zaterdag 23 november 2013

Rocky road

The road which the girls and I walk is still rocky, but now and then our house is filled with laughter once more. Today was one of those days! My parents and my brother and his family came to visit, which is always fun. My incredibly sweet brother helped me repair a huge leak we had from the bathroom in the living room. A big kiss and hug to him. The girls and I can take a shower once more. Hurray to that!!

Having people over to visit is always the perfect opportunity for baking something special. I decided on a walnut cake with espresso cream from the book 'Gorgeous Bakes' by Annie Bell and  Rocky road bars :-) They were both a success, with the young and the old.

You need:

300 gr white chocolate
150 gr mini marshmallows
150 gr jelly beans
100 gr vanilla biscuits (broken into pieces)

Line a 20cm square cake tin with greaseproof paper.

Melt the chocolate au bain marie. Don’t let water or steam come into contact with the chocolate as the chocolate will seize. Stir until melted.

Mix the remaining ingredients together in a separate large bowl. Pour the chocolate over and mix with a large spoon until everything is evenly coated in chocolate. Spoon into the baking tin, pressing the mixture lightly to fill any openings between the ingredients. Refrigerate for 2 hours or until set.

Lift the set mixture out of the tin by pulling on the protruding paper. Place on a chopping board and pull the paper off. Use a hot knife to cut into 5 x 5cm squares. Store in an airtight container.

Have you been baking lately?

Happy Sunday and a great week ahead!


Madelief x

* The bunting was made by Ilse from the Etsy Shop 'Eigenhandig'

* I am joining Hannapat in her weekly bake.

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  1. I love rocky road but getting vegetarian marshmallows has always been difficult but I've now found someone who sells them thankfully!
    I'm sure you have difficult times Madelief, sending you a hug!
    V xxx

  2. Dearest Madelief,
    You certainly spoiled all of your loved ones and it shows that you appreciated your brother's help a lot. It feels warm and fuzzy having relatives nearby.

  3. Ha lieve Madelief, je bent ook nog laat in blogland, net als ik. Ik was weer even terug op de cruise, even nagenieten!
    Je post ziet er weer erg mooi uit en die koekjes, dat is volgens mij gewoon misdadig lekker!
    Ik kreeg vandaag van mijn moeder zelf gebakken Meringues naar het recept van mijn Tante Anne. ZOOOOOOO LEKKER!, beetje slagroom erbij en even waan je je in sprookjesland!
    Ze zullen wel snel op zijn........ Slaap lekker en heel veel liefs van mij. Tot snel.

  4. Hoi Madelief,
    Ik kan me zo goed voorstellen dat jullie echt soms in een achtbaan van emoties zitten... Maar gelukkig kunnen jullie ook weer genieten van heerlijke dingen zoals familiebezoek... Je hebt ze heerlijk verwend met al die lekker baksels... Die witte chocolade, daar kun je me voor wakker maken, dus ik denk voor deze mengsels met bisquit en snoep erin ook wel... Ga ik vast een keer proberen, lijkt me niet al te ingewikkeld...
    En je mooie servies is ook weer even uit de kast gekomen..
    Ik wens je een heel fijne zondag,
    Lieve groet,

  5. Dear, wonderful Madelief,

    At times like these I imagine any help offered on a pratical level - I am referring to the leaky tap - is a Godsend. I am AGAIN sending you a completely unhelpful but very affectionate hug from France.

    Your sweet treat (beautiful to look at) has the same colours as the treats I've written about. Sweet coincidence!


  6. Wat een heerlijke gekleurde post.....gezellig....en lekker de koekjes.....zien er ook al zo vrolijk uit !!...fijne zondag....dikke knuffel van mij...x !

  7. Gezellig dat je familie over is gekomen, dat geeft de dag toch wat extra kleur. Dat je broer vervolgens ook de lekkage kon verhelpen, was ook nog eens prettig. Zo komen er hoop ik steeds meer lichtpuntjes die je de energie geven om verder te gaan. De lekkernijen zien er heerlijk uit, Madelief!!

