zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Thank you!

This post is to say Thank You for visiting my blog and leaving such warm and enthusiastic comments. I still find it hard to believe that a blog I started out of curiosity two years ago, turned into something so valuable to me. I enjoy making the posts and reading your comments. Because of my blog I found new friends, had coffee and lunch in a beautiful garden and even went shopping in a  town I did not visit before.

To thank you I chose two giveaway's. My first giveaway is partly inspired by the garden. It consists of a book, a pair of garden gloves,wooden labels, garden twine and a bag of crazy cloth peg's I found at Villa Augustus and couldn't resist! I chose my second giveaway, because I love vintage teacups and I know some of you do too. As I have a huge collection, I thought I could miss a few!

It's easy to participate. Just leave a comment on this post and let me know which giveaway you like. I would appreciate it if you would link my giveaway to your blog, but don't feel obliged. Everyone can participate, old and new followers. I will send all over the world. On the 10th of August one of my daughters will pick the winning numbers. Meanwhile keep your fingers crossed. Good luck to you all and thank you once again!

The above photo's were taken from the outdoor kitchen in our allotment garden.

Happy weekend to you all!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

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  1. Guten Morgen liebe Madelief !
    Das ist aber eine schöne Idee und sehr großzügig von Dir. Ich froi mich auch, Dich in der weiten Welt des Internets gefunden zu haben und immer, wenn Du etwas Neues schreibst, ist es wie ein Brief einer lieben Froindin.
    Bloggen soll ja Spaß machen und inspirieren, und genau deswegen lese ich bei Dir :-)

    Und mitmachen tu ich natürlich auch, und nun rate mal, was mir am besten gefällt:

    GENAU, die irre Wäscheklammern :-)))

    Hab ein schönes Wochenende liebe Madelief !


  2. Goeie morgen Madelief, Wat ziet dat er allemaal gezellig uit. Een leuke give away. Leuke foto's heb je er van gemaakt.
    Fijn weekend!

  3. Hoi Madelief, wat leuk dat je al weer twee jaar aan het bloggen bent. Ik hoop dat je er nog lang mee door gaat want jouw blog is een grote favoriet van mij. Leuke foto's van je keukentje! Fijn weekend en volgende week gelukkig weer lekker zomerweer.
    Lieve groetjes Jannet

  4. Hoi Madelief!

    Ik ben ook altijd nog blij dat je met je blog begonnen bent hoor, want ik geniet hier altijd zo en het heeft nog veel meer moois voortgebracht ;-)!

    Wat heb je leuke giveaways, ik doe dit keer niet mee want deze week ben ik al in de prijzen gevallen en ook bij jou heb ik al eens gewonnen...die eer laat ik nu graag aan een ander over! Uiteraard plaats ik wel een link op mijn blog!!

    Ik wens je een bijzonder fijn weekend toe!!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  5. Ohhhh we say thank you.. for you lovely comments and for your sooooooooooooooooooooo wonderful pictures :O))

    Your giveayway is a dream.. and I hope I win :O))
    Kisses Susi

  6. Hee Madelief.......IK ben ook blij dat jij ooit een blog begonnen bent hoor ♥

    Mag ik WEL meedoen met je give-away?? (Wie ik nu eens een keertje ;0) )

    Vind dat mooie tuinboek en die leuke spulletjes voor de tuin wel wat voor mij hihi, dus........

    Heel veel liefs en een fijn weekend van Marian

  7. Hi Madelief
    As always it is such a pleasure to visit you here. I love all these pretty photos taken in your summer kitchen, you have such a wonderful eye for arranging your beautiful treasures, and i just love that gorgeous pink painted enamel coffee (or tea?)pot in your first picture with that lovely pink cup and saucer!
    What lovely generous giveaways, and a difficult choice too!
    I would love the chance to win the gardening giveaway please, and will happily display your giveaway button on my sidebar.
    Have a lovely weekend Madelief!
    Gill xx

  8. Hello dear Madelief! I didn't know that your name translated to Daisy - how lovely!

    Gorgeous photos and a wonderful giveaway. I would be happy to win either but I think that anything that would help me in the garden would be great!

