woensdag 20 april 2011

Garden project

The garden looks lovely at the moment. All the touches of green, the pinks and whites of the blossoms and the blue of the grape hyacints and forget-me-nots. Even the buds on the trees look pretty. Some like they are made of silver. This weekend I planted some Dahlia tubers (different varieties), put the seeds of  the Sweet Pea's (hierloom bicolour mixed & elegant ladies), Zinnia's (Green Envy, Purple Prince, and mixed colours), Cosmea and blue Delphiniums into the ground and started on my first big garden project this year.

Two years ago my husband bought an old metal garden set for next to nothing. We put it behind our garden house and never really used it. We simply could not find time to clean it up and paint it.

This weekend the time was right to make a start. As you can see on the photo's I made a mess of it. Even dropped the paint can! Pfff, luckily the paint ended up on the plastic and not on the terrace. I have still one more chair and a table to go, but I can already see how beautiful it will look once finished.

Wish you all a lovely day! I am off to my garden!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

Garlic, Parsley, sweet peas & fruit bushes

part of my herbal patch

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  1. Hej Madelief

    Your garden is more than lovely it's simply perfect!
    You have been working hard
    Now hopefully you will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour on that beautiful garden furniture!
    Have a Blessed Easter

  2. Hi,ddear,dear Madelief:-)*

    What is it- amazing and what is a beauty...this is a Nature!!!
    Just fantastic place do you have in your garden,so immensly gute place with many pretty,cozy spaces...
    And OMG,beyond gorgeous photos with all these blossoms,I ADORE the spring time:-)))*

    Thank youso very much for youvisit and you kindnests words by me,my dear friend!

    Much Love and many sunny hugs,

  3. Your garden is really beautiful Madelief, and I love your garden set!!
    I can hardly wait to see your flowers later in the season. I hope you have a wonderful Easter Holiday. Peace and love to you, God Bless you!!
    Happy Easter!
    Chris :o)

  4. heerlijk om te zien hoe alles gaat bloeien en groeien vind je niet..je stoeltjes worden prachtig zeg..fijne dag
    liefs hannie

  5. Ha Madelief, wat een heerlijkheid al dat groen en de mooie bloemen! Ik zie je inderdaad al zitten op die mooie witte tuinset temidden van de leuke kruidenvakken... wat een pracht! En view voor de bestrating inderdaad.
    fijne dag, liefs van Maaike

  6. Dear Madelief, what a beautiful place!!!Your garden is full of amazing flowers!!!! Can´t get enough of these pics:-), hughs Anja

  7. Wat staat je tuin er al mooi bij en wat zul jij over een tijd een bloemenzee hebben, Madelief! Je tuinset zal er straks ook prachtig tussen staan....het is even een klus, maar dan heb je ook wat!

    Een paar weken geleden heb ik voor het eerst lathyrus gezaaid en er komen al allemaal steeltjes de grond uit...ik ben heel benieuwd of dit project gaat slagen en ik daar ook menig bosje bloemen van kan maken!

    Heel veel plezier op de tuin...wat boffen we toch met dit prachtige weer hè. Ik bof ook, want mijn paasweekend is al begonnen...tot dinsdag ben ik vrij :-)!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  8. I am so impressed. What a beautiful garden, and that furniture is going to look perfect when it is finished. I am quite envious of the space you have.
    Enjoy the fruits of your labour.
    Jenny xx

  9. Your garden looks lovely already and with the beautiful furniture a wonderful place for breakfast, lunch, tea, a romantic evening .......

    Have a good day, Jackie in Surrey, UK.x

  10. YOur garden looks like the eden garden! your chairs and furniture will get a revamp!!! great!

  11. Dear Madelief,

    i love your garden and your flowers. Hope you got the scarf...


  12. i would give anything for an afternoon in your stunningly beautiful garden, looks so magical and full of life ;0)x
    All your hard work, care and love shows so much in your garden- what a pleasure it must be to see it all grow in blooms for the summer.

    i love your trip to the zoo too, how exciting!

    x best wishes, kazzy x

  13. Dear Madelief,

    Your garden is delightful and loved having a look at all your beautiful flowers and trees. How lovely your table and chairs are painted white.

    Happy Easter

  14. je hebt een fantastische tuin.

  15. Zoveel werk, maar zoveel te genieten!

  16. Ha! Looks like you had me helping you. That's just the kind of mess I end up making.

    But the results are lovely, just like your spring garden.

    Happy Easter.

    xo Jane

  17. Your garden is just beautiful! Relax and enjoy! Cx

  18. Hello my dear!
    everything in your garden is looking so gorgeous... we also love to enjoy the fresh and clean spring air in the garden... every day you can see the plants growing and growing, it is like a little wonder every year. Wishing you and your family wonderful easter days (do you also have bank holidays?)