    Veel liefs en voor nu welterusten! xxx Ingrid

  8. Glad to 'see' you here Madelief! Lovely colours and thank you for the recipe of the rocky road bars!
    Sendin a warm hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  9. Oh Madelief,
    It's still early days but, it's so lovely to hear that you have help from your family when those little things go wrong. It's good to have your family around you.
    ….. and, there's nothing so nice as a sweet treat to go with a cup of tea in your beautiful china.
    Sending love to you and your family from the UK. XXXX

  10. Glad there is laughter once more in your house.

  11. Hello there to you and the girls,
    Your Rocky Road bars are very pretty and I would indulge, waistline or not, its the holidays afterall.
    I did make some bars with loads of fresh finely chopped ginger, chocolate chips and coconut and they were gobbled up by all the girls, even the ones on calorie counting. Very good with hot tea , but what isn't? I am so glad you have your hot showers back, especially as the cold weather comes back to us.

  12. Your happiness is our happiness. And yum.

    xo Jane

  13. Really cosy when family and friends visit. The cake looks fantastic, I can smell the taste...I am not a baker..hmmmm, but I love cakes :-D:-D Many beautiful photos here, dear Madeliefe, and hope your family comes and visit you again!

  14. Dear Madelief,

    So lovely that your family came over for a visit and your brother was able to fix the tap.
    The rocky road looks like the perfect treat to go with a cup of tea -
    Sending hugs

  15. Such pretty colors: the dainty tea cups and the pretty flowers. I would imagine that you will a time to adjust to a new way of life. Bless your brother.

  16. Dearest Madelief
    As they say - laughter is the best medicine - and being with your family is so relaxing.
    Thank goodness for our brothers! LOL
    I bake when it's my turn to host our little embroidery group - it's usually a cake or a yummy slice.
    The rest of the time it's just my husband and I and we don't need to have extra goodies!!!ha ha. Not good for our waistlines!
    Shane XOX

    I enjoy

  17. The Rocky Road bars look so delicious. It's so nice that your home is always full of colour, pastel colours which is so lovely. Having family around is always fun. Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. So glad that you and the girls are finding some happiness. Rocky road sounds delicious!

  19. Lieve madelief. Wat gezellig zo de familie op visite en natuurlijk hoort daar eigen baksel bij. Dat recept ziet er geweldig uit. Je hebt weer zulke mooie foto's van je bloemetjes genomen en wat zijn die kopjes toch allemaal leuk.
    Ik wens je nog een fijne Zondag

  20. Mmmm dat klinkt als een heerlijk recept. Fijn dat je daar samen met je familie van kon genieten. Goed te horen (lezen) dat je steun (en hulp) hebt van je familie in deze moeilijke tijd.
    Ik heb weer genoten van je prachtige kleurige foto's! Je hebt zo'n mooie verzameling oud servies!
    Ik wens jou en je meiden een fijn weekend. Groetjes van Aleta

  21. All looks so colourful!! Nice to hear that you had a beautiful day! I love the cake!

  22. Wat doe je het goed, en wow, wat een prachtige foto's!
    lieve groet,

  23. Beautiful post filled with gorgeous china, which I love. I'm pleased to hear that you enjoyed your time with your family and it looks and sounds like everyone had a lovely day with gorgeous looking treats. If you like you can link this up to my weekly bake so others can try your recipe. I'm very pleased to hear that the leak is sorted that must be such relief. You are in my thoughts and so are your girls. Sending you a big hug and much love xoxo

  24. Wat fijn dat je broer de lekkage verholpen heeft, zijn jullie tenminste weer schoon, haha. Ik ben altijd onder de indruk van je fleurige foto's en dan die baksels.......Je rocky road bars zien er niet alleen kleurig uit maar smaken ongetwijfeld heerlijk.
    Lieve groet,

  25. Dear Madelief I am gald that you and your daughters are finding times of joy along that rocky road at the moment. How wonderful your family came to visit and your brother helped in a practical way too. Love your pretty cups today, and how gorgeous your rocky road bars look....absolutely gorgeous colours....I will write down the recipe at once!
    Sending love.
    Helen x

  26. The most beautiful photographs. I shall definitely be trying out the recipe and I hope things improve for you and your daughters.

