dinsdag 5 juni 2012

Early June garden

Just came home from four lovely days in Budapest. I spent them in the company of two dear friends, who made us feel very welcome and showed us all the interesting, sometimes slightly quirky places that Budapest has to offer :-). No photo's yet, so I hope you don't mind showing you some of my early June garden.

Fat buds on the roses & peonies,
clematis and irises in full bloom,
terracotta pots with colourful annuals,
blackberries and gooseberries almost ready to be picked,
and a little bowl by Clarice Cliff, I found at Snoopers Paradise in Brighton. The bowl is a bit chipped, but It looks great on the garden table with a little bunch of flowers.

The enamel jug on the first photo and the Clarice Cliff bowl contain violets, Star of Bethlehem, aquilegia, plox and geranium.

Have a lovely day.

A big hug & kisses to J & L!


Madelief x


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  1. Stunning photographs! I do so love alliums!
    Victoria xx

  2. Everything is sooooo beautiful again Madelief!
    Have a great day,

  3. Love your early June garden and the tables set up for tea or dining.My alliums and Star of Bethlehem are blooming now too.
    I am happy to hear you enjoyed Budapest and look forward to those pics also!

    Take care,

  4. Hallo Madelief,
    Ik zie hier bij jou nu ook de clematis Rouge Cardinal, wat een prachtige warme kleur heeft deze toch. Heerlijke vrolijke bloemen in je tuin. Wat kan een mens dan toch genieten hè? De schaal is werkelijk fantastisch mooi en je groene emaille kan ook super. Wat staat dat super gezellig met een bosje bloemen uit eigen tuin. Heerlijk genieten is dit...
    Ik wens je een heel fijne dag,
    Lieve groet,

  5. Welcome back to your garden Madelief! I'm happy you had a good time in quirky Budapest!

    June already; where oh where has the time gone this year? Your garden is glorious and if I had to choose between all those beautfiul pictures I would opt for the last one: whites and violets are stunning together.


  6. Ik ben heel erg benieuwd hoe jullie het in Boedapest hebben gehad, naar je verhalen over jullie ontmoeting en jullie ervaring met deze stad! Maar je plaatjes van de tuin zijn zoals altijd ook weer om van te genieten, ik hoop dat je vandaag misschien nog wat tijd had om naar de tuin te gaan...hier is het nu heel aardig!

    Ik wens je nog een hele fijne dag!! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  7. It's just gorgeous! So many different blooms to enjoy in your garden, Madelief!

    I went for a walk yesterday and found wild siberian iris in bloom - such a treat to see some color again. :)

    Have a lovely day, my friend!

  8. Hello Madelief:
    This is perfection! June is such a wonderful month for the garden with so very many favourite flowers in bloom. Here your garden is looking absolutely magnificent and makes us feel very wistful that we no longer have one of our own. The informal, mixed arrangement, always the best we think, is inspiring, deceptively simple in the enamel jug, with such a carefully chosen selection of soft, sugared almond colours which, of course, complement the paint shade of the garden house.

    Would that we could be sitting taking tea with you right now!! And the wicker chairs are, indeed, superb!

    Budapest is empty without you both!

  9. My goodness your garden is in full bloom ......its amazing though now with all our daylight that things are starting to take off. If only we could get a few days with some good heat!
    Budapest, I just can't wait to see it through your eyes!!

  10. Your spring garden is stunning. And just to see the sun out in your photos makes me smile...our spring has been so wet and cold. The only thing out in my garden are the slugs!!! BIG ones at that! I am glad you had a wonderful time my friend...can't wait for you to share the photos. xoxo

  11. Welkom thuis vanuit Boedapest, Madelief. Hoop dat jullie het leuk hebben gehad.
    En wat ziet je tuin er prachtige uit, het is weer een plaatje. Je wandelt erdoor alsof je ons meeneemt in een droom. Mooi zoals al die kleuren in elkaar overvloeien...
    Ik heb momenteel een wel hele leuke Give-away, kom even kijken of je het iets vind en misschien wel leuk vind om mee te doen?
    We hopen op warmte en mooi weer, zodat we gauw weer de tuin in kunnen en genieten van al het moois daar.
    Lieve groet,

  12. Ooh de weken vliegen voorbij.. Fijn dat je weer terug bent uit Boedepest. Hopelijk hebben jullie een mooie tid gehad. Wij gaan zondag 3 weken naar Frankrijk... heb er zin en de date voor een kopje thee blijft staan hoor ;-)

    Na de vakantie misschien..


  13. Madelief, you have so many cozy spots to sit comfortably and take in the color and bloomingness of your garden, but I'll bet you are always busy working there. The arragements are so lush! The columbines and clematis, the pansies mixed in with geraniums in your pots just define June in a garden~

  14. Je tuin staat er zo prachtig bij Madelief , geweldig allemaal bij elkaar in de vazen, zo mooi gestyled.
    Ik ben benieuwd naar de foto's van je weekend. Ik hoop dat ik ze nog zie want ik ga a.s. Zondag met vakantie , Neem wel mijn macbook mee .
    Liefs van Riet

    PS Ik heb je een email gestuurd!!!