    Have a wonderful weekend and thankyou for your lovely blog. It always makes me smile and feel happy!

    Hugs, Stephie x

  9. Hello Madelief:
    Your blog does, as we do so hope that you know, give enormous pleasure to so very many people and is, we feel, one of the great delights to be had upon switching on the computer. Your many, many readers are testimony to not only your interesting and beautifully presented posts, but also to the considerable time which you give to taking an interest in and commenting upon the blogs of others. Yours is a very real presence in the Blogosphere and one which would be very sadly missed if you were not to be here. We, along with so many, look forward to your continued success.

    And all of giveaway items sound wonderful.

  10. Haai Madelief, allereerst JIJ bedankt voor de mooie blogjes die je ons iedere keer 'serveert'!! Ook nu laat je weer heerlijke foto's zien. Ik hoop dat je nog heeeel lang doorgaat met bloggen.
    Zelf ben ik ook uit nieuwsgierigheid begonnen en geniet ook van alles wat erbij hoort.
    Als ik mag kiezen uit beide give-aways, dan hoef ik écht niet lang na te denken: ik ga voor de prachtige tuinspulletjes!!
    Ik zal nog even een linkje op m'n blog plaatsen.
    Fijn weekend Madelief!
    Groetjes, Anita

  11. Hoi Madelief, wat een heerlijke foto's weer waar je de post mee begint. Je maakt het me niet gemakkelijk met twee van die leuke give-aways. Mijn tuintje is maar klein dus kies ik voor de mooie kopjes. Die kan ik dan toch ook in de tuin gebruiken.
    Fijn weekend, lieve groet

  12. Oh wat leuk Madelief, een give-away, dan doen we natuurlijk mee! Zou graag meedoen met de garden-give-away!
    Fijn weekend!

  13. Thank you too - I always feel so inspired by the images on your blog. I'd love to join in if UK bloggers can play too...I think I'd go for the first giveaway, I'm having a love affair with my garden at the moment! x

  14. ooooo ooooo OOOOOOHH squealy noises escaping my lips!

    I think I would love to win the garden giveaway as I am not very good at gardening but you have inspired me on many occasions to try much harder.

    Of course I will link to you in my next post to spread the word but I do believe most of my readers may have come from you in the first place!


    ps, how is the crochet and sewing coming along?

  15. Hello Madelief, what a lovely giveaway! Congratulations on your two years of blogging. It's wonderful to blog and meet new people isn't it? I will blog about your post and link back to you here. I think I'd love to enter the gardening giveaway. Your blog is beautiful and I love visiting and seeing your photos. Happy weekend Madelief, sending love, Em x

  16. Oh, ma chère Daisy!
    I love this Pics of cups and dishes and fine china! You know ...
    Merci! For your really kind words and
    Merci! For this post!
    I would like to win ,whatever it's all so sweet!
    I leave you a big big hug

  17. hello Madelief,
    I love your garden inspired give away, what a wonderful idea. I will blog about your lovely blog, too.
    Have a nice weekend

  18. I love your photos and your unerring sense of style!
    Please count me in if I can join in from the UK ??

  19. Hi Madelief,
    ich liebe diese Farben,
    ich liebe diese Farbkombinationen,
    ich bin beim give away dabei !
    Lovely hugs

  20. 2 jaar bloggen al ! tof !
    Merci voor al het moois dat je ons liet zien ! ( en doe zo voort zou'k zeggen ;) )
    Ik doe graag mee voor de kopjes : ze zijn erg erg mooi !

  21. Good Morning, No thank you for your generosity of spirit and your unerringly good eye.

    Whether it's a plant or a photo or a teacup or a cake, every thing we see here is full of light and color.

