zondag 13 juni 2010

Mystery walk


To go to places you normally don't go too, to see things for the first time. That's what we did in Deft last weekend.

We often go there, but this day it was different. We went on a sort of mystery walk of our own. First stop 'Hofje van Pauw'. This cluster of houses was built around an inner courtyard in 1707 on request of Elisabeth Pauw, the mayor of Delfts daughter, who died a year earlier. The houses were lived in by poor and needy families. The complex stood empty for a number of years, until it was renovated in the 1950s. Nowadays it is a home for people with a handicap. It's a joy to visit the complex, especially after the renovation of the garden in 2007.

Second stop 'Agneta Park' The Agneta park was built at the end of the 19th century for people who worked in a factory nearby. Not only the architecture of the houses is special, the park like environment as well; lots of trees, water and even fountains. Some houses were decorated with all kind of orange materials and Dutch flags, because of the world championship football.  

After visiting the Agneta park we just walked through town. If you haven't been to Delft yet, it is worth visiting. I have been there lots of times and still love it very much.  Have a good new week!

Lieve groet, Madelief 

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  1. Wat een prachtige foto's Madelief...ze kunnen zo voor ansichtkaarten door! Het is jaren geleden dat ik in Delft ben geweest...maar een bezoek meer dan waard! Het is hier vandaan helaas niet om de hoek, dus dan denk je er vaak toch weer niet aan!

    Ik heb genoten van je post! Een hele fijne week gewenst! Lieve groetjes van Ingrid

  2. Dear Madelief, Why have I never been to Delft? Judging by your pictures it is absolutely enchanting and the gardens which you illustrate are simply beautiful. What wonderful architecture, interesting looking shops, intriguing walks.....I am on my way!!

  3. Hi Madelief,
    I knew Delft last spring and I liked so much. I did not see these places that you show us, but I had liked it very much ... they are wonderful!!!
    Have a great new week,

  4. Wat leuk...daar ga ik ook eens naar op zoek; dat hofje...Prachtig ziet het eruit!
    En dat wasgoed aan de lijn...was dat ECHT of voor de gein...?
    Ziet er leuk uit...Beter dan dat oranje...
    groetjes Fleur

  5. Wat een leuke foto's uit Delft, die met het witte wasgoed ... pure nostalgie.

    Hele fijne week, lieve groet Carina

  6. Geweldig mooie foto`s weer, vooral die laatsten met wasgoed door de straat:-) Leuk om al die versierde straten te zien met oranje...

    Fijne wee en lieve groet, Jeanette

  7. Wat mooi is Delft.ik ben er nog nooit geweest ga ik zeker doen......die was !!!! geweldig.........!!! leuk hoor..........dat we weer met je mee mochten on tour...............fijne gezellige week..liefs Ria

    Jij hebt je oude blog nog.............pffffffffffff............gelukkig ben ik niet de enige !! hahahhahahh!!!

  8. Hello Madelief

    I always look forward to your posts showing us where you have been. Delft is another place to add on my list of places to visit.

    It is nice that Hofje van Pauw was built for a good cause and that today it still is being used for a good cause. Elisabeth Pauw would be pleased.

    I like thw pictures with all the white wgashing hanging on the lines ;-)

    Take care
    Isabelle x

  9. My next door neighbor was in Delft two weeks ago on business and she told me I would love it. I see she is right. She told me all the houses had beautifully planted window boxes and shaved chocolate was eaten on bread at breakfast.

    She brought me the chocolate, now you bring me beautiful pictures.

  10. I particularly like the blue door and the red roses, the old car and the beautiful hedged garden.

    Thank you for sharing about Delft. This is one place, actually, that I've always wondered what it's like. It seems very beautiful and quaint to me. Is it so for you or are you so used to towns looking like this? It must be quaint and lovely and not completely common or, maybe, you wouldn't think to share it with us. For a long time, when I first moved to Vermont, everything seemed so exotic and strange. Now, I cannot imagine the world any other way.

    I think that I'm a little bit depressed, now that we've given all the other puppies away. I miss my rambunctious gang! Maybe we'll get some sun tomorrow - that might help. It's been cloudy COLD and raining for a week. Maybe we need a fire.

    Love to you, Madelief!

    Katy Noelle

  11. That was a breathtaking walk those little buildings were so cute, that bright yellow trim around those windows... and then the gardens! its so nice to see how beautiful your little part of the world is!

  12. Hello Madelief! it's really a nice town, i may go to your country this summer with my daughter , so it's nice to know where to go and i can see it on your blog! have a nice week. hugs catherine

  13. Goeie morgen Madelief. Wat een mooie foto's heb je weer gemaakt en van een apart stukje Delft Leuk die was en die mooie oude auto.
    Fijne dag verder.

  14. Hi, dear Madelief-

    soooo wonderful photos!
    A clean and beautiful little city. I like it!