  15. oh aquilegias are some of my favorite flowers! they look like fairies! :)

    have a nice day!

  16. Such beauty--I adore your garden and bouquets!

  17. Wat mooi weer allemaal Madelief,een pracht plaats om in te vertoeven.....en de mooie bloemen................top!!!veel liefs.....

  18. So pleased that you had a lovely time in Budapest. Your garden as always is a delight to see.

  19. your garden is a DREAM madelief, i would love to have breakfast there. its beautiful!
    will you show us pictures from budapest??
    have a lovely day, svenja

  20. Hoi Madelief,

    Leuke reisjes heb je gehad! Maar ik vind een rondje door je tuin écht geen ramp hoor, het ziet er weer fantastisch uit bij je!! Héérlijk!! Daar mag je iedere post mee vullen :)
    Ben toch ook wel nieuwsgierig naar je Budapest-foto's... ik was er al eens maar dat was in 1997... zal het nodige veranderd zijn :)
    Ik wens je een fijne rest van de week!
    Liefs uit het zuiden,

  21. Hi Madelief,
    What a lovely day in the garden! The Alliums are stunning, I always think they are so magical looking!
    Happy June to you!

  22. How cosy your garden is! I ♥ it!
    Hugs from Barbara

  23. Dearest Madelief,

    Buda and Pest are our most favorite cities for their rich culture! We've visited even in 1984 when it was still behind the Iron Curtain. Pieter had to lecture at the International Mushroom Science Congress, as VP Campbell Soup Mushroom Division. We LOVE the music and the food. Hope you will have a chance to travel some more within Hungary, e.g. the Beethoven museum etc. etc.
    Your June garden is a lush one and very colorful. Enjoy this peak season of the garden.

  24. dankzij jouw foto's zitten we weer even in het aards paradijs. liefs, @nne

  25. Wieder wunderschöne Fotos. Das Gartenhäuschen gefällt mir besonders gut.
    Liebe Grüße

  26. Wat een prachtige foto's , geweldige tuin, ik zou wel even stiekumpjes rond willen dwalen daar. heel erg mooi.

  27. Wow!!! Is dit in jouw tuin??? Wat een heerlijke plek, zeg!

    Groetjes, Pietrik

  28. Your garden is sooooo beautiful, Madelief! Love each flower and all together. Lovely jug! Bowl looks so delicate and fresh, and your blue violets are adorable (please, tell me those full name :o) I want them in my balcony garden too.
    Have a nice day

  29. Ik heb weer zitten genietem,ik vind het allemaal geweldig,wat fijn om er zo even tussenuit te zijn,nog een fijne week,lieve groet Musje.

  30. I love your verrrrryyyy nice Pictures!!!!!
    Herzlichst Flori

  31. Wat een mooie bloemen....liefs van mij....xxx..

  32. Your garden is looking so beautiful. Glad you had a wonderful time in Budapest with J & L, there is nothing like local knowledge to find hidden places.
    Sarah x

  33. Ben benieuwd naar je foto's van Budapest ;-) Je tuin is weer geweldig mooi. De 2e foto vind ik echt TE idyllisch voor woorden!

  34. Beautiful pictures and I think the garden is at its best in June, hope you had a lovely time at Pippas.

  35. Gorgeous in every way- I could happily spend an afternoon sipping tea in your garden :)

  36. Wat een knotsgezellige tuin heb je Madelief.
    Een heerlijke plek om even bij te komen
    van je leuke reisjes.
    Gr. Janneke

  37. Ow ik ben weer verliefd op je tuin :)! Prachtig al die bloemen en zo mooi in die blauwe kan :)! Genietse

  38. I like this blog,I like to visit here ...with wishes Ilona :)

  39. Werkelijk heel mooi, prachtige foto's, bloemen etc.




  40. Your garden is looking very pretty, I love the delicate Aquilegia's ,and they seed so freely, glad you had a wonderful trip.
    Thea x

  41. Wow, your garden is truly beautiful Madelief, thanks for showing us around.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Essie x

  42. Wow, your garden is absolutely beautiful. I'd love to have a garden like this. So many gorgeous, colourful flowers :)

    PS. I've got a jewellery giveaway that I'd love for you to enter!
    You'll automatically get a 10% discount from The Dark Horse Jewellery and could win a voucher to recieve pieces from the likes of Low Luv and House of Harlow. No need to follow me, just a great opportunity to win a great prize, xo

    from L U A R

  43. Purple pom pom flowers..lovely. That's a pretty post.

  44. Wat ziet het er altijd toch uitnodigend en sfeervol uit bij jou, lieve Madelief, in alle jaargetijden!

    Veel liefs xx

  45. So lovely!!! I love that green pitcher, I am sure it looks gorgeous with just about anything.

  46. beautiful photos for a rainy day here in Oxford. I love the green jug too and all your pretty teacups x

  47. Liebste Madelief,

    ich frage mich echt, wie Dein Garten so wundervoll gedeihen kann, wenn Du Dich ständig in der Weltgeschichte herumreist und fremde Länder besuchst ? Ich bin ständig daheim und mein Garten schaut nicht halb so schön aus, wie Deiner. Das ist echt ungerecht. Dabei singe ich meinen paar Blümchen ständig vor !
    (ok, vielleicht liegt es auch daran, dass nichts wächst, aber das ist ein unbestätigter Verdacht !)

