vrijdag 2 mei 2014

Teeny weeny flowers

Teeny weeny flowers pop up everywhere! Bluebells, sweet woodruff, forget-me-nots, Geraniums, Jacob's ladder and many more. In between this floral prettiness, we celebrated a birthday party. Right until the end it was uncertain if the weather would hold. We had a hazy start, but while we were eating cakes and sipping tea, the sun came out. I am sure we must have had a bit of help from above. It was difficult, but lovely as well, to celebrate in the garden.

A special thank you to my sister in law Anne and to my friend Ilse, who helped me bake. A big hug to my brother, who took lots of old scaffolding boards with him. They will be used to repair the raised beds in the cutting garden. Thank you to Theo too, for fastening the roof of the garden house, so that it will not fly away with the next storm.

Thank you too, for having a look at my blog now an then and leave comments. They always make me smile :-)

If you live in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague, Elburg, Groningen, Leeuwarden or Tilburg, it may be interesting to visit one of the Open Jewish Houses this weekend. The houses belonged to Jewish inhabitants, who were deported during the second world war. Survivors, children, neighbours, historians, will tell about their family, friends and some well known people, who once lived in one of these houses. I think it's a beautiful way to commemorate those who lost their lives. I will be working as a volunteer in Rotterdam, so perhaps we will meet! Please have a look at the website of  Open Joodse Huizen, if you would like to know more.

A Happy weekend!


Madelief x

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  1. What a beautiful table setting. The teeny weeny flowers are a joy.
    Hope you all had a wonderful party and have a lovely weekend,
    Liz x

  2. It's always a pleasure for me to see your beautiful table settings. Everything is nice: tableware, flowers, colors!
    I use the same "tablecloth" as you ;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Piękne zdjęcia, cudowne kwiaty:) pozdrawiam

  4. Very beautiful table set up for the party.What a lovely idea to only include small flowers-enchanting :)

  5. Wat ziet het er geweldig uit, Madelief...de tafels zijn zo mooi en sfeervol gedekt en de tuin ziet er zo fleurig uit. Maar goed, zo'n verjaardag verdient ook wel zo'n feestje. Ik heb die middag een paar keer op buien-radar gekeken en gelukkig zag ik ook tot mijn opluchting dat jullie het droog zouden houden. Het heeft zo moeten zijn.

    Ik wens je een fijn weekend, ook als vrijwilliger bij de Open Joodse Huizen.

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  6. Wauw, wat ziet het er allemaal feestelijk, fleurig, kleurrijk én heerlijk uit! Geweldig weer met al dat mooie servies en de bloemen in allerlei kleuren. Hopelijk was het een gezellig feestje. Fijn weekend!!

    x Margriet

  7. Happy Birthday! What a spectacular atmosphere; stunning table-setting, beautiful china, flowers, food, garden, people... I want to step right into these photos!!!

  8. Madelief, je post ziet er weer geweldig uit, zo mooi, zo inspirerend en zo "Madelief". Echt...genieten....!!!



    p.s. Wat een geweldig initiatief, open joodse tuinen.

  9. Hi Madelief, I'm glad that the weather held out for your party and even gave you some sunshine. Your table setting and garden look absolutely beautiful and it's always such a joy to visit you here at your blog; it's truly lifted my spirits this evening. Have a good time volunteering in Rotterdam.
    Jane x

  10. Oh what a lovely party! The colours makes me happy...I guess you had a great time!

  11. Wat een beeldschoon tafereel Madelief. Prachtige tafel, prachtige spullen en bloemen, wat fijn dat het weer goed was.
    Fijn weekend!
    :ieve groet van Riet

  12. Such a beautiful post featuring those teeny but bright and colourful flowers! And combined with your pretty china, your birthday party table looks enchanting! I am so glad the sun came out for you :)
    (And you are right, we do have a lot of the same flowers in our gardens!)
    Wishing you a happy weekend, dear Madelief!
    Helen xox

  13. Het sloven is niet voor niets geweest! Alles ziet er zo verzorgd uit en de taartjes lijken me heerlijk. Succes met je joodse huizen project dit weekeind.