    I love the one with the lavender by the side- and the little pond...
    Funny with the laundry over the street :-))

    Enjoy your memories and thank you for showing...

    Hugs, Ines

  15. Echt zo'n authentiek oud Hollands stadje, mooie foto's!

  16. Leuk weer, die was over de straten en de oude steegjes en ach eigenlijk alles heeft zijn charme. Zelfs het oranje is leuk [bij een ander] hihi

    fijne dag, lia

  17. Ich liebe solche Fotos (und Informationen), bekommt man doch auch mal einen Einblick von anderen Gegenden!

  18. The gardens and homes are incredibly beautiful! I love your idea for a 'mystery walk' - spending time together to discover and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you! :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  19. Nooit geweten dat Delft zo mooi was,je foto`s zijn prachtig,alles staat zo mooi in bloei,genieten!Ik wens je een fijne week,lieve groet Joke.

  20. Lang geleden dat ik nog in Delft was. Moet er beslist nog eens heen! Groetjes, @nne

  21. Dear Madelief,
    Such beautiful photographs of beautiful places.....and the colouring looks so wonderful on your blog. I would love to visit. The gardens are just lovely and the buildings,delightful.
    Many thanks for your wonderful comment on my latest post. I think that I must go and look in some vintage clothes shops. XXXX

  22. Liebe Madelief,
    Ach ich liebe Deine Bilder... diese tollen Gassen.. einfach herrlich..finde das Bild mit der Wäscheleine so witzig.. Toll getroffen...
    gggggglg und einen tollen Wochenstart Susi

  23. Hi Madelief! I've just found your blog and I'm so happy I did it! You have so many beautiful pictures here! I love the garden images of Delft!
    I'm a new follower!

  24. Wat een authentieke plaatjes. Daar wil ik zeker nog eens naar toe. Die witte was ook uit het raam hangend, geweldig.
    Bedankt voor deze wandeling,
    Lieve groet, Renny

  25. Dear Madelief

    I absolutely love all your pictures! I went to Delft many years ago and can't remember too much but the cluster houses around the inner courtyard is beautiful...so quaint! The gardens and roses are so pretty! Oh...and the orange flags....hope Holland does well in the World Cup, a friend of mine said even the toilet paper at Schipole airport is orange...so funny! My friend whom I am going to visit livse in Bussum, Groesbeek....so I am flying into Amsterdam.
    Liefde groete

  26. Leuk dat je me even mee hebt genomen naar Delft. Ik ben er nog nooit geweest en denk ook niet dat ik er zomaar zal komen.
    Fijne week,
    Lieve groet

  27. O, wat een mooie plekjes heb je in Delft bezocht!! Ik ga ook wel eens naar delft en verbaas me elke keer weer over de mooie oude plekjes, maar dit hofje ga ik op mijn lijstje zetten voor als ik nog eens ga!!
    Bedankt voor de tip.
    Lieve groet, Anne.

  28. Wat een prachtige foto's maak je toch altijd! Dit is voor mij ook onbekend Delft en misschien des te leuker, vooral die foto met dat blaadje; wat kijk je nou VIEZERIK, onbetaalbaar! En die 'Italiaanse straat'....helemaal leuk. Snel weer eens naar Delft!

  29. Dear Madelief!!!

    Just a quick one, am in the middle of cooking...., to say thank you for taking part! Your name has gone into the hat twice :)!!!

    Will get back to you and your lovely pictures!!! My friend Victoria has got the second book, I have only glanced at it, but as I am seeing her tomorrow I shall question her and report back to you!!

    Have a nice evening!!!


  30. WAt maak je toch altijd een prachtige foto's, Madelief. De blauwe deur met de rode rozen ernaast is mijn favoriet, hoewel ik de lijnen met witte kleertjes ook heel erg leuk vindt... En dat gewoon naast de deur, in Delft!
    Een fijne week, lieve Madelief. xxx

  31. Hi Madelief,
    It is a lovely place to visit-the garden is pretty too. I smiled at the photo with the white laundry hanging out.
    your garden looked beautiful after the rain-I think I got interrupted when I was leaving a comment earlier and didn't get back to you.
    Thank you for taking us on your mystery walk.


  32. Wow! Such a beautiful area to go visit. Sometimes you need to go several times to explore the "new" places that a town has to offer. Love the laundry photo! I think that would be me hanging out the linens as I love to smell the freshness from laundry on the line. Thanks for thinking about me. I really appreciate it!! I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Take Care,

  33. I love the way you present your images and your commentary. It is such a pleasure to stop in to see you. Yes, I too, love the laundry hanging on the line...it's like really being there. Have a lovely week, sweet one. xx's

  34. Lieve Madelief,

    Kijk even op mijn blog want daar is een verrassing voor je...

