zaterdag 5 december 2009

Christmas castle fair

Some of the Dutch bloggers have been to the castle fair in Haarzuilens. I love to visit the fair as well. I often go with my mum. We like the same things and enjoy each others company very much. It's a joy to do somehting like this together. We always go early and are often one of the first visitors to enter the park. The advantage of being early is that there is still enough space around the stalls to see the beautiful things on display; Christmas decorations, brocante, plants, Christmas wreaths, outdoor clothing etc. It's not only 'material things' that we like about the fair. We enjoy listening to the choir, looking at the people around us (how do they look/what do they wear/who do they belong too :) and breath in the festive atmosphere. During our visit last year, the lightfall was very pretty. In between the showers the sun now and then appeared. It gave the fair a magical touch.

I wish you all a happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

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  1. Leuk om de foto's te zien, we vinden het altijd zo gezellig om er naar toe te gaan! Heb je nog leuke aankopen kunnen doen?

    Een heel fijn (Sinterklaas)weekend gewenst!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  2. Oh, I'm so envious. It all looks so magical. What a beautiful, faitytale castle. ..... and the singing and the crafts. I'm sure that you have the most wonderful day. Have a magical weekend. XXXX

  3. Ik heb van je post genoten.
    Fijn weekend, lia

  4. Hi Madelief,
    It is wonderful that you and your Mom can enjoy going to all these lovely places together.
    That is a beautiful castle and I would enjoy the singing also.
    I am going to plant the last of my tulips today.It is staying milder then usual here so far.the little bit of snow we had was all gone the next day.I am hoping we get some soon.I love to take pictures of winter scenes.Do you get some snow every winter and do you skate on the canels?
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. Dear Madelief,

    what a beautiful fair this is in a spectacular environment ! Looks a bit like a fairytale. We have here also a lot of castles but in my region there is not a single which would organize a market or fair like this. I can understand that you and your mom love it and visit it ebery year.

    Wish you a wonderful Nikolaus-weekend :-)


  6. He wat leuk kan ik nog een keertje genieten van de leukste Fair die er is. Wat een heerlijke dag was het he? Fijn weekend.

  7. It looks like so wonderful. The costumes and the atmosphere must be magic!
    Many regards, Yvonne

  8. Hello Madelief! Now this is a place that I would have loved to have gone to visit! It's always fun to see all the different things, but the people watching is even more fun!!! What a wonderful area you live in! So glad that you and your mom are able to enjoy these things together. Isn't it funny that when we were young we wanted to do things different than them, and yet now as we are older we do a lot of the same things?!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
    Take Care!!

  9. Madelief, I forgot to tell you, I love those Mario Testino pictures!!

  10. Het is één van de mooiste plekken om een fair te houden, kan me voorstellen dat je een heerlijke dag gehad hebt. groetjes Jannet
    fijne sinterklaas vanavond!

  11. Dear Madelief,
    oh, so beautiful pictures, that must be verry marvelous to visit this fair, it seems to be like a litte fairyland...The castle looks so gorgeous and I would like enjoy the fair also. Have a wonderful week

  12. Liebste Madelief,
    oh, das sieht himmlisch aus - was für ein wundervolles Ambiente!! Wie in einer Zauberwelt aus vergangenen Zeiten - mit dem traumhaften Schloss und den wunderschönen Zelten......hier würde ich nur allzu gerne umher spazieren und eintauchen in eine Welt voller Magie! Vielen Dank, für diese traumhaften Impressionen und DANKE auch für deine lieben Zeilen und Glückwünsche - ich hab mich sehr darüber gefreut!!!! Eine wunderschöne neue Woche und

    allerliebste Grüße, herzlichst Jade

  13. Dear Madelief, what you are wrtiging about the castle fair sounds wonderful - and the pictures of it are really pretty and fairy-tale-like!!! WOW! I understand that you like to share it with your mother!
    You asked me if we celebrate St Niclolaas's day with our children as well - yes, when our daugther was a little girl we could mangage it in some years to go to a Nikolaus-celebration of the neighbourhood-club or to friends who engaged a St. Nikolaus for bringing the gifts to the children. In other years Nikolaus must have come in the night because there was a filled stocking hanging on the door knob ;-) Now my daughter is 16, but she still is happy when her stocking is filled with little gifts.
    I hope you had a nice christmas celebration with the children of your husbands sisters! Hugs & liebe Küschelbüschel, trau.mau

  14. ähem - "wrtiging" means writing ...+
    "christmas celebration" means St. Niklaas celebration...
    I think I'm a little bit overworked ;-)
    Hugs, Traude

  15. It looks great, so good you could enjoy the time there with your mother.

  16. Hi, wow this looks beautiful! Enjoy, hughs Anja

  17. We zijn er nooit geweest, maar het lijkt me wel mooi!Leuk om met je moeder samen naar zoiets toe te gaan!

    Groetjes Thea

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