  14. Lieve Madelief, wat ben je daar toch goed in, sfeer scheppen!
    Je tuin is al geweldig mooi en dan zo'n geweldige tuintafel vol gezelligheid voor een verjaardag!
    En je foto's zo mooi!
    Ik wens je een heel goed weekend, in alle opzichten!

    Liefs, Gerry

  15. A beautiful celebration and so glad for you and your family and friends the sun made an appearance.
    I did go to the website and was so interested. When I first worked as a teenager, one of my coworkers was from around Holland; a cheese farm. Her father and mother/brothers had left for the day to the cheese market and the Nazis came to the house to look for an escaped Jewish neighbor. The neighbor was hiding in their barn.
    My friend and her sister covered up and they never went to look in the barn, and later the neighbors were helped by the father to a boat and safety. I have always associated the Dutch with this story and its bravery and determination to do the right thing.

  16. Dear Madelief

    You certainly know how to host a party and as we say you pulled out all the stops. Your guests are all beautiful and look like they are having a wonderful time. So happy to hear the weather co-operated.
    Wishing you a joyful weekend as you meet new friends as you volunteer for a great cause


  17. I's so pleased that it stayed dry and the sun made an appearance at your birthday party. It all loves so pretty and the spring flowers are so lovely. Our woodruff hasn't started flowering yet. I hope there are many visitors to the Jewish houses this weekend what a wonderful way to remember them.
    Sarah x

  18. Ohhh wat een prachtige foto's weer Madelief!De kleur spat er vanaf en wie wil er nou niet aan zo'n prachtig gedekte tafel plaats nemen?!?!?Like in a fairytale....


  19. Happy Birthday, what a great party, such beautiful tables! Glad that you had such a good time. The Jewish open houses sounds very interesting and is as you say a very good way to share and remember. xx

  20. What a perfect venue for a birthday party - it must have been a memorable time for all with the beautifully decorated tables of flowers, the pretty china and your delicious looking cakes.

  21. I really love your pictures of the allotment garden, and when you celebrate there or have tea parties, it's such a glamour for my eyes :)!!! I would like to come and sit there, sipping tea from your nice china and enjoys the various flowers in your garden. Although I have an own garden, it's so nice to see the photos of your allotment garden! I admire your engagement in the "Open Jewish Houses". This sounds very intteresting and it is a pity that I live too far away from it!
    Have a good time,

  22. That´s so beautyfull! I love your photos.
    Kind regards

  23. Wat ziet het er mooooiiiii uit Madelief!! Wat weet jij een prachtige sfeer neer te zetten, wat een mooie spulletjes en setting. Ik heb een paar keer van boven naar onder gescrolled om je foto's te bekijken. Fijn dat het op het juiste moment droog bleef, dat zal vast van bovenaf geregeld zijn :-). En wat goed van je dat je het merk van mijn wijnglazen herkende! Dat bewijst maar weer eens je oog voor detail. Liefs Pascale

  24. Een genot om naar te kijken, zo'n feestelijk gedekte tafel en al die bloemetjes op tafel, je hebt werkelijk een meesterlijk gevoel voor decoratie.

  25. Wowwww madelief wat ziet alles er geweldig uit !!!.....echt zo gaaf..een echt geniet moment.....liefs Ria ...x!

  26. Oh dear Madelief
    "Tea in your Garden" how lovely - I can't think of a nicer way to celebrate a birthday!
    You are an artist weaving your flower displays, the pretty cups and delicious cakes taking centre stage!
    I wish I was in Rotterdam this weekend. I am very interested in war history and the plight of the Jewish people. We must never forget those horrific injustices.
    Thank you for doing your bit Madelief - it will be sad hearing the stories, but people need reminding year after year so that it won't happen again.
    Shane xox

  27. Allereerst, van harte gefeliciteerd voor de jarige...Jeetje Madelief, wat heb je er een werk van gemaakt, prachtig, prachtig! Ja, en met zo'n grandioos resultaat zal er vast van boven geregeld zijn dat je in het zonnetje kwam te zitten. Kan me voorstellen dat het moeilijk voor je (jullie) was, maar toch in gedachten heel dichtbij, mixed emotions.