    Liefs vanuit Georgia/USA


  35. Wat een prachtige wandeling door Delft. Zo mooi de hofjes en de geschiedenis daarvan die je ons verteld. Sommige foto's doen mij denken aan het Snouck van Loosenpark in Enkhuizen. Ik zal daar ook eens foto's van nemen.
    De tuinen zien er ook prachtig uit en dan het wasgoed wat daar zo hoog in de straten hangt, echt hele mooie foto's.
    Fijne dag en een lieve groet, Mea

  36. I love all your photos!I've always wanted to go to Netherland to see beautiful tulips!!. You really live in a beautiful place! I also love Dutch architecture. Here in South East Asia..you can see a lot of Dutch architecture in Bandung Indonesia. I love to go there so much!

  37. Wat een prachtige architectuur vind je toch in vele Nederlandse steden! En dan die zwarte luiken... die zouden ook nog bij ons huis passen, straks, als alle gevels/muren witgrijs gekaleid zullen zijn. Geef mij nog wat meer van deze culturele blog-uitstapjes! :D
    Hartelijke groet en dankjewel voor je ´morele´ steun... :)

  38. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

  39. Dear Madelief,

    I have added Delft to my ever-lengthening list of City breaks! It looks wonderful and so refreshing to visit hidden places and explore streets and areas that you would not normally see. Your photos as ever are sheer delight! I love the washing on the line and the little bridge. The gardens and alms houses are wonderful - how heartening to learn they are still housing needy and vulnerable people.

    I love your travelogue posts!


    PS Thank you for mentioning Nicola at September Cottage - I will drop by and say hello. x

  40. Madelief met zulke mooie foto's van Delft, het hofje en het park moet ik er gewoon een keer naartoe. Ik geniet al even van dit voorproefje op je blog.

  41. Wonderful images, dear Madelief! I like the car! To you in the netherlands it´s so beautiful!!!!!
    Have a great day,

  42. What beautiful pictures! The houses look stunning! Definitely on my list of places to visit! Hope you are having a wonderful day and hope that you get to have a lovely weekend too! Take care and best wishes Vanessa xxxxx

  43. I love seeing pictures from all your little visits. It all looks so wonderful, fun and pretty!! Love the garden!
    All the best.
    Ingrid xx

  44. Beste Madelief,

    S.v.p. even op mijn laatste blog over Edible Flowers kijken... Een leuk recept voor je!

    Liefs uit Georgia/USA


  45. Dear Madelief!

    VERY nice pictures!!!! I think it is so much fun to discover ones own surroundings! We do it a lot too!!!

    I love the Dutch houses - really reminds me of going to see my friend Grit in Holland - she and I will go for a walk in the dusk and have a good peep around - I love how so little houses have no net curtains! - her husband thinks we are MAD! I have never been to Deft - but it looks a very nice place!!!

    Have come with some answers about the second book -Victoria says: lovely pictures but not as good as the first one...and she has not yet tried anything, but thinks to have one of them is enough (I think her second one was given to her).

    I did discover you picture in your side bar the other day - well I have always admired all the pretty mugs and cups and plates - but I have actually been on the Pip studio site now....VERY dangerous, and I have fond a UK site too, even more dangerous - I might jsut have to place a small order!! Love all the pink, but the Khaki coloured cups look pretty too!! Have you got anything in that colour? (Often colours on line are a little hard to see...)

    Better run, beautiful day here today and must make the most of it!
    How did your eating club go (it was yesterday, was it not?) - did you try anything form the book?

    Have a lovely evening!


  46. Oh Madelief, I have missed so much! Your wonderful bycicle-tour, the great after-rain-garden-photos - and you posted your mystery-walk picters on Sunday! It needed till now to visit you again, sorrysorrysorry!!! Your Delft-pictures are really special! I love the look of the houses in the 'Hofje van Pauw'... and the green-purple-flowers there (Frauenmantel & Katzenminze in German language...???)
    I'm happy that you liked my funny celebration!
    Of course you can use the idea of the stalls :o)! I wish you a wonderful weekend, too! Warm Küschelbüschel, Traude

  47. Hello my dear Madelief!!! This looks exactly like the places we use to go in Holland!!!I love it it is just another world even if it is so close to us!!!Hughs Anja

  48. Jullie natuurlijk ook van harte gefeliciteerd met het behalen van het diploma. Je kunt het maar in je zak hebben! Geniet van alle bloemen, de feestjes en alles leuke dingen die hierbij horen!

  49. I visited Delft many many times and I am never tired with.
    I love it, I am fond of this town and of its architecture... I am longing to go again but not my husband who is tired of visiting it.
    I wish you a very nice weekend.

  50. Beautiful walk... I love all the white clothes drying in the breeze...

    Have a lovely weekend


  51. De foto's zijn van Jeanne D'Arc..........was het maar bij mij.....hahahahah!! wij hebben geen tuin..maar terras......fijn weekend !!! liefs Ria....bedankt voor je berichtje...........


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