  27. Mooie momenten met de familie Madelief, dat zijn die kleine dingen die de hobbelige weg soms even mooier en zachter maken, je bijpassende traktatie ziet er heerlijk uit.
    Wat fijn dat je een handige broer hebt die de lekkage kon verhelpen...familie is zo waardevol.

    Lieve groet en een mooie dag voor jou, Eefie

  28. Fijn om te horen dat jullie zo positief blijven en genieten van de mensen om jullie heen.
    Je hebt ons weer verrast met je prachtige foto's, altijd een genot om naar te kijken!
    Veel liefs & het aller-aller beste voor jou & je dochters.

  29. Fijn te lezen dat jullie steun en hulp krijgen van familie. Wat kan douchen dan toch heerlijk zijn!
    Je foto's zijn weer schitterend en kleurrijk als altijd zelfs je cake is kleurrijk!
    Lieve groetjes,

  30. Lieve Madelief,
    Je weet niet half hoe blij je me maakt met deze post. Goed te horen dat jullie een goede dag gehad hebben met je familie. Ik hou me aanbevolen voor een stukje van je "baksel" maar ik ben bang dat de koektrommel al leeg is.
    Een heel dikke knuffel, Ilse

  31. Thinking of you often and sending a big hug, Madelief.
    Your posts are always so GORGEOUS with colour and clarity and creativity, like I could reach out and touch...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  32. Wat een heerlijke foto's, als jullie middag net zo gezellig is geweest...en dan die heerlijke baksels. Fijn dat je zo'n handige broer hebt:) lieve groet

  33. Good morning special friend!

    I think we all stumble on a rocky road in our lives, no matter what the circumstances, but when we have FAMILY and friends to walk it with us or to stop us for a pause, it makes all the difference. You are so wonderful and loving, brave and beautiful, Madelief. You are fortunate to have a brother who loves you so, children who are as creative and caring as you, and YES! YOUR BAKING DELIGHTS are fantastic! I sit here thinking, "HOW DOES SHE DO IT?" Your photos are so bright and make me want to eat that cake NOW! I love that this recipe calls for jellybeans!

    Sending you a big hug my dear. You are so special, Anita

  34. Ik heb echt bewondering voor je, hoe je je door de tijd vecht. Deze blogpost bewijst dat maar weer. Fijn dat jullie ook weer kleine genietmomenten mogen hebben, samen met lieve mensen om je heen.
    Lieve groet, Renny

  35. Those rocky road bars look good, sorry that you are having household challenges too! You must have all been delighted to have the shower back in operation. Thinking of you often.
    Sarah x

  36. Mmm heerlijk, ik maak het ook weleens of fudge.. heb 't gedeeld op mijn blog zodat iedereen er van kan genieten. Prachtige foto's ook weer!


  37. Fijn dat je familie hebt waar je op terug kunt vallen. En gelukkig dat je zo af en toe weer even heerlijk kunt lachen met je meiden.
    Al zal het niet meevallen voor jullie.

    Liefs lia

  38. I'm so glad your family came to visit and that your brother could help with the leak. That must be such a relief. The rocky road bars sound delicious, I would enjoy them very much. I baked a type of cookie bar recently that I really love and blogged about them last week, if you'd like to have a look at the recipe:

  39. Het zijn toch de kleine dingen die het hem doen en familie is dan zo fijn om ze om je heen te hebben. Wat ziet het er heelijk uit wat je gemaakt hebt en je foto's zijn ook om te smullen! Pascale X

  40. Dear Madelief,
    I love every picture, with beautiful colours.
    it´s a pleasure visit your blog.
    Big hug. Evelyne.