    Fijn dat er zulke lieve mensen in je omgeving zijn die je met het één en ander helpen, hoe je je daar geen zorgen meer over te maken. En de tip die je meegeeft, daar ga ik me even in verdiepen, dankjewel...helaas zal het geen Rotterdam worden.

    Wens je een plezierig weekend!
    Liefs Helena X

  28. Madelief wat een droomtuin
    Heel fijn dat alles goed is gegaan .
    Mooi weekend gewenst

  29. Your garden and table are stunning!!! A happy weekend to you…
    Ciao bella,

  30. I'd say that you outdid yourself. The birthday part looks so lovey.

  31. Your table looks lovely and the flowers all in blues and pinks go so well with your beautiful china.

  32. Dear Madelief, you have lifted my heart today with these beautiful photos of your party, garden and flowers. The colours are just beautiful. Thank you! Sending love and smiles, Em x

  33. Dearest Madelief - so sweet, this Teeny weeny flowers! The mix looks phantastic ans I'm sure it was a great joy for all of your guests / family members to share this party with you. Happy birthday to the birthday-child!!! Warm hugs, my dear, Traude

  34. Oh Madelief, this post is swoon worthy!
    I just love your garden and then when you
    have tea and celebrations in the garden it
    is just gorgeous. The colors just dance before
    my eyes.
    Thank you also for visiting me today. I just love
    when you visit. xoxo Marilyn

  35. Madelief, those flowers mentioned in your title might be tiny, but your photographs show me that your garden tea party was a grand occasion. How wonderful that the weather smiled on the day!

    Best wishes to you and all those involved in this weekend's Open Houses. If I did live closer to Rotterdam, or even found myself traveling on your side of the Atlantic, I would definitely want to visit the house that you will be hosting.

    I hope that you might take some photographs, or perhaps just write us a post about this. xo

  36. What a beautiful post Madelief, your garden is looking amazing! :)
    How wonderful it would be to sit down at that gorgeous table!!!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    V xxx

  37. I couldn't imagine a better place to celebrate a birthday - how inspiring- so beautiful. My mom grew up in occupied Denmark and the family took care of lots of their jewish friends and their belongings until they returned home. It's a wonderful thing to commemorate so that it never happens again.

    I am hoping to have some time in the garden this weekend ---in the sun (I hope the weather forecast which is for rain is wrong!)

    Happy weekend,


  38. Dear Madelief, Your blog is one of the most beautifully sweet and refreshing places to visit.
    I admire your courage, the beauty of your garden and your creative talents.
    Thank you for the lovely, lovely pictures, the tea party looks wonderful!
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Wendy Paula

  39. Hi Madelief,
    I am awe struck at how beautiful this post is!!!! I love it all ~ had to do some pinning.

    My mother lived in Groningen and she said when the war was over a young man that was hidden in the house next door came out onto the street to celebrate with them and they were all so surprised.

    Have a good weekend!

  40. such a wonderful table setting!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  41. Tilburg? Really? That's a piece of the past Madelief! Thank you for sharing about the Open Jewish Homes program, a little window on one part of history I pray we never have to see reenacted again!
    You look lovely in your garden and everything looks so...inviting!

