix even better...and the white of the china diffuses the drama just a bit?

    I just love the combinations either on their stems or as portrayed by artists in many media.

    Thank you for bring such summer beauty to us. (Your diligent garden efforts really do have fabulous results.)


  38. You do have lots of beautiful color in your garden and the fragrance would be lovely as well.

    We could really use some rain here but it looks like it is on the way in a couple of days.Hoping for a sunny day for my tea in the garden party though.

  39. Hello Madelief, it is indeed a feast for the eyes, and together with the scent it must be totally intoxicating as you say. I love your little teacup with the pretty handpainted flowers and gold spots, so sweet. Shame about your plums! My sister has a plum tree in her garden and 2 years ago she made plum gin, it was heavenly! I am hoping for some more this Christmas as last year she didn't get many plums.
    So glad you are enjoying your garden, and that you are kind enough to share it with us. Lots of love to you, Linda xx

  40. My sweet Madelief, thank you for coming to visit and I'm so happy you like my photos! I particularly like the one of the blue hydrangeas and of the aqua blue shop window and door! I'm finally learning how to capture the light and look I want. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Oh those colours makes me happy! Just beautiful...
    I aways gets so much inspiration and happiness on your blog Madeliefje!
    Love, Titti

  42. Good morning Madelief
    Thank you for your comment on my Rijksmuseum post. We are having a wonderful time visiting The Netherlands and feel like we are living in a dream.... it is so beautiful!
    I am so glad you had a great vacation in the UK with your girls... we have not been in England for 16 yrs so I think it is time to go back.
    We are heading to Brugge Belgium and Paris in the coming weeks so very excited to explore those areas as well. Have a wonderful rest of the week... the weather has been glorious since we arrived July 14th.

  43. Oh wow wat een bloemen en kleuren inspiratie!

  44. Your garden is certainly a riot of colour again with photos to compete with your amazing Hastings trip photos, we will have these to look at when the weather changes, thank you, hope you have a restful weekend. xx

  45. Hoi dearest Madelief!
    I finally managed it to visit your wonderful England-post - wow, it must have been a great feeling to be on this enchanted places!!! my friend Anita was in Hastings, too some years ago and she also loved it very much!

    And your garden is still full of pretty colorful flowers! (Our garden doesn't look wery healthy at the moment because it was too hot and we didn't have enough time for it...) But it's not nice of the birds to destroy your plums! (I didn't know that you have free flying Parakeets in the Netherlands... Naughty birds!)

    Hope you are feeling well, my dear!
    Warm hugs, Traude

  46. O o o wat is dat weer allemaal MOOI!!!!! Prachtig!

  47. I can smell this post from here - delicious.
    Sorry about the parakeets - its not a problem I'm familiar with.
    Your garden still looks wonderful.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  48. Wat is het toch genieten van de fotos van je tuin, de boeketten en servies...zo kleurrijk! En je vakantiefotos zijn ook al zo mooi. Het blijft genieten op je blog:) tot volgende week, zo gezellig!


Thank you for your lovely words.