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wundervollen Tag und mag Bilder sehen von Budapescht !

    Lieve groet

  48. Budapest is a lovely city... glad you have enjoyed it! Looking forward to see it through your eyes!

    Your garden looks so rich and nice! Wish I could have a space to strech to nature

  49. Your flower photography is always fresh and charming. I cannot believe that my alliums are still only breaking out of the outerskin, I go out every day and they are going at a snails pace. The trees behind the garden have grown enormously since I planted them. I think this may be what is hindering there growth but good things come to those that wait!
    I love the fact that you have created different areas to sit and relax in the garden all of which look beautiful Madelief.

  50. Fijn dat je zo hebt genoten van je verblijf in Boedapest! Wat ziet de tuin er prachtig uit, nu maar hopen dat het weer snel wat zonniger en warmer wordt en je weer kunt genieten van dit heerlijke plekje.

    Lieve groet, Miranda

  51. Madelief,
    Your blog photos should be painted in oils!! The colours,the lovely settings, EVERYTHING!!!!
    When you get bored with the two gorgeous tea cups, keep me in mind.
    Joasia x

  52. Hello Madelief

    Your garden is blooming so beautifully and the colours are spectacular.

    How exciting that you visited the warm, wonderful, wise and witty J & L in Budapest. From what I read by both of you it appears like a great time was had by all.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden


  53. Oh mensenlief wat maak jij supermooie foto's zeg...en die tuin, kwijlen!

    Fijne dag voor jou
    Veel groetjes, Veronique

  54. Hoi Madelief. Ik heb weer genoten van je foto's .
    Wat ziet het er al heerlijk uit bij je.
    Nu nog mooi weer om buiten te zitten.
    Fijn weekend!
    Lieve groetjes, Annette

  55. Dear Madelief,
    Your garden Is already beautiful! I lové your pictures from Brighton, they are beautiful!! Good week end, Catherine

  56. So glad to hear that you had wonderful days in Budapest, dearest Madelief! I'm looking forward to see your Hungary-photos, but I love to see your great and adorable garden, too!!!
    Warm Küschelbüschels, Traude

  57. So glad to hear that you had wonderful days in Budapest, dearest Madelief! I'm looking forward to see your Hungary-photos, but I love to see your great and adorable garden, too!!!
    Warm Küschelbüschels, Traude

  58. Hallo liebe Madelief,
    auch wenn ich mich ständig wiederhole, wieder einmal tolle Bilder!!!
    Habe gerade auch Deine schönen Posts von Brighton und Quince angeschaut, wow der Blumenladen ist so toll, da würde ich auch gern mal vorbei schauen.
    Wünsche Dir schon mal ein schönes Wochenende
    Herzliche Grüße

  59. Beautiful Madelief!!
    I love your garden, it's totally magical!!!
    Chris :o)

  60. Wow - your garden is so very beautiful Madelief. I am in awe. Those gorgeous grannies bonnets and the alliums. I bet its wonderful to spend time in. Love your jug of blooms too. And that last image in the teacup is stunning.

  61. Thank you for such sweet pictures of your June flowers, dear Madelief! I am enjoying my flowers too, and I always love to see yours...how pretty the Clarice Cliff bowl looks combined with them too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  62. Hello Madelief, oh how I love to see your delightful garden! The jug of flowers in the opening picture is really pretty, the colours so lovely together. I can't believe your gooseberries and blackberries are ready to pick, we don't get ripe blackberries until September.

    I hope you will have a little rest after your travels before returning to work. Time to sit in your beautiful garden. Have a lovely weekend, with love, Linda x

  63. Hello Madelief!
    What a beautiful garden! I could see myself having a long siesta there after the tea ;)
    Garden Chair

  64. Beautiful Madelief - and so what I wish I were seeing in my garden in England at the moment...instead we are looking at pouring rain and wind swept trees!!
    Your images are a tonic to the soul - a heartwarming glimpse of sun and prettiness!
    Paula x

  65. Your garden is very beautiful and magical! I am very excited to hear about your trip to Budapest since I am in the midst of planning a trip there for late Summer. Can't wait to see your pictures and recommendations.

  66. Dear Madelief, your lovely garden is looking very pretty indeed. You were fortunate to find the Clarice Cliff piece, they are as rare as hen's teeth I believe! I hope you have some sunshine this weekend, we've had a couple of really windy and wet days but the sun came out this evening in time for a glass of wine on the patio!

    Look forward to hearing about your weekend with J & L in Budapest.


  67. What a wonderful place to sit and soak up all the beauty surrounding you Madelief.....looks like the perfect spot to escape to.....

    Your lovely photos have me yearning for warmer weather and beautiful blooms....

    Claire :}

  68. beautiful flowers Madelief, thank you for sharing!

  69. I love all of it yet sigh as a lot of those flowers bloomed a long time ago here. Would it not be nice if they could bloom throughout the summer?
    Take Care,


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