  42. Dearest Madelief,
    Can't belief how green and how colorful the garden looks.
    Beautiful setting with lovely little vases filled with tiny nosegays from your garden.
    What a joy to see the same teapot my Mom had, in one of your first pictures!
    Hope the fabulous initiative for Open Jewish Homes will be a success.
    Happy weekend to you and hugs,

  43. Wat een geweldige sfeer zet je neer met de tafel met bloemen en servies ballonnen! Fijn dat het weer mee heeft gewerkt zou zonde geweest zijn van al je werk...
    groetjes van Marijke

  44. how i would love to attend, what a wonderful thing you are doing madelief. and how beautiful your tiny flowers and photos are! that table! what a joyus occasion, it looks like a wonderful time was had by all.
    happy weekend dear madelief!
    xox lori

  45. Oh Madelief, wat ziet dat er allemaal weer prachtig uit! Wat heerlijk dat je je verjaardagsfeestje op zo'n heerlijke plek kon vieren. En het weer werkte nog goed mee ook! Fantastisch. Je hebt alles weer zo geweldig mooi versierd en de lekkerste dingen op tafel gezet. En dan al die vaasjes met bloemen, het kan bijna niet mooier denk ik...
    Super allemaal weer..
    Ik wens je een heel mooi zonnig weekend, succes met je werk als vrijwilliger...
    Mijn weekend zit vol met het jaarlijkse Bloemencorso vanmiddag en de verjaardagen van mijn zus en mijn nichtje morgen, maar met dit mooie weer zal alles heerlijk worden... de zon schijnt weer... super!
    Lieve groet,

  46. Gelukwensen voor de jarige! En gelukwensen voor al dat moois, tafeldecoratie, de bloemen, de kleuren en de prachtige foto's.
    Nog een fijn weekend, groetjes,

  47. I always find Spring so amazing Madelief! One minute I look out of my window and am faced with bare, grim earth and the next the garden is abounding with lush prettiness ...

    Your garden party looks just my cup of tea, my lovely, and glad you had a lovely time (I@ve got my eye on those cupcakes!)

    Have a wonderful weekend, it's a long one here, with a Bank Holiday on Monday, so I shall be spending lot of time in the garden too.

    Love Claire xxx

  48. Ich bin geplättet, so schön ist das!!!!

  49. Wat een heerlijke post weer! Ik word er helemaal vrolijk van, en dan moet de dag nog beginnen. Zo feestelijk, wat weet je er elke keer weer iets moois van te maken! Een fijn weekend,
    lieve groet, Renny

  50. Wat ziet dat er super super super uit! XX Esther

  51. Wat een heerlijke tafel heb je gemaakt zeg! Echt het genieten spat er van af!!
    lieve groetjes

  52. Spring is such an amazing time of the year and mainly for the pretty delicate flowers. We have forget-me-nots in the garden and bluebells in the wood next to the house. Your garden party is delightful in every way. Gorgeous vintage china and cute cakes. I'm glad the weather was good. That's always a worry when we organise an outdoor party here in England!

  53. PS I shall pop over to the website as I'm interested in finding out about the open houses.

  54. Die bloemetjes op tafel zien er prachtig uit! Wat een mooie mix van kleuren, heel inspirerend!

  55. I'm so glad the weather held for your Birthday garden tea party! It all looked beautiful, the vintage china and the simple posies of bright spring flowers, and of course the yummy cakes! It must have given your guests so much pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing Madelief and have a good weekend!
    Gill xx

  56. Darling Madelief,

    How pretty all of this looks. What a very jolly setting for a birthday party. You clearly worked hard to create a special atmosphere and we are certain that your guests felt very treasured indeed to be part of such a happy occasion.

    The china, bunting, balloons, tablecloths and flatware all mix and match wonderfully well together. Every detail is perfectly chosen with love and care. This shows through.

    And, the cakes and scones look totally delicious. Far better we have to say than the Four Seasons Hotel scones which we sampled last week in Budapest. They looked and tasted somewhat strange whereas yours look the perfect texture and must have tasted wonderful with jam and cream. Yummmmm.