  19. Altijd weer mooi om te zien hoe alles gaat groeien en bloeien... Ik heb eens dezelfde stoeltjes gehad, die jij aan het schilderen bent, maar ze vielen op een gegeven moment bijna uit elkaar en heb ze (helaas) weggedaan.

    Fijne zonnige dag,

  20. What a gorgeous garden you have! I bet that from now on you will be outdoors as often as possible, enjoying that beauty, and working to keep it beautiful.

    Happy Easter to you!

  21. Liebe Madelief,

    Dein Garten wird von Jahr zu Jahr schöner und die alten Gartenmöbel sind perfekt!
    Auch bei uns entdecke ich jeden Tag etwas neues im Garten. Heute waren es die fast schon platzenden Knospen der Pfingstrose, gestern die ersten beiden Blüten unserer sehr jungen Wisterias, über die ich mich so sehr freue. Die Clematissorten haben alle dicke Knospen angesetzt, die montana rubens blüht bereits. Und unser alter Flieder hat dieses Jahr viel mehr Blüten als letztes Jahr. Zur Zeit bin ich am liebsten draußen, werde mir gleich noch ein paar Zweige für den Osterstrauch und einige Balkonblumen holen.

    Viel Freude im Garten wünscht,

  22. wow you weren't kidding madelief, you did make a mess! ahaha, you work like me. your garden looks absolutely gorgeous and i'm envious of your raised beds for veggies and herbs. that is my next step around here (i think). i have so many next steps to do. take care and good luck with the painting.


  23. Hey Madelief! Wat was dat weer genieten van je mooie tuin! Prachtige foto's! Die bloesems, heerlijk!!! Ben nu al benieuwd naar al je bloemen die je zaaide. Zaai jij die ook niet voor? Ik heb vorige week ook (in potten) direct buiten gezaaid. Nu water geven en wachten. Heel benieuwd wat het zal geven dit jaar...
    Je tuinmeubilair ziet er fantastisch uit!

  24. So very beautiful! It will be weeks before anything is blooming here, so I LOVE coming to visit you and see what you are working on, Madelief!

  25. Wat een geweldige tuinfoto's...ik zit hier echt te genieten! (terwijl ik eigenlijk moet gaan koken pfff ;)

    Veel groetjes, Veronique

  26. Oh, your garden is just lovely...so green and lush, I would want to spend all day out there!

    xx Cat brideblu

  27. Leuke stoelen Madelief !...erg mooi gedaan zo .....geniet maar lekker in jullie tuin....liefs van mij....xxx...

  28. I so loved visiting your beautiful garden today! You have made it so perfect, and the extra little touches make it so special. Love the new garden set, and your little posy of fresh spring flowers. Have a happy Easter.
    Helen x

  29. Dit is geen tuin, maar een echte mooie garden (jaaa, ik maak gewoon verschil tussen deze twee). Geweldig al die bloemen en je stoelen worden leueuk! Goed laten drogen voordat je er op gaat zitten...en dat knoeien komt me ook bekend voor :-). Geniet!

    Groetjes, Heidi

  30. Helemaal gelijk heb je dat je in je tuin zit zeg.....oh ik kon me alweer verheugen op je altijd mooie tuinbeelden.......
    Wat prachtig.
    fijne dagen

  31. wow wat een supermooie tuin, mooie foto's, heerlijk he dat alles weer zo mooi in bloei staat :)

  32. Your garden is absolutely beautiful!!!
    Happy Easter to you and your family dear Madelief!

  33. Dear Madelief, your garden-chairs are looking so good, really!!
    Your garden is so perfect and I love visiting it.
    Wish you also a nice Easter

  34. Hi Madelief,
    I am enjoying catching up with you-your garden is so beautiful already. I love the chairs you are painting, they were a great find.
    Your closeups last week of the daffodils etc are so pretty. How lovely that you and your daughter could enjoy a day in the garden together and have a delightful lunch.
    We all had a great time in Florida and already there is talk of another trip back. I am finally able to work in our garden doing spring cleanup.It is not nearly as pretty as yours yet but I see lots of promise.
    I do not have a laptop computer either but I preposted a few posts before I left. It will be harder to find time to post now that garden season is finally here but as I look out the window it has started to snow!I know it won't last but still!!!

    Take care,

  35. Looks like it has been quite a lot of work but the chaairs are so beautiful - I'm sure you will enjoy them when you are finished!
    Yes, the weather in England is very good as well, today we had about 24 degrees and a lot of sun - just wonderful at the moment!


  36. So lovely to see all your new projects!!! The chairs are beautiful in white, a great addition to your wonderful garden. Those beds are so well made and so practical for a good seeding!!! you have given me a great idea!!!
    I can imagine how happy you are working in your garden, so good to do it!!!