    I would love the first giveaway. First because it's for the garden, second because I have no room for any extra china!

    I need an outdoor kitchen:)

    xo Jane

  22. I love the photos of you outdoor kitchen, I love vintage china, so would love to win some. Thank you, fingers crossed x

  23. I love the first picture! beautiful dishes :-)

    have a nice weekend!

  24. Madelief, you have made your corner of the blogworld both so very pretty and friendly too, always a pleasure to visit! The cups are irrestistable! Bxx

  25. It is always a pleasure to visit your site. As a china fan, I was first attracted by those tall towers of tea cups that appear every so often in your photos. But ahhh, there are so many other beautiful sights and words in your posts.

    Yes, I am a fan!

  26. Lieve Madelief, inderdaad bloggen is heerlijk en leuk en inspirerend en...daarom kom ik altijd weer graag bij je langs. En wat een leuke give away om te vieren dat je 2 jaar blogt! Moeilijk kiezen maar ik denk dat je wel weet waar ik voor tuingive-away al vind ik de kopjes ook enig. Ik ga een linkje plaatsen, geniet van alle leuke reacties, lieve groet

  27. I feeel the exact way you do about blogging. It turned into much more of a world than I ever imagined! I would love to be included in your give away and would be happy to win either one! I am a follower of your blog and I will also put your link on my sidebar!
    Thank You, Sue

  28. Love Madelief,

    I'm always thrilled wahnsinns of your beautiful china.
    Each cup, each little plate beautifully.
    In recent months I berke how passion has gripped the collective me back again.
    In a china shop, I discovered by the company Maxwell beautiful floral cups (seats)
    and at flea markets, I also look after old targeted Herrich porcelain.
    Surely you've already lack of space, 0)
    When I'll Give Away with you.
    And your link immediately scurries over to me.
    I wish you a sunny weekend.


  29. Liebe Madelief,

    ich bin total begeistert von Deiner wunderschönen rosa Emaille-Kanne, den Rosen-Bols, dem Rosenkännchen und dem blauweißen Lavabo. Das sind alles so schöne Sachen und sie passen perfekt in Deine Outdoor-Küche, die ich zu gerne mal in natura sehen würde. Wo findest Du nur alle diese Schätze?

    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  30. What a wonderful giveaway Madelief...all your beautiful dishes look so pretty in your garden house!

  31. Dear Madelief,
    Its a pleasure to follow your blog.
    You know that I love Roses too and so your china is absolutly beautiful, I like it!!!
    Thank you for this nice Giveaway and the garden gloves are my favorite, because they are blue :))
    I'm a happy follower of your blog and I will put your link on my sidebar!!!
    Have a nice weekend and manny hugs

  32. Pure joy my sweet friend..please enter my name for the first giveaway...just got a new garden and I need to get in it! xoxoxooxo Happy weekend and many hugs.

  33. Hi Madelief,
    You have a beautiful blog. It's always a pleasure to visit and see your lovely photos. Thank you!
    Both giveaways are wonderful, but I'd like to enter the Teacup giveaway-they're beautiful and would be lovely to use for tea in my screened porch.
    Have a happy week!

  34. Ik ben blij dat ik ooit jouw blog heb gevonden ......geniet er zo van...en oh wat is bloggen leuk !! ook het helpt me zo om erdoor te komen...zo fijn !!....ik met de groene vingers ga dus voor nr 1....zo leuk !! geniet van een heerlijk weekend...liefs van

  35. Vind t ook een superleuke blog met altijd mooie plaatjes.
    De roosjes en kleuren zo bij elkaar..echt geweldig!
    Leuke give away ook..vooral de kopjes..prachtig.
    Heb nog niet meegedaan met een Give Away..zal ff aan mijn zus vragen hoe t werkt...ben nog niet zo goed in dit soort dingen,..haha