    We cannot wait........not long now......until we can look and spend time in your lovely garden with you. Such a good idea when one does not have too many flowers early in the season to put them in several small containers. Your Spring posies look delightful. The garden is really gathering steam now so we are looking forward to sharing its delights with you and the girls. Lucky, lucky us!!!

    Wishing you a happy weekend. Such a good cause to be volunteering for. We trust that it will go well. All love, J and L xxx

  57. Wat een feestelijke en vrolijke tafel Madelief, de zon erbij maakte het helemaal mooi natuurlijk.
    Zoveel mensen en zoveel bloemen....dat moet een warm gevoel zijn.
    Ik wens je een mooi weekend!

    Lieve groet, Eefie

  58. My beloved friend! I am so late for this tea party, but I've been fluttering about as a butterfly in YOUR garden, enjoying the teeny-weeny flowers!

    OH MADELIEF, what a glorious DAY! Look at that table, and the flowers surrounding you all, they are just stunning! The cakes, the tea, the company, YOU have inspired me to have a tea party this summer. Our spring is starting to develop, but it is so slow. I still am not feeling well, so to go out and start cleaning is going to be quite a challenge for me.. Thank you for this glorious post and for coming to visit me. How I wish I could be in the Netherlands for not only does it seem so beautiful, many of my dear blogging friends are there. How I'd love to say, "HALLO" to you one day. Love, Anita

  59. Un simple regard posé sur une fleur et voilà une journée remplie de bonheur.
    une table très chaleureuse et pleine de charme avec tous ces petits bouquets
    très champêtre ♥♥♥
    bon anniversaire
    edith (iris) France

  60. Van Harte Gefeliciteerd! Ik weet niet wie er jarig was, maar ik was er zooo graag even bij. Wat een sprookjessfeer, zo prachtig al die bloemen en dat mooie servies. En scones en ongetwijfeld heel veel taart. Ik wens jullie een heel fijn weekend en sterkte morgen,
    Liefs, Kyra

  61. Dear Madelief,
    It´s always a joy to see photos from your garden. You have so many teeny weeny flowers, I love them! I envy you for the bluebells, I would love to have some, but I think we don´t have the proper soil for them. The tables are so beautifully decorated, what a wonderful birthday party, and you look wonderful in your red/black outfit!
    It´s really a shame that I don´t live closer to you, I´d love to stroll through your garden and discover all those little treasures in your flower beds.

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  62. Wat een prachtige hightea hebben jullie gehad, je tafel en de bloemen zien er fantstisch uit. Een bijzondere dag, dat kan ik geloven. Ik had gelezen over de joodse huizen, wat bijzonder dat je er aan mee werkt. Misschien dat ik een huis bezoek, al zal het denk ik erg druk zijn. Lieve groetjes

  63. What a lovely celebration! So glad the weather held for you! I'm inspired every time I stop by to admire your garden . . . you are very gifted!

  64. There couldn't be a prettier setting for a birthday party - how wonderful that the weather held for you.
    I wish I could visit the open houses this weekend. What a great project!

  65. Hy Madelief. Love your beautiful garden and flowers. Wonderful place to celebrate life. Hugs. Evelyne.

  66. prachtig je tuin alles staat nu in volle bloei mooie theetafel mijn nicht is met een joodse man getrouwd en ze wonen in engeland in london dus ik weet beetje van hun cultuur en geschiedenis achtergrond heel indrukwekkend in london heb je hele wijken per cultuur dus ook een joodse wijk erg leuk om daar kennis mee te maken groetjes leon10

  67. Dag Madelief,

    Al lang niet meer zo'n wonderbaarlijke tafelaankleding gezien. De bloemenzee is overweldigend mooi. wat een geluk dat het weer meezat.
    en ik die dacht dat op mijn feestjes altijd veel boeketten te samen staan. :)

  68. Prachtig gedekte tafels en schitterende boeketten en wat een heerlijk weer had je!
    Zo kan een feest eigenlijk al niet meer stuk.
    Wat staat er al veel in bloei in je tuin, dat wil niet nog niet zo, veel regen wind en kou hebben we hier.