  41. How nice and lovely to hear that there is some laughter in your house again and how lovely to have family visiting. Specially when they also give you a much needed hand with some DIY!
    Gorgeous floral china, flowers and styling.
    Have a good week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  42. So wonderful of your brother to help out in a time of need. <3 It's always comforting to have family come by for a visit, especially now. I am sure they loved your sweet treats and pretty table setting with the delightful banner made by your friend. Lovely, lovely photos and thoughts today, Madelief. Thank you for the recipe and I wish you courage and blessings as you and your sweet daughters move forward. So glad you had a little joy. Hugs xo Karen

  43. Hi Madelief,
    All the bright and cheery colors, a house full of laughter... it all sounds very nice! The Rocky Road bars look fun and yummy, I have never seen jelly beans baked!! I love baking in the winter too, yesterday I made scones... It's soo cold here.
    warm hugs,

  44. Geweldige foto`s,wat fijn dat je broer het kon oplossen,je boeketje is zo mooi! lieve groetjes Musje.

  45. Dear Madelief, I have just discovered your beautiful blog with such inspiring photographs but so sorry too to hear of your recent sad times. Lovely to have found you.

  46. It must be so hard for you all Madelief, but how lovely to have a caring and supportive family to help.
    The recipe looks yummy, thanks for sharing these pretty photos.
    Take care Madelief
    Gill xx

  47. Wat is het toch altijd weer heerlijk om hier langs te komen.... Al die kleuren en blommetjes...looove it! Fijn om te horen dat er ook weer lichtpuntjes zijn!!

    Liefs, Heidi

  48. Wishing that your road becomes less rocky dear Madelief, you deserve some ease and happiness. The rocky road looks delicious, very pretty colours. Thank you for your kind comments, they mean such a lot and I feel very humble that you have taken the trouble to be so kind,
    Love Claire xxx

  49. Gorgeous photos as always. And that recipe looks delicious. I think company and lovely food help to heal us in gentle ways. xxx

  50. Fijn om te weten dat er een lieve familie achter jullie staat en die jullie helpen om de moeilijke weg met jullie te gaan! Je baksels zien er heerlijk uit... hier werd vorige week door mijn moeder en dochterlief een heerlijke appeltaart gebakken... altijd lekker.

    Liefs, Miranda

  51. Dear Daisy
    I hope you find something to smile about everyday as you remember your Dear Husband. Take care..

  52. I am so glad you have your lovely family to wrap their arms around you Madelief..your baking sounds and looks delicious..beautiful photos
    I made a lemon drizzle cake this week, I love baking and find it very therapeutic
    Keep Warm
    Thea x

  53. Hi Madelief,
    It is so good to have the support of family and I am glad there is some laughter creeping into your life again. I sent you a little 'thinking of you' surprise in the mail last week~ hope it arrives soon.
    Beautiful photos as always!

  54. Dear Madelief, I think of you and your daughters often and I keep you in my prayers.
    Delighted to hear you got that nasty leak sorted. The recipe you shared looks fabulous and I will save it for when I have young folks visit.
    Hope your week is peaceful

    Helen xx

  55. i think of you and the girls everyday, you are all in my prayers. i'm so glad your family came and your sweet brother helped you ( i have one like that too, so lucky). i have not baked at all since my last child left home :( i should probably remedy that. i really appreciate the recipe you've shared.
    what project are you working on now that you've finished your shawl? :)
    xxxxxxxxxxx lori

  56. gelukkig dat het al iets beter gaat met jullie en wat fijn van je broer die even en handje wil helpen met de badkamer wat lekkage is heel vervelend family is erg belangrijk en ze zijn er ook vaak juist in moeilijke tijden en periodes das zo fijn van family ondank alles staan ze toch klaar das heel waardevol wat een leuk recept zeg rocky road ken alleen de cake variant maar deze is ook erg lekker en vrolijk zal hem zelf ook eens proberen een fijne week gewenst groetjes leon10

  57. Thank goodness for lovely brothers. It looked like a beautiful day, the photos are wonderful as usual xxo

  58. So, so beautiful ! Gorgeous floral china! The fhotos are wonderful... Have a good week! Hugs from Portugal, Manuela

  59. You are such an artist in blogging
    I always am surprised to see how it is possible for many blog-ladies
    To have a very Unique style
    I would know which one is yours .........
    Not only by the pictures........
    We have to move on and make the best out of it ....
    And those " other" moments ...... We just hold on .
    In Blogland there are many many places to wonder around
    And we are all here , for eachother !

  60. Hi Madelief, I'm so glad Your family are nearby for You. Beautiful pictures as always. hugs,juliexxx

  61. wow....sind die Tassen schöööönnnn....