    Groetjes van Ria

  36. Lieve Madelief,
    THANK YOU voor al het moois dat je ons altijd weer laat zien! Je blog is een plek om te genieten & om inspiratie op te doen, iedere keer weer een moment van: ohhhhh!
    Hopelijk ga je er nog heel lang mee door!!
    Leuke give-away heb je verzonnen en ik doe graag mee voor de garden give-away. Ik ga ook zeker een linkje op mijn blog plaatsen maar aangezien ik NU niet thuis ben, hoop ik dat het me dit weekend wel nog gaat lukken!
    Nog een mooie zaterdagavond!
    Bisous (vanuit het zuiden des lands dit keer!),
    Chantal XX

  37. Mooie foto's!!! En...wat een gave Give-Away Madelief! Mijn vingers zijn niet zo groen en ik ben dolll op servies, dusss ik ga voor de tweede :-)! Oeoeoe...spannend!

    Fijn Weekend!

    Groetjes, Heidi

  38. Alweer bijna twee jaar aan het bloggen, ik ben blij dat je destijds een blog begonnen bent, zodat ik elke keer weer mag genieten van je prachtige tuin en andere mooie posten! En dan nu twee prachtige give aways; ik vind de garden give away wel heel erg mooi, dus daar ga ik voor duimen ;)

    Fijn weekend.


  39. Natürlich mache ich gerne mit! Ich freue mich immer über einen Post (und Kommentar!) von Dir!!! Ich finde ja beide Give Aways toll, aber da ich soo gern in tollen Büchern schmökere, entscheide ich mich für den ersten!!

  40. Prachtige foto`s Madelief,ik geniet er altijd zo van en hopelijk blijf je nog heel lang bloggeren,je give-away`s zijn prachtig en eigenlijk doe ik niet echt meer mee eraan,maar nu wil ik wel graag een kansje wagen,zo gaaf en als echte tuinfreak,kies ik voor het tuinsetje,dus give-away 1,de visjes zijn schattig,trouwens alles haha,ik zal je linken,fijne avond en voor morgen een fijne zondag,liefs Joke.

  41. What a gorgeous giveaway. You have a really lovely blog.
    Please can you enter me in the giveaway for the gardening goodies!

    Ashley xxx

  42. Such a wonderful collection of amazing cups!

    kind regards from Betty

  43. Wow, what a terrific giveaway!! I love your outdoor kitchen - gorgeous!!

    I'd love to enter to win the lovely teacups - I found your blog via Tales From Cuckooland.

    Going to become a follower whilst I am here....

    S x

  44. Thank you so much for your floral, colorful blogposts over and over again Madelief! I enjoy them time after time.
    Bye, have a great weekend an a hopefully sunfilled new week!

  45. Cooee from Australia, I have just 'found' your blog via Tales From Cuckoo Land and had a lovely browse through your posts..........

    I would love to enter your generous giveaway and a teacup and saucer would be wonderful if I won.

    Your beautiful garden/flower photos have me wishing Winter was over and Summer was here so I could pick bunches of home grown flowers to bring inside........

    I'm a new follower and shall definitely be back to visit,

    Claire :}

  46. Lieve Madelief,

    Gewoon even binnenlopen want opsturen naar de USA hoeft niet. Er zal beslist een gelukkige winnaar uit komen.
    Je hebt ook zo'n pracht blog; altijd bijzonder om even in deze, meestal groene, oase te vertoeven. Heel veel liefs en hopelijk een zonnige zondag!


  47. Dear Madelief,

    First of all congratulations on your two year blogging Anniversary.
    We need to be thanking you for all the inspiration and beauty that you share with us. Your blog and photographs are always so beautiful and I love to visit you.
    What a generous and kind giveaway, I would be delighted to go in the draw please for the Garden set.
    Hope that you are having a lovely weekend

  48. Van harte Madelief. Twee jaar is al een tijd! Wat is het leuk om te doen he! Ik wil jou ook bedanken voor al je mooie posts en je lieve reakties! Dat is wat bloggen zo waardevol maakt! Ik hoop dat we nog lang blogvriendinnetjes blijven!
    Mag ik voor het eerste gaan?
    Fijne dag!