    Fijn weekend en lieve groetjes, Evelyne

  69. Hi Madelief, your garden is an epitome of everything beautiful. Must take your breath away to se all the colours and blooms of different size and shapes. Not to mention the fragrance. I can only dream of such prettiness.
    It looked like a perfect day to have a party in the garden, truly a blessing from above. And how reassuring to know that we can get help from our family and friends when we need them.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  70. Such a pretty Birthday tea Madelief..made extra special with your attention to detail... and the love and kindness from your special little family
    Happy May Weekend
    Thea xx

  71. Oooo, wat gaaf! ik zou zo willen aanschuiven. Heerlijk zo'n mooie tuin. Maar je hebt ook echt talent om het gezellig te maken. Super!

  72. I adore your garden party Madelief. It is so colourful and pretty. I bet the food are delicious too.

  73. Hi my friend...you do do garden parties the best! You inspire me to get my patio looking lovely so I can have a little tea party in the forest. Thank you so much! Love to you always.

  74. What an honor and special celebration in the garden. The colors and table are just amazing.
    How I would love sitting at this table. My only curiosity is how do you carry all those dishes
    and food to the garden? That would be so much work. But on the other hand I am thrilled that
    you shared with us. It is just beautiful! I am off to bed, but I wanted that image of your beautiful
    garden and tea in my head before sleeping. Thank you so much.

  75. What a wonderful garden party set out! I just took my tqblet and showee the bf your pictures saying: if we gever get married, i want a garden party like this!
    Thanks for sharing! :)
    Take care, Anne

  76. Geweldig geweldig.....dit is toch gewoonweg al een feestje op zich om hier aan te mogen schuiven.......
    Tjee wat weet je er altijd weer wat moois van te maken........
    Word keer op keer blij om hier even op visite te komen......
    Oh en die scones.....maak me gek.....maak me gek.........

    Zoveel bloemen al bij je..........genieten, genieten.

    Fijne zondag


  77. Amazing post:):) Love your garden party Madelief! So beautiful... Have a nice weekend! Hugs, Manuela

  78. Wat is het toch een prachtige plek!! Ik word ook altijd zo blij van je foto's....
    Ik ga maar eens wat meer kleur in mijn tuin planten :)

    Fijne dag lieve Madelief!

    Groetjes, Pietrik

  79. Such a beautiful post, your lovely vintage china and glass compliment your cottage garden with pretty spring plants - your party is a joy to behold. Pat x

  80. What spring prettiness in every picture, a joy! Madelief, does the Jewish open house happen every year? I would love to visit Holland one day,and it would be really good to make it that weekend if it is an annual event. I have read the books of Corrie ten Boom and they really touched my life. x

  81. Wow! This has to be one of the prettiest posts I've ever seen. Everything looks amazing, the thought and care that you have taken is really special.

  82. Hello Madelief, I love it when it gets to this time of year and we see your beautiful garden and flowers and tea parties. It all looked so very pretty and I am sure the birthday boy or girl loved it. I hope you had lots of visitors to your Rotterdam Jewish house, it sounds like such a good idea. Sending you all my love, Linda xx

  83. Hoi,lieve Madelief!

    Oh.....hoe ontzettend mooi is alle foto's bij jou in de tuin!!!
    Bedankt voor jou altijd prachtige berichten,ik geniet er zo veeeeeeel van:)))*

    Liefs en groeten,

  84. Your garden and the flowers on the table are so inspiring, it must have been a most enjoyable day. And if I were not living on the other side of the world I would love to tour some of those houses. I now realise that all happened just a few years before I was born and I have great empathy with the victims. I have to say you also look so smart and stylish, I am inspired to smarten up my wardrobe a bit, hehe.