  37. Oh my dear madeliefe..
    I love your garden pictures soooo much.. and this pink flowers are sooooooooo nice..
    I wish you happy eastern ;o)
    Kisses susi

  38. Your garden does look lovely. It is so nice when all our efforts and hard work come together to create the perfect picture, isn't it?

  39. Wat ziet je tuin er al mooi uit.
    Dat beloofd weer een grote bloemenzee later in de zomer.
    Prachtig... Geniet lekker deze week met die heerlijke zon.
    Lieve groet Lia

  40. The patio chairs look beautiful painted white, so elegant!
    Your garden is looking beuatiful too, lovely blossom and flowers, and the vegetable and herb raised beds are so neat with the gravel, looks marvellous. Re-affirms for me that we need to get rid of the grass paths in between our small veg garden borders, they are impossible to cut and keep neat and i hate it looking so scruffy - had been thinking about brick edges with gravel, now maybe just all gravel or white stone like yours.
    Thank you Madelief for sharing your lovely garden and inspiring me!
    Have a lovely Easter weekend!
    Gill x

  41. Dear Madelief,
    your garden looks so perfect! Just beautiful!
    Have a happy easter!

  42. It's perfect, It looks like your in the middle of summer and those chairs are amazing!
    Have a wonderful Easter!

  43. Your garden looks lovely Madelief, but what is it going to be like when all these gorgeous colourful flowers come out I just can't wait to see. Enjoy Easter in your garden with your loved ones, Happy Easter, love Linda x

  44. hallo Madelief,voor het eerst bij je, en zit hier nu tegenieten,,wat een mooie tuin, geweldig hoor.heerlijk om inte zitten.

    groetjes Oma nijn en fijne Paasdagen

  45. Every time I see photos of your garden I almost swoon! Its just lovely to see what you have achieved with this space Madelief, and through lots of hard work on your part I know! Do I spy some kind of stream or waterway ... I'm intrigued!

    Your bargain garden set looks superb ( I have a weakness for garden furniture!) and once painted you can then put your feet up and enjoy a nice chilled glass of wine!


  46. Dearest Madelief, I always liked and adored your garden, but now I fell in love with it! :o) All those blossoms and the wonderful structures! And the fresh-painted metal-garden-set is so pretty - WOW!!!!! Wonderful!!!
    I wish you and your family happy Easter-days and lots of sunshine! Warm hugs an Küschelbüschel-Groetjes, yours Traude

  47. Your garden is so lovely...and your garden set will be beautiful! Lucky you to have such beautiful days to be out and about working in your lovely garden...our weather does not know what it wants to do..but lately it has been raining a lot. Happy Easter my sweet friend. And thank you once again for the cupcake liners...I go so many wonderful comments on them in my last post. xoxoxo hugs.

  48. Have a wonderful Easter in your garden!!
    The chairs looks great.
    Happy Easter!
    Ingrid xoxo

  49. Je tuin en je tuinset zien er super uit!
    Geniete ervan...lieve groet

  50. How pretty your garden looks Madelief.
    I like very much this kind of gardens and its design. It reminds me those I visited in the south of Amsterdam (Tuinparkdijkzicht). A dutch friend of mine (an elderly lady) maintained a wonderful garden here very wellknown in Holland.

    Have a happy Easter weekend and enjoy your garden !

  51. Dear Madelief, it has been two days I try to leave you a message...oh, internet is not that good around here, I beg your pardon!!
    I wish you a very Happy Easter, dear delicate Madelief. May your family be all together to celebrate this wonderful `passage`date!!
    Much love to you!! Bela

  52. Kan me voorstellen dat al jouw tijd in de tuin kruipt Madelief. Wat ziet jouw tuin er superverzorgd uit! Wel heerlijk nu hè, bijna elke dag is er weer iets nieuws te zien dat bloeit. Momenteel bloeit de blauwe regen, zo mooi. Mooie tuinset ben je aan het schilderen, gaat echt super worden. Ik heb ook al jarenlang een metalen setje maar die staat nu echt voor de sier, daar zak je zo doorheen :-)
    Hele fijne zonnige Paasdagen gewenst, lieve groet Anja

  53. Je tuin is om te smullen..zo prachtig!!

    Hele fijne paasdagen!

  54. Hoe heb ik deze post kunnen missen,het ziet er schitterend uit bij je en de stoeltjes zijn gaaf! Het is even een werkje,maar dan heb je er zoveel plezier van,het is wel een grote tuin dat je hebt,soms mis ik mijn hobbytuin ook wel eens,liefs Joke.

  55. Ah yes, a true painter you are Madelief! The set will look great in your garden. I have one that looks similar which I had bought that was black, then I painted it a green, then black again, now I'm thinking white, but that is a project that will have to wait for a while!
    Take Care,

  56. Your raised beds are so lovely. Hope you are enjoying them now that spring has finally arrived.


Thank you for your lovely words.