  62. Dear Madelief you always post the most beautiful colourful photographs, they are simply a joy a look at. I'm glad that you and your girls have moments of joy and that you will continue to smile through the tears. It's always so lovely to have family to visit and to bake special treats for them. I've heard of Rocky Road, but I've never made it, so I might just have to try it sometime! Have a lovely week. Sharon x

  63. I am so glad your family are taking care of you. The road is of course still rocky but I hope that those ruts and potholes soon become smaller and the road ever smoother.
    Your Rocky Road is the prettiest I have ever seen and I am sure it must taste divine! M x

  64. These cups are simply fun and the recipe sounds yummy! Christa

  65. Yummy! The bars look delicious and easy. Glad everyone enjoyed them.

  66. Yummmmmmmmmmm ! Thank you Madelief for the recipe !
    Beautiful flowers, beautiful teacups, and yummy cakes !
    I wish you a sweet week, and many many many sweet things for you.
    Nath x

  67. Wet een kleurrijke post weer Madelief. Prachtige kopjes en weer zo'n lief en kleurrijk boeket bloemen endan al het kleurrijke lekkers dat je bakte, heerlijk.
    Wat fijn dat je familie klaarstaat om waar het kan te helpen en ook om gewoon eens samen te zijn, onbetaalbaar is dat.
    Lieve groet,

  68. Hi Madelief, thank you for sharing that yummy recipe. I will definitely try it when I go back home. Family visits are always special, it helps mend our broken heart (and broken showers).
    I love seeing all your tea cups, makes me want to drink cups and cups of tea.
    Amsterdam is beatiful and I'm hoping that we have enough time to visit Rotterdam too. If we are I will let you kow. It would be lovely to see you.

    Take care and sending hugs from a train ride away

  69. Gezellig, Madelief, zo´n leuk familie bezoek!
    En als je dan ook nog hulp krijgt met het
    een of ander, helemaal geweldig!
    Je cake ziet er prachtig uit!
    Dikke knuffel van Nicole

  70. Wat héérlijk Madelief, dat je zo kunt terugvallen op je familie en daar ook lekker mee kunt lachen.
    Je kunt dan écht jezelf zijn, met lach of traan ;)
    En ook heel fijn dat je weer kunt douchen, haha, een lekkage is altijd ellendig.

    Maar dan helpt zo'n heerlijk recept wel zeg!!!
    Die ga ik zéker maken, het is een zoetere variant op mijn favoriete arretjescake (die hier altijd verslonden wordt;)
    Het ziet er ook nog eens superleuk uit met al die kleurtjes :)
    Bedankt voor het delen.

    Fijne week en lieve groet, MJ

    ps nog bedankt voor je lieve reactie op mijn kado-post, mijn mams vond het pakje superleuk.

  71. So colourful and delicious looking Madelief. I've never seen a white chocolate rocky road before. What a lovely brother you have, when he's finished he can take a look at our roof maybe;) x

  72. ~ Being surrounded by family is soo important for you, dear Madelief...On these your early steps on the rocky road.... I wish them to get lighter little by little.... in time....
    As always your pictures are beautiful as is your baking..
    Take care of you and your dear girls Madelief..
    Hugs and kindest thoughts...Maria x

  73. Your juxtaposition with the difficult journey that you and the girls are travelling, and the rocky road cake is a poignant one.
    I am so pleased that you are surrounded with lots of love and support from your dear family at this difficult time. Your brother sounds like one in a million. Take care Madelief♥

  74. Mooie vrolijke fotos.. ik geniet van je kleurtjes en blijf je sterkte en kracht wensen..

    Ik geef je vanaf hier een dikke knuf,

  75. Always delights for the eyes. Lovely cups
    and the Rocky Road looks good and so pretty.
    It will take you a long while I would guess to
    find smooth sailings.

  76. Thank you for sharing bits of your "rocky roads" with us. This is how others learn what grief means and how it is walked out -- partly from going through it themselves and partly from watching others go through it.

    You have such a gift with color!!!

  77. Lieve Madelief,

    Mijn laatste blogpost van dit jaar is ook een beetje voor jou...check maar even...
    Ik denk aan je...

    Alle liefs, MJ


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