  85. Oh, Madelief, that is the prettiest party ever. I would love to have a book of your photographs. xo Jen

  86. What a gorgeous party! Your photographs are just beautiful, they really are.
    Marianne x

  87. Absolutely gorgeous in every way. You have such an eye and such a gift for arranging your flowers. So pretty-I wish I was there! Best, Ruthie

  88. Beautiful tables... flowers, garden and the overall atmosphere. Lucky people the invitees!


  89. Heerlijk Madelief, wat is het weer genieten bij je! Een fijne nieuwe week en een lieve groet Diana

  90. What a beautiful day you had. So glad the rain stayed away!

  91. What a beautiful table! ... and the lovely coming-together of guests. Thank you for sharing your garden and your life. I am always inspired.

  92. You have such style and grace in all that you do. Your blog brings a ray of sunshine and a splash of inspiration each time I visit. Have a wonderful day.

  93. Dear Madelief, I agree with the commentator above! What a lovely birthday celebration - every detail is so very sweet. I am so glad that you are getting some help from loved ones, too. I love your clothing style - it is always a treat to see what you are wearing. A hug xo Karen

  94. How very pretty and civilised Madelief. You really do know how to throw a super tea party. I adore the scent of Sweet woodruff, so yummy!

  95. Dear Madelief, what a feast for the senses! Small spring flowers are often the most gorgeous and your white table setting and pops of colour do them justice. Your tea parties must be legendary among your friends and family. So glad the rain stayed away.

    The Open Jewish Houses event sounds very interesting and a poignant memory of WWII. I hope your volunteering goes well this weekend.


  96. Beautiful, beautiful Madelief my friend! HALLO!

    I am so honored that you came by today to see me, to just say hello and to ask me how I am feeling! Such acts of kindness are the best gift, ever. I am well, much better. I must have had a bad inner ear infection that left me dizzy for one month and three weeks. I am so much better but still a little imbalanced! Imagine that! I have been tested for more serious conditions that could case this type of vertigo, but thankfully, I learned that all is clear. So, with that news, as soon as our rain stops, I am going out in the garden in the next weekend to start cleaning up the dead leaves and pruning the many dead branches from this wicked winter we had. Seeing your beautiful garden party set-up is making me want to simply take beautiful photos for you all.

    Much love and many thanks for such a kind gesture of friendship today! ((HUGS)) Anita

  97. Wat ziet dit er mooi en fleurig uit. Volgens mij hebben jullie kunnen genieten van een zeer gezellig én sfeervol feestje. Maar wat staat er al veel in bloei in de tuin, ook net als hier, veel in de kleur blauw/paars. Meid wat weet jij er keer op keer weer een prachtige sfeer van te maken! Echt genieten, zelfs vanaf hier, nu met de vele wind en regen buiten..
    Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend
    Vele lieve groeten

  98. Oh, phooey! I never made a comment for this post! and, now, I am thinking that my birthday wishes for you are ridiculously late!! But, Madelief! That funny thing is that, a week before, your birthday, a little thought entered my mind - wondering when your birthday was. I must have remembered (it's just unusual for me)! So, all along, I've been thinking of you with a smile but never told you so - I'm vexed with myself! :P

    So, I can still, even now, send you the very best wishes and prayers for a new beautiful, beautiful year of peace and gentle happiness to you!!

    and, as for your tea and this whole post... it's like a dream!!! A pretty, pretty dream! I can only imagine that it was a refreshing, happy and very sweet time around that table! :) (I LOVE the picture of you pouring tea!! :) )

    Love to you!! :)


  99. Oh, no.... you're not pouring tea. Oops! Yet, still - I love that picture! :) xo

  100. Hi Madelief, what a beautiful setting for a vintage tea party, your photos are always so beautiful, so inspiring, so inviting. I've been reading your new posts but I was unable to post due to not having a laptop, it was terrible not being able to comment on such lovely posts! You look lovely in red as well, I really like your style! Sharon xx

  101. What a pretty birthday tea party, so inspiring! I am falling a little bit in love with your blog!


Thank you for your lovely words.