  49. Vergeet ik helemaal te zeggen hoe geweldig ik je buitenkeuken vind!

  50. hoi madelief..nou ik ben niet de eerste zo te zien haha, maar ik doe toch heel graag mee. vidn alles geweldig dus...
    zet het op mijn blog!!
    liefs hannie

  51. cuckoo sent me this way! the gardening giveaway looks right up my to press the follow button (and will mention in my next post!)
    thanks for sharing - now off for a nose round. Like a new blog find, and any friend of cuckoos....
    fee x
    (pleased to meet you)

  52. Hi Madelief,
    I am so glad you started a blog two years ago as I have so enjoyed our visits and your kindness.
    Both of your giveaways are lovely and I have added it to my sidebar.

    Have a lovely Sunday,


  53. Dear Madelief, I so enjoy seeing this adorable and lovely spot you have with each and every stuff I´m in love with... crazyly in love with!!! specially with your wonderful anamelware.
    You have been blogging for two years same as me and I too am so grateful for all this blogging world.
    It´s so kind of you making this lovely giveaway and sending to all the I´m included, this is soooo great!!!!
    sending you lots of hugs my dear and thanking you for this two years of joyful and adorable posts you share.

  54. Gorgeous blog.The sweetest giveaways as well.Im a new follower and would love the second if I should be so lucky.I also adore teacups.

    Have a lovely sunday and a nice new week!~~Becky

  55. Dag Madelief,

    Ik was lange tijd afwezig, mijn vader lag sedert Pasen in het ziekenhuis, en onze computer heeft het begin juni opgegeven. Ondertussen is mijn pa al twee weken terug thuis, zijn we op reis geweest, en zou de nieuwe computer hier deze week moeten zijn. We hebben wel een ipad2 gekocht, maar daar kan je alleen in html in bloggen. Aangezien dit voor mij een soort geheimschrift is, is dit dan ook geen optie om te bloggen... Ik hoop vanaf nu de draad weer op te pikken...

    Ik waag dan ook graag mijnkans voor deze give away! Aangezien we reeds een aantal jaar een bescheiden en primitieve moestuin hebben aangelegd, zou vooral het boekje mij interesseren!!!!!

    Lieve groetjes,

  56. Hello my dear Madelief,
    this is a really wonderful and generous giveaway, please count me in, the gardenset would fit so perfect for me...
    Lots of big hugs, Bine

  57. Thank YOU, Madelief! Your blog is always such a delight to visit. The pictures today are so delicious! I would love to win the garden giveaway please, if I was lucky enough to be picked! I love my garden, and I love seeing your garden, and those sweet garden things would look perfect in my potting shed!! Have a lovely week.
    Helen x

  58. Ohh Madelief een buitenkeuken!! *droom

    Ik doe niet mee met de giveaway, maar wens iedereen veel geluk..

    Fijne week, Liefs Samira

  59. Oh my, I just found you and added you to my blog roll, and you're having a giveaway! If you are including US citizens, I'd love the gardening stuff.

  60. A beautiful giveaway. I think your blog is gorgeous Madelief.
    I would love to enter the giveaway for the garden package.
    Beautiful photos!

  61. Oooh the teacups are awnsome ! Please, please ask your daughter to pick me out, I'm the quetest, I think I'm, especially when I'm drinking tea out of one these tea cups. Tea cups, tea cups come come to me, please

  62. I just post this comment for to say : THANK YOU to you, Madelief ! your blog and your photographies are marvellous.

    Nice new summer week in your fairy garden !

  63. Hi, just came over from Cuckoo, if you happen to pull my number out, I would love it if you sent the gardening gift to Cuckoo :)
    x Sandi

  64. Dear Madelief,
    thank YOU for your beautiful and inspiring blog and for your always so kind comments on mine! It´s always a pleasure browsing through your gorgeous photos. I love your style and I´m so glad to have found you last year!

    I´d love to take part in your generous giveaway! In view of MY huge collection of vintage cups and plates I´d prefer the "garden package" if I were the lucky winner.

    Have a nice week!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  65. Hoi Madelief,
    heb net je blog ontdekt via the pink princess Marian. Ik herken 1 van je vintage kopjes, die heb ik ook ergens staan, grappig. Ik wil ook graag meedoen aan je give-away maar dan de tuinversie omdat ik zelf ook al een aardige voorraad kopjes heb (waar laat ik ze allemaal??/!!)


  66. Hi Madelief - I found you through Coco Rose Diaries... I'm looking forward to reading through your blog :) those pictures of the outdoor kitchen are stunning, I would love to visit there. xo Taylor

  67. Of course I want to participate in your give-away. I love your blog and your wonderful photos. I thin it is the beautiful colours that catch my eyes.
    The cups are so beautiful so I cross my fingers and hope to be a winner.
    xo Poppins

  68. Loving the give-away's i have to say i much prefer the teacups version :)

  69. He Madelief,

    Sinds lange tijd weer eens even aan het lezen op de verschillende blogs, tref ik hier je give away!
    Ik ga voor de tuinset...vooral het boek lijkt me helemaal geweldig!
    Ga snel nog even verder lezen op je blog en zal mijn vingers de komende dagen gekruisd houden;-)


  70. I have just found your blog via coco Rose diaries it's just lovely how amazing your outdoor kitchen looks. I also love old teacups and tea parties so I would love to enter your teacup giveaway. Off now to follow you thanks.

  71. I have just found your blog and am in love, some beautiful photos : ) I'd love to be in with a chance of winning, if possible could I please be entered in the first giveaway with the book and garden bits please. Thank you, your newest follower xxx

  72. I have just been introduced to your blog via Coco Rose Textiles and have immediately been sucked in by your gorgeous photos! I would love to be entered in the first giveaway please (the book and garden bits) Thank you so much, I'll visit again soon!

  73. Hello!!!!Really wonderful your blog and pictures-I'd like to be in cups giveaway.I saw your blog via Coco Rose and I your new follower. Kisses from Argentina!!!!!!!

  74. Cada dia que venho ao seu blog,me encanto mais e mais...é divino,parece um sonho,um pedacinho do céu.Que DEUS continue abençoando você e esse seu cantinho maravilhoso!!!
    Uma semana abençoada pra vc querida!!!

  75. Dear Madelief,

    Your gorgeous blog gives so much pleasure and your comments are always so warm and generous. I thank you right back (as you will have seen on my blog too - bless you)!

    I remember when you almost gave up blogging and I have crossed that path once or twice myself, but it would be a shame to miss out on this wonderful virtual world of 21st century pen pals!

    I would be pleased to win either of your giveaways and I have pleasure in linking to your giveaway over at mine.


  76. Hello!
    Just came to visit via Coco Rose's Blog and saw that you have a giveaway!
    Please enter me for the giveaway, either prize would be cherished!
    Would it be fair to say that you love Roses?? LOL!

    Best wishes,

    Sandie xx

  77. Just discovered your wonderful blog, very inspiring and beautifully presented, and I would love to be entered in your giveaway if UK bloggers are allowed! xx

  78. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  79. nu heb ik je in het duits geschreven.
    Wat raar.....bedankt dat ik bij je givaway mee maag doen.Een de chance om its leuks bij je te winnen.

    groetjes Conny

  80. Wow what a beautiful blog! I am a new follower and would love to enter your giveaway!

    I would like to enter both fantastic giveaways as I would love either, but if I have to choose one then it would be the teacups!

    I will add your buttons to my sidebar too now!

    Jewel x

    P.S. I also have a giveaway at the moment, please take a look x

  81. You blog is so inspirational, its gives me such pleasure to visit your blog and escape into your world. I especially love the crockery and would love to put forward for the teacup giveaway.

  82. I would love the gardener's giveaway. Love those sweet clothes pins!

  83. Dear Madelief, I am so sorry I lost track of your blog...yes, something happened to my blog and I lost all my links. But I will try again to link you on my sidebar and I hope I can do it.
    Oh, I cannot find words to describe my pleasure to participate on this wonderful giveaway!!! I wish luck to all ladies but some more bit to me!!:o)
    My choice is the book and cia!!!
    Sometimes I tink all cups and saucers and teapots and cia you show here belong to a fantasy world, or dool world cause they are perfect!! We cannot find such beautiful things in Brasil.
    Much love to you!!!

  84. What a scrumptious blog you have! Glad to have stopped by today! I am now following your blog and am smitten by the garden themed giveaway ;-)

  85. Madelief, congratulations on 2 years blogging. I am so glad that you were curious! Your blog is an absolute delight, and I just love to visit you in your gorgeous garden, or out and about at the lovely places you visit. What lovely giveaways you are offering. I think I will go for the gardening one, as the book looks most interesting. Thankyou for your lovely comments. Yes I live in County Antrim, about an hour from the coast.Have a wonderful week, your photos are lovely by the way, much love, Linda x

  86. Hello again Madelief, I forgot to say thankyou for your comments regarding Wicklow. You are so well travelled, you put me to shame! There are quite a few gardens in Wicklow, it could have been Powerscourt or Kilruddery, or there is a lovely one on an island which I have forgotten the name of.Love Linda x

  87. So glad to have found your blog and for a chance to win your garden giveaway.

    Back soon :)

  88. Dear Madelief, discovering your flowerful blog has been one of those lovely things the web is offering to all of us! And of course your giveaway terrific as your blog! fingers crossed

  89. I have only just found your blog and love it!

    What a lovely giveaway, the tea cups are lovely but I'm a gardner at heart so I would love to win the garden pack :) x

  90. Found your beautiful blog today and wanted to say hi! I am now following :) I'd love to be included in your wonderful giveaway please, I'd love to win the garden gifts. I am also having a giveaway at the moment, pop over and enter :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  91. I love all of the giveaways.. lol. I can not believe how gorgeous your outdoor kitchen is ~ I love all of the pretty dishes, so many colors!!
    Stunning photos.
    Have a fantastic day.

  92. I have just been introduced to your delicious blog, its heavenly......

    IF I'm lucky enough to be a lucky winner Id love the teacups.I have all retro stuff it would be a delight...
    Susanna x

  93. Liebe Madelief,

    seit Tagen versuche ich einen Comment zu hinterlassen, ging nicht...aber jetzt !!!
    Was für ein süßes Giveaway und deine Follower werden immer mehr, da man sooooo gernen zu DIR kommt !!!!
    Hie r ist sseit gestern die Sonne da und ich genieße es und bin viel im Garten, nach der Arbeit..daher könnte ich deine Gartenutensilien gut gebrauchen...Deine Tassen sind natürlich auch toll, aber ich habe ja selbst auch s chon soviele und keine Platz mehr....

    Schick dir ganz sommerliche Grüße und miene Mutter & Tochtern sind begeistert von Holland,

    bis bald,

  94. I have recently discovered your wonderful blog and love to be inspired by it. I would LOVE to win the first giveaway as love gardening like you do. Thanks for all your great posts and the inspiration you bring to us all out here in blogland. Julie :-)

  95. Oh, Madelief! Thank you, thank you, thank you for remembering me! Thank you for leaving me a little 'hello' on my blog. I've been very anxious that people would forget me while I've been away. I cannot wait to start posting again - I have so many lovely things to share - life is so wonderful and, well, I just LOVE photography.;)

    Things are getting better and better all of the time, too. btw, did I tell you that we had puppies? We have one left. er, Want a puppy? =]

    I would love to enter your giveaway. How could I even "play it cool" and pretend to be calmly interested? (heehee.) I think the tea cups are beautiful. Two of them have an art deco feel to them. Are they from that era? Maybe not, though. Once again, it is so refreshing to see china from another continent. It's so fresh and different.

    Now, i sit here perplexed. Should I tell you more news or will I get myself around to blogging about it. I'm sure that I'll blog about it; so, for now....

    Oh, for now, I will just say that I think of you every single day. You and our dear but very missed friend, Edith Hope. Of course, this is because of my tiny garden. It's growing! It needs more - it definitely, also, needs to fill in (I left lots of space.) and, so, you know that I am telling the truth. I look at it and my mind easily turns to you.=]

    Take care, lovely lady! I will be back later (I come "in secret" sometimes, too =]) to take a closer look at your trip - I've already looked through but I don't think that I've commented, yet. geesh!

    Love, Katy xxo

  96. wat een schitterende post! ik zet meteen een linkje voor de give-away! liefs, @nne

  97. Hi. Gorgeous giveaway! I would love the teacups, as I am trying to start a collection so that I can host teaparties in my developing garden.

  98. Dayse,nemsei o que dizer é tud tão lindo e encantadoe e o melhor de tudo...é real.Amo seu jardim,suas flores,sua casinha mágica...suas louças vintage,os arranjos que vc cria,é tudo muito fabuloso,é tudo perfeito!!!
    As xícaras são um sonho!!!
    Beijos carinhosos da Eliete

  99. I am a first time visiter to your blog, your garden and tea photos are lovely! If you get a chance please stop buy and visit our latest posting on our flowers and garden. I'd be happy to win either giveaway, they both are beautiful!

  100. Beste Madelief, Sinds enkele maanden volg ik je wondermooie blog. Bedankt dat je ons laat meegenieten van al dat moois. Omdat ik heel graag tuinier, wil ik graag een kansje wagen voor de giveaway die gedeeltelijk door de tuin is geïnspireerd. In juli ben ik met mijn gezin naar Cornwall en Kent gereisd. We bezochten onder andere Great Dixter House & Gardens omdat ik daarover had gelezen op je blog. Een fantastische tuin. Bedankt voor de tip. Vriendelijke groeten, Ann.

  101. que linda vajilla!!! por aqui no se consigue esa vajilla.... y tu jardin esta cada dia mas lindo, yo estoy trabajando mucho en el mio, en octubre dara frutos
    besos enormes

  102. Hello! Such gorgeous photos as always. Sigh....
    I would love to be entered into the giveaway please, I especially like the gardening one - I'm trying to develop green fingers! I am a new blogger and I know that my blog chums all follow you!
    Nicki xx

  103. Hello Madelief,

    It is so wonderful to return from holidays (where I visited gardens in England) and to see your beautiful blog again.

    I would love to enter your giveaway as anything garden-like is good for me ;-)

    I really like your clothes pegs....

    Have a fine, summery week.

  104. Dear Madelief, what a great giveaway. :-) I would love to join it. I especially like the garden one, because we just started with our new garden. :-) Hugs Yvonne

  105. How kind of you! I am happy to enter this lovely giveaway ~ and if I was so lucky to win, I'd go with the teacups! :)

    Happy weekend to you! xo

  106. What delightful photos and how I'd love to win something from your giveaway! Please include me, anything would be lovely! Teacups would be my first choice, but anything would be a pleasure to receive.
    Margaret P

  107. Madelief you have beautiful taste! I have been a fan of your blog for much of this year. Thank you for the chance to enter. I have a brown thumb in the garden but I keep trying. I guess the gloves would suit me best. Thanks and good luck.

  108. So sad I missed that giveaway, but I'm sure whoever received it would be tickled pink with all of the goodies!
    Take Care,


Thank you